My Shounen Anime Tier List for 2020

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Since I am about to inundated with school related stuff, I figured it would be fun to take a chill day and do something a little more simple. So, I decided to make a shounen anime tier list. This was originally going to be a lot bigger, but then all of my work got deleted after the internet went out at my house, so here is a much smaller version.

Just a clarification about how I make my tier lists: Just because a show is relatively low compared to another does not mean I think there is nothing good about that show, only that it has less good than other shows. Also, the shows are not ordered within each tier. If two shows are in the same tier, that means I probably have a very similar opinion about both, just maybe with different strengths and weaknesses .Going over all of these would probably make for a pretty drab post, so I’ll just highlight my reasoning on a few of them.


Naruto and Bleach

While I do consider both of these two big three members to be fairly good shows, ultimately I don’t think they rise above the best of what shounen has to offer. They definitely has their moments, “Naruto” especially so, but shows like “FMA” and “The Promised Neverland” have much better highs and lows, even relative tho their episode count.

Dragon Ball

It should be noted that my rating for “Dragon Ball,” along with “Black Clover,” is based solely on the amount of the show that I have seen. For Dragon Ball, that would be up to the destruction of Namek and for Black Clover up to the initial exams, respectively.

Othewise, that’s my list.

Feel free to discuss down in the comments, civilly of course. Let me know what you think, and send me your own if you have a different opinion.

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9 thoughts on “My Shounen Anime Tier List for 2020”

  1. Hunter x Hunter would probably be in my top tier too, and Naruto is about where I would put it as well (although I’m only on episode 50ish of Shippūden so far, on my first watch through, so it’s too soon to tell for that one specifically). This looks like fun! I may have to give it a shot. 🙂

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