Persona 5 Royal Definitely Seems Like the Better Version

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You ever just play one of the best RPG’s of all time and realize it pretty much instantly? Yeah, that’s how I felt playing the original “Persona 5.” From its incredible presentation and art style, to its amazing storytelling, the game did just about everything right. There was so much to explore in the original that to this day I have yet to do everything in it.

Despite this, however, I decided to take a look at “Persona 5 Royal,” the newest version of the game with even more content than the original, and oh boy are there a lot of improvements. Even though I am currently only part of the way into the game, its clear to see that “P5 Royal” is a marked improvement on the base game.

For starters, the existence of multiple new confidants along with a new main character and palace makes the game totally worth replaying, especially for someone who played the original and is looking to revisit the series. It was hard enough managing ones time through the original “Persona 5,” and the addition of new content makes that even more challenging than before.

The new content also means that, despite the $60 price tag for virtually the same game, it does not feel as bad buying the game a second time.


The game play also feels newly energized. For starters, the addition of several new mechanics, such as technicals, have made fights a bit more interesting. Now, instead of only being able to down enemies from persona attacks, it is possible to down them using physical attacks as well.

The addition of new confidants also means a ton of new personas are available as well, making the options for combat even more varied than they were previously.

While the aesthetic of the game remains largely the same, there are even some very minor changes that feel welcome. For example, the new start of game screen, while totally different, feels very in style for “Persona 5” and also gives a sort of newer look to the game. The prominence of red compared to the original is considerably increased, and overall it feels like a very welcomed change.

The music in the series also remains largely unchanged, and yet for the additions that do appear, they also, as the kids would say, “go hard” and very much so “slap.” There are indeed quite a few “bangers” and “dope joints” added on to an already top tier soundtrack.

While it may seem impossible that Atlus was able to improve on an already incredible game, they somehow managed to do it. Every aspect, art, music, game play, was improved upon significantly, to the point of almost being ridiculous. While I cannot yet comment on all of the new content, and I can say without a doubt the game is absolutely worth looking into, especially for any returning fans. For those who have yet to play the series, I would definitely recommend playing “Persona 5 Royal.”

Have you all played Persona 5 Royal? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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