First Impressions: Fire Force

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If you have been following this blog for a while, you all may remember that this is not actually going to be my first impressions of “Fire Force,” as I did do a reaction to the first episode a while back. However, seeing as how I was initially pretty lukewarm on the series when I first watched it, I wanted to try revisiting it, given that its second season is now airing. Despite not having much interest initially, I will say that upon re-watching the first few episodes, I am much more invested in the show than I was previously.

For those unaware, “Fire Force” tells the story of Shinra Kusakabe, a new recruit to the 8th division of Special Fire Force Company. The company’s mission is two fold: to defend against spontaneous human combustion, which creates beings called infernals, and to find out the reason behind why these beings began appearing at random. As for Shinra, not only does he want to become a hero, but aims to solve the mystery behind his mom and brother’s death 12 years ago.

The thing that initially turned me off from the series, aside from all of the people singing its praise and my irrational need to be skeptical of things other people enjoy, was actually Shinra himself. I felt like I could not really pin him as a character, but now that I have watched a little more, I can see that he is actually a mix of Okubo’s previous work, most immediately like a mix of Soul and Black Star from “Soul Eater”


While it may not be immediately obvious given the studio’s relatively recent rise to prominence, David Production has done some amazing work, most notably with everyone’s favorite meme “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.” It seems as though the studio has indeed put the same level of love into “Fire Force,” as the quality of the animation is almost always on point. There are a few awkward moments, like near the end of the third episode where there were clearly some very liberal uses of still frames, but otherwise the show’s action scenes more than make up for it, at least so far.

The music is also a high point for the series. Not only are the opening and ending both great listens, but the rest of the soundtrack manages to bring at the best in the series, especially during action scenes.

Overall, my feelings of doubt in “Fire Force” were extremely misplaced. The series is fun and exciting, and sometimes that is all you really need to make a good series. While I honestly cannot say where it will go from here, I sure am excited for the journey.

What do you all think of “Fire Force?” Let me know in the comments.

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