Initial Results: The Aquatope on White Sand

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Imagine finally getting the thing you have been working your entire life for, only to have it given away to someone else. Fuuka dreamt of being an idol ever since she was a kid, and now that dream is gone. With nothing better to do, she takes a trip to Okinawa, walks the beautiful coastline with luggage in hand, and falls asleep on the beach. A day later, she finds herself inside the city’s local aquarium, and meets the high-school aged summer director Kukuru. Fuuka’s strange adventure is only just beginning.

To be honest, I was not sure what to expect from this series. Not only am I not as familiar with P.A. Works as a studio, I am barely familiar with the show’s writer Yuko Kakihara. Sure, I have seen a bit of “Chihayafuru” and “Cells at Work,” but outside of that I was a bit lost. Luckily, though, the series’ first two episodes have given me a lot of hope as far as expectations go.

The pacing did seem a bit off at first. After all, she spends the whole first episodes running around, and only has a serious discussion with Kukuru at the end of the second. Thankfully, however, Myanimelist has the series at 24 episodes. This means that, unlike a certain disappointment from a few seasons ago, *cough cough* “Wonder Egg Priority *cough cough* there should be plenty of time for character development and backstory.

As far as the overall story goes, I am a big fan of this set-up. The idea of working hard only to have that work not matter is one that is not only relatable, but allows the idea of starting life over again to flow naturally from it. At least as far as I am aware, the idol industry is a legitimately hard one to be successful in, so this kind of story makes sense. mirroring that, it is not at all the surprising to hear that smaller businesses are struggling to keep up with the cost of staying afloat, let alone make a profit.

Something else that makes sense about the series is the blue coloring that influences the series animation. From the oceans, to the color of the aquarium, even down to the wet suits and the school uniforms. Everything has a blue aura about it which matches the scenery and subject matter. P.A. Works also did this with “Nagi no Asukara,” and both shows are definitely better for it.


Overall, even with just a couple episodes out, there is a lot here to like. I will not make the mistake of hyping it up to any extreme, but if “The Aquatope on White Sand” stays on track, it will turn out pretty good.

How do you feel about “The Aquatope on White Sand” so far? Let me know in the comments below.

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