Animated Observations Update #10: Just Vibin’ in Quarantine

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

By the time this comes out I will likely be done with everything college related for a while, which means I will be back to having lots of free time, and probably not using it well tbh. However, that also means I will be back on the blogging grind pretty consistently. Anyway, here is what has been going on.

Trying to be an Opinion Editor

So I applied for the position of Opinion Editor at The Daily Beacon. I figured I would have a pretty decent shot considering I literally have experience being an opinion editor, and worked in my high school newspaper for 4 years. Sadly, though, I did not get the position. It does make sense, considering there are probably people who have more leadership skills than me, and more experience in general. I will probably end up applying again next year, so here’s to hoping that goes well.

A Reminder that Soul Eater is Great

I recently got a chance to read something interesting Soul Eater related. LiteratureFuckBoi has a pretty interesting continuation for Soul Eater’s second season. While I am aware that Soul Eater’s original manga continues well past where the first season ends, I have also been of the opinion for a while now that anime adaptations do not have to follow the manga exactly, and that often times changes are necessary to make a good adaptation. I would definitely encourage giving this a read and giving him a follow as well.

What is with Solidly Liquid?

Since most of the blogging time that I have had recently has gone to talking about anime and gaming I have very much neglected my fiction and poetry writing. I do plan to remedy this soon, so stay tuned for more content on Solidly Liquid.

What have you all been up to? Let me know in the comments below.

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