IPCC Finds Weebs May Be Forced to Use Manga as Toilet Paper in the Future

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(The Following is Satire)

In a recent, very real report from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), researchers found that deforestation and lack of soil management may lead to lack of available paper products. They specified that this would include lack of access to things like drawing paper, napkins, and toilet paper. The researchers project that this will begin to become a serious problem somewhere between 2050 and 2060, with an even worse timeline if people forget this information two second after reading it.

Among the researchers working on this report, Dr. Wee Aboo said that those who enjoy reading physical media of any kind may even be forced to use their favorite books and comics for other things. “What’s happening right now is unprecedented. Climate change is having such an incredible impact on our planet that it might get to the point where manga fans have to use their favorite series as toilet paper.

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