Gleipnir Episode One Reaction

“Oh boy, now that the semester is over, I have so much free time. I wonder what the seasonal stuff looks like.” *watches one episode of Gleipnir* …huuuuuuuuuuuuuh.

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While it is true that I have not been actively watching the stuff that has been coming out, I have still been following enough of it to know that Gleipnir was going to be weird, even before its release. Just based off the description of the manga, it was likely that Gleipnir was going to be bringing something strange. However, strange does not always necessarily mean good.

The show’s first episode was…ok. There were a lot of unique elements to be sure. The opening scene where a monster of some kind was looking for a vending machine, only for another person to pop out was great. Not only did it highlight what is likely to be a key plot point, but also had an indie-horror vibe without even being based on a game, which is pretty cool.

Shuuichi is where a lot of the show’s strengths and weaknesses will likely be based. On the one hand, there is a lot of potential for interesting storytelling through his monstrous powers. The fact that he is a monster but does not really look like one is already something that has been highlighted by Shuuichi himself, and Clair has already said, albeit mockingly, that he looks cuter in that form.


Still, there is a lot of potential for him to be pretty boring. The first episode is already relying on a lot of ecchi elements that do not necessarily fit the horror vibe that it is trying to establish. What’s more, I get the feeling that Clair might not get the proper development that she honestly deserves. It was really intriguing when after Shuuichi says he is the one who save her from the fire, she responds by telling him that was her suicide attempt.

The show’s music and animation, at least so far, can be summarized as not particularly interesting. A lot of the color combinations in Gleipnir, along with the show’s character designs, feel pretty normal for this era of anime. The only thing slightly unique is that, for some reason, it feels like everyone’s face is slightly flatter than they should be.

The music is passable for what the show is trying to do, but again, not that notable. It relies on a lot of modern sounds, such as high-hats and a little bass mixed with more traditionally horror-sounding music in order to get through its more action heavy scenes.

Overall, I feel like this could end up being a great show, but it really depends on where they go from here. I will likely continue to watch it even if it is just to see the train wreck that it end up becoming.

Are you all caught up with Gleipnir? How do you you folks feel about it? Let me know in the comments.

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