AnoHana Episode Two: The Journey Begins

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Ya know, the more that I think about it, the more that I realize just how bad this re-watch is for me. Like, is it really worth making myself sad every week on top of everything else I have going on? The answer is obviously no. However, is this realization going to stop me from bathing in my own stupidity? Again, the answer is obviously no. I think it better to stay committed to my bad decisions. At least right now, anyway. With that being said, lets talk about Anohana episode two.

Menma’s Second Chance


At the end of episode one, Jintan has a chance encounter with his childhood friend Popo. After discussing the subject of Menma with him, Popo tries to help him figure out what Menma’s final wish actually is. This leads him to the conclusion that her final wish was in fact to get the rare Nokemon from the game they played as a kid. Enlisting the help of Anjou, the three spend a night beating the game and eventually getting the rare pokemon they were looking for. Although it does not actually do anything for Menma, the three of them to start to rekindle their relationship.

While it is fairly obvious at this point in the story that Menma’s final wish has something to do with the group reuniting and becoming friends again, how they get to that point is the much more interesting discussion to have. Now, Jintan, Anjou, and Popo are all relatively easy going. However, Matsuyuki and Tsurumi seem much more detached from the past than then their peers, “seem” being the key word here. There have already been a number of hints dropped that Matsuyuki’s connection to Menma is a bit more deep than he would let on, such as with the two scenes that show him holding what appear to be Menma’s clothes in his closet.

Collective Guilt

One of the things Anohana displays so well in terms of genuine emotional sensibility is just how much those who feel vulnerable and sad will try and deflect what they feel away from others, especially when it comes to being guilty. Although Jintan probably feels the most obvious guilt for what he said to Menma and her death that followed, the rest seem to be just as guilty. I mentioned Matsuyuki above, but there is plenty of evidence already to suggest that their is still guilt felt by the rest, from Anjou’s momentary reflections on Menma to the way that Tsurumi runs away from talking to Amjou near cafe.

Popo as a character is a bit harder to figure out as a character. Though he seems the most relaxed of everyone, it is likely that he is hiding something as well. I’m saying this as someone who has watched the show but honestly remembers very little outside of its emotional power.


This is one of those episode where a lot is being hidden under the surface. Though Jintan, Anjou, and Popo’s reunion might seem minor, it is in fact a major step forward in helping fulfill Menma’s wish. There is likely going to be some conflict between these three and the other two in the coming episodes, and what that conflict looks like will ultimately determine how and at what pace the group comes together.

How do you all feel about this episode? Let me know in the comments below.

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