Wonder Egg Priority is Still Amazing

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It has been a little less than a month now since I first dived into “Wonder Egg Priority,” and the more I watch the show the more I want to right about it, so for today, I thought I would give an update as to my feelings as of the latest episode, which as of the writing of this post is episode 8. With that being said, lets get started.

I talked last week about how this series seemingly came out of nowhere and still has an insane level of quality. My initial reaction was “wow, this is amazing, but there is no way they can keep this up, right?” Well, turns out once again I was wrong (not that its an unusual occurrence around here). No, in fact everything about the show, from the writing to the animation and even the soundtrack is still phenomenal

The soundtrack in particular has really surprised me with just how much range it actually has. Most shows with a proximity to “Wonder Egg Priority’s” genre would probably rely on a more low-key, heavy j-pop inspired soundtrack that just sort of does its job, but ultimately remains just ok. However, the show defies a lot of genre expectations, if there even are any to begin with, and its soundtrack definitely matches that energy, with music courtesy of De De Mouse.


Most of the songs that appear in the show feel unique and like they were crafted with a specific instance in mind. While I probably could not remember a majority of the names (because my Japanese is still pretty bad), if someone played a particular song, it would not be hard for me to remember the scene which it accompanied, which is a lot more than I can say for most soundtracks.

Another thing about the show that has become really apparent is that it will very rarely hold your hand when it comes to the plot. Sure, characters will spell things out occasionally, and maybe even with big metaphorical letters sometimes, but definitely not most of the time. Momo’s identity crisis, Ai’s relationship with the school councilor, Neiru’s real reason for saving the girls in the eggs, all of it is just kind of thrown out there, and it is up to the viewers to pick up on it.

At least so far, though, it feels as though Rika has gotten the most amount of development. She is clearly the most abrasive of the group, projecting her own feelings of loneliness onto the others and, as she puts it, “plays the villain,” while simultaneously still wanting to kill herself. Given that the show is only scheduled for 12 episodes currently and most of the major plot points are nowhere close to being resolved, I do hope there are plans in works for a second season, as a premature ending would most likely kill the series.

It still feels hard to point exactly where the series is going, and while there is definitely a bit more direction now, there is plenty left and I for one will still be on my toes watching how this one plays out.

What are your feelings on “Wonder Egg Priority” now? Let me know in the comments below.

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