Anime Fan Protests COVID-19 Delays by Burning Collection

(Not Real)

After many announcements of delays in anime series due to COVID-19, many fans have taken to social media to voice their frustration, but one has taken it even further. Steven Smith took to Twitter, posting a picture of what he says is his burned anime collection.

Smith explains in his tweet that he is “tired of seeing everyone get so lazy because of COVID-19.” He then goes on to explain that his decision to burn his anime collection was inspired by what he called the “brilliant and well-informed Keurig protesters,” a reference to many who destroyed their Keurig coffee machines after the company pulled their advertising from Fox Host Sean Hannity in 2017.

After following up with Smith earlier this week, he elaborated on his decision. “I simply don’t want to support an industry that believes that sitting around doing nothing is ok. Using COVID-19 as an excuse to not go back to work is simply Immoral.”


Smith’s now viral series of tweets supposedly came after learning that the staff behind the popular series “The Promised Neverland” decided to delay its second season until next year over safety concerns.

When asked to respond to this decision, Smith simply said that studio Cloverworks was “just being ridiculous. There is no reason they can’t release the show in October.”

Animated Observations also asked Smith about his current work and living situation. “Me? I’m doing just fine. I mean, I work from home anyway, but this whole COVID-19 thing has been way overblown. First they want me to stay inside, and now I can only leave without a mask? Its absurd. The government shouldn’t be telling me what to do.

After pointing out that many of the more severe restrictions placed in other countries helped to save lives, and that many thousands more people are likely to die because of the recent reopenings, Smith proceeded to call us “fake news” and then hung up the call.

He has since declined any further comment.

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4 thoughts on “Anime Fan Protests COVID-19 Delays by Burning Collection”

  1. What is with people burning things as a form of protest, like they already have your money so they probably could care less. This dude has to be trying to pull an elaborate troll job because he can’t be stupid, then again idiots like that do exist.


  2. I grew up on a family farm, and it gave me an appreciation of fact. If my opinion was that I didn’t want to get up at 4:00AM to feed the cattle, it didn’t matter. The fact was that if I didn’t, the cattle would sicken, milk production would drop, and we’d starve. So, I learned early on to respect facts.

    By the time I got into school and started reading about WWII, it felt like bad fiction to me. How could it be possible for the German population to support the Nazi regime? They were a European nation. They had the same ancestry that I did. There was no way a rational human being would do that.

    Now, stories like this are common, and burning an anime collection is the least concern. I’m watching people I grew up with embracing the whole “fake news” ideology and everything that goes along with it.

    I’m watching a leader in the USA embracing the same concepts and tactics that the Nazis did.

    And to this day, I still don’t understand how a rational human being could do that. It still feels like really bad fiction.

    With much worse consequences.

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  3. Sorry my dudes, I guess I should have put a little more warning on this, but the story isn’t real. I’m gonna start doing more satire pieces because I think their fun to write and more fun for people to read than just regular reviews.


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