Hey everyone. For those wondering who is behind this operation, that would be me, Jack Scheibelein. I am a non-binary (they/them) writer based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Ever since I joined my high school’s newspaper team back in 2014, writing has been a passion of mine. However, anime has been my passion for just a bit longer, hence why that is most of what I talk about. However, I have also branched out into covering Manga/Video Games/Music, and basically whatever I am into at the time. If you are interested in hearing me gush over my favorite pieces of media, consider following me in some way, whether on the site directly through WordPress or indirectly through the various social media. For anyone who wants to get in contact with me, I refer you to the page labeled thus. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a great day.


Exploring Anime and Entertainment

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