Man Joins Black Lives Matter Protests After Cop Steals His Anime Merch

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(The following is satire)

In the wake of historic protests following the death of George Floyd, along with many others since then, many have felt uneasy about joining said protests. One man from East Knoxville said “Of course Black Lives Matter, and I want to help, but I don’t know if protests are the best way to go about it.” However, the man’s mind was quickly changed after an encounter with police earlier this month. “I was driving home after getting some figurines from one of my favorite stores, I get pulled over and before I know it, there was a cop taking my stuff.”

The man in question, Steven Smith, is referring to the process of Civil Asset Forfeiture, a totally real process in which the police can accuse your possessions of being involved in a crime instead of you, and thus can take them in as evidence. “After that experience, I realized just how corrupt the policing system is, and I knew from that point that protesting was worth it.”

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