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What Else Should You Watch: Doctor Stone

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It has been a while since the last time I did one of these, but since I have not had much time to write, I figured it would be a good time to bring it back. For those who have not seen this series before, What Else Should You Watch is simply where I take an anime and try my best to recommend other anime based on that show. For this one, since It has been become pretty popular, I thought I would give Doctor Stone a crack. So, without further adieu, here are some alternatives.


For those who are unaware, which is likely not many, Steins;Gate is a series about Rintaro Okabe, a scientist working out of a small lab in Akihabara with a few of his friends acting as lab assistants. One day, while working on figuring out how one of the devices he has created, he figures out the secret to time. Specifically, he discovers the ability to send emails back through time.

There are many ways that Doctor Stone approaches science that are fairly similar to Steins;Gate. For example, Doctor Stone takes a somewhat educational approach to its topics, especially when Senku is around to explain. Steins;Gate is like-minded in this regard, although much narrower in its topic selection. Time Travel still exists almost entirely in the theoretically, but the show still takes the time to explain the mechanics of time travel and how it could work.

However, for those who are looking for something a bit more serious in its portrayal of a science, Steins;Gate delivers that in a large way. While most of its science still does exist as purely theoretically, its does provide an interesting amount of detail for what could potentially happen if time travel were real.

It is also worth noting that the story is also just wonderfully written, aside from a bit of the middle which just kind of awkwardly shoves in stuff from the visual novel. Everything else about the story is so expertly crafted that it was honestly surprising to hear that it was a video game adaptation. I generally like to avoid giving credit to voters on MyAnimeList, but it is in the top 10 for a reason.

A Certain Scientific Railgun

There is also A Certain Scientific Railgun, a show which is tonally more in line with Doctor Stone. The show is a spinoff of A Certain Magical Index, but can be watched as a stand alone series without much confusion. It follows Mikoto Misaka, a powerful being known as an esper, who wields the ability to control lightning. In fact, Misaka is one of the most powerful in Academy City, which is full of espers, and she soon realizes that because of this her life will become much harder.

Railgun utilizes science as a way of explaining the characters powers, and arguably not much else. In that way it is quite different from Doctor Stone, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. The lack of explanation leaves more time for exploring the various situations Misaka, along with her other friends, finds herself in.

The show takes a lot of time to explore one character in particular, Accelerator, who becomes somewhat of an anti-hero as the story progresses. His power allows him to control the movement of things, including large objects like cars.

Railgun also has a lot more in the way of action, which is something that does not come up much in Doctor Stone. The show regularly features espers using their abilities to battle across academy city. In fact, many of the major arcs of the series feature fights between the most powerful espers, known as level fives.

In some respects the show can come across as a bit simplistic, but it more than makes up for that with more adventure based story that will leave you wanting to keep on watching.

Have you already seen these shows? How do you feel about them? Let me know in the comments below.

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What Else Should You Watch: The Promised Neverland

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Well, its been a while since I’ve done one of these, but since everyone seems to be really enjoying The Promised Neverland, I though I would help out by giving some alternate recommendations for when the show eventually ends.

Akame Ga Kill

Akame ga Kill is a show that’s become pretty famous for a number of reasons, but if you have yet to see it then do so. The show exists in a similar vein to The Promised Neverland, being a mix of horror and thriller elements, as well as having a lot of action thrown in just for good measure.

The story follows Tatsumi, a boy who’s mission to help his small, rural town leads him to join Night Raid, a group of assassins associated with the revolutionary army trying to take down the current government. During his quest he meets many interesting people, and finds those people carrying powerful weapons as well.

If your expecting this show to be some generic, happy go lucky shonen, then your going to be sorely mistaken. I often compare it to Game of Thrones, just for the sheer amount of death going on, but I’ll just let you guys find out how much for yourselves.

Terror in Resonance

If your looking something for something a bit more cerebral and are not as interesting in the horror/thriller elements, than I would highly recommend taking a look at Terror in Resonance.

The story revolves around two teens with the nicknames Nine and Twelve, who decide enacting their revenge on the world by blowing up large buildings. Meanwhile, a high school girl whose life has been miserable by those around her have a run in with the two. Things only get weirder from their.

Terror in Resonance is a show that got me thinking. A lot. It is a show that at its core asks the question “what does fairness even mean?” It takes the time to answer that question from the perspective of multiple characters, each trying to advance their own plans and do what they think is right, and at the end of it all, you might not know what is. But, if you don’t care about that stuff, at the very least you should watch it for how good the music is and how absolutely gorgeous the animation from studio MAPPA sounds.

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What Else Should You Watch?: Cells at Work!

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When it comes to slice of life comedy series, this season’s “Cells at Work!” has proven itself to be one of the most entertaining and interesting concepts out there. With the main characters being a red and white blood cell who are fighting infections and protecting their body, the show goes in some pretty hilarious directions, at least so far. If like me you have been enjoying the show, then here is a small list of other shows that might Suit your fancy.

The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Devil is a Part-Timer

I’ve mentioned “The Devil is a Part-Timer” on this segment a number of times before, but only because it’s worth mentioning. The show centers around Maou, otherwise known as Satan, who must leave to another dimension after he is taken down by the chosen hero. He quickly finds himself on planet earth, where he and his general Ashiya must live among the humans until they find a way to get back home.

I guess in some ways you could say that “The Devil is a Part-Timer” is a bit darker than “Cells at Work,” but not really by much. Both shows still maintain a light-hearted tone, and Part-Timer has a lot of great fast food humor. Definitely give it a watch.



This one is admittedly a blind recommendation, but with all the praise this show is getting, it seems worth recommending. Hinamatsuri is a show that aired last season and focuses on Nitta, a member of the Yakuza, who gets hit on the head with a box. That box happens to contain Hina, a girl with incredible powers who will go insane if she doesn’ use them.

Ok, so this isn’t a totally blind recommendation, as I have seen many a facebook videos with scenes from the show. Even out of context the show’s humor makes it incredibly addictive and I will likely end up watching myself soon. Also, the show’s character designs look really cool.

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What Else Should You Watch?: No Game No Life

Well, it has been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I thought “Why Not?” No Game No Life has been one of my personal favorites ever since I saw it back in 2014, and will likely continue to be for some time. However, there are some shows that you might like if you enjoy No Game No Life. So, sit back, relax, and get ready for some recommendations.

Baka and Test

Screenshot 2018-03-11 14.27.18

Definitely one of No Game No Life’s most entertaining elements are the games Sora and Shiro play in order to complete their mission of taking over the world. Most of the time they are action-packed and display the abilities of Sora and Shiro well. Another show that has a somewhat similar setup, aside from getting sent to another world, is Baka and Test.

Baka and Test centers around a school where kids are given a power level based on their test scores. That power level is used in what’s called the Summoner Test War, in which students compete to move up the social ladder, and gain access to perks that students with higher grades have.

Baka and Test has a lot of likable qualities, like its setup. The fact that the main character Yoshii and friends are all in Class F, the lowest class, leads to a lot of humorous interactions between members of other classes, like when Yoshii tries to sneak into Class A’s lounge and steal some of their food and end up getting kicked out. A lot of the action scenes are entertaining as well. It is definitely worth your time.

Binbougami Ga!

Screenshot 2018-03-11 14.59.52

One other thing that No Game No Life has going for it is that it is extremely colorful. Binbougami Ga, being the work of Studio Sunrise, is unexpectedly very similar. Its color palette, while not as bright as No Game No Life, might be even more diverse.

The story of Binbougami Ga centers Sakura, whose life seems to be going extremely well. Her grades are stellar, she’s popular with almost everyone, and her financial woes are non-existent. However, one day, the god of misfortune Momoji comes to inform Sakura that the reason her life is going so well is because she is stilling the good fortune, and she has been tasked with stealing back some of Sakura’s good fortune.

Similar to Baka and Test, a lot of this show’s enjoyment can be found in its humor. Momoji has to come with a lot of schemes to get Sakura’s good luck, but her good luck usually ends up helping her avoid Momoji. The two characters, despite hating each other for most of the show, have great chemistry and work as a great comedy duo.

The Devil is a Part-Timer

Screenshot 2018-03-11 15.18.12

Definitely the most comedy-centric of the three, The Devil is a Part-Timer not only provides an excellent comedic setup but also executes on that setup extremely well.

The Devil is a Part-Timer has a pretty self-explanatory setup. The Devil, after having been defeated by the hero of justice, leaves his own dimension and travels to the human dimension with his assistant Ashiya, and in order to survive, The Devil, now named Maou, gets a job at MgRonalds.

To me, The Devil is a Part-Timer remains totally underrated. I never heard much discussion about it even when it was airing, and whenever people talk about good comedy, it never gets brought up. Hopefully, though, this post will change a few minds on that front.

What did you guys think of these recommendations? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!

What Else Should You?: Citrus

These Season’s Citrus has attracted a lot of attention, both positive and negative, for its focus on the fairly abusive relationship between Mei and Yuzu, but that does not mean that it does not have any good qualities. Aside from that though, there are a few other anime you should watch if you are enjoying Citrus. Welcome, again, to What else should you watch, where I give you recommendations based on a show each week.

Black Butler

Black Butler

A bit more fantastical and a bit less abusive, Black Butler serves as a great gateway into what anime is. That is not necessarily saying that Black Butler is super good, but it is to say that there is a lot to appreciate about it, especially if you are going to Citrus specifically for the female relationship.

Sure, Ciel and Sebastion might not be in a romantic relationship, but the show has no problem playing into more gay undertones. Even one of the show’s other recurring, Grell, appears to be more feminine when it comes to Sebastion.

Not exactly one of the best anime ever made, but if you want something a little less dark in the way Citrus is then definitely worth a watch if you haven’t already.

Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick

Something much more light-hearted than Citrus will probably ever be, Sakura Trick is a slice of life Yuri romance about best friends Haruka and Yuu, who have been with each other since middle school. Haruka begins to feel some distance between the two of them when high school begins. One thing leads to another, and the two find their relationship has changed forever.

Bubbly would be one word that describes this show well. There is not a lot of emotional stakes in the “challenges” their relationship faces, and often times the characters do not seem that interesting, but man is it still charming.

Haruka and Yuu definitely feel like people, with the two of them paying special attention to each other’s details, and it really feels like a relationship by the end. Something fun to watch in spare time, for sure.

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What Else Should You Watch?: Yu-Gi-Oh

Yugioh is a franchise that, whether it be through the anime or through the card game of which I have dedicated a significant portion of my life, I will always be connected to in one way or another. Of course, we are talking about the anime in this post, and for a good reason. As well as for its nostalgic value, Yugioh remains entertaining anime for the idea of settling conflict with a card game. It is definitely still as stupid as it sounds, but in the end becomes a worthwhile way of developing the loveable goofballs of the series and its further incarnations, although some are better than others. *cough cough* Zexal *cough cough* For a bit of a change of pace, I thought it would be fun to recommend other card game anime because there are actually a few good ones out there.

Cardfight Vanguard


Vanguard is a show I discovered while watching illegal uploads on YouTube, and have loved it ever since. The show’s first few seasons center around Aichi Sendou, a middle schooler who hasn’t had the easiest time fitting in. One day, after being bullied by a dude named Morikawa, Aichi ends up in a local card shop where he rediscovers the game of Vanguard, and plays his first game ever against one of the best players around, Kai.

The show has a really good first few episode, with each of the first five explaining a different part of the game. This makes it so that the viewer knows everything they need to to get invested in the matches.

One of the things worth mentioning that I suddenly remembered while writing this is the music, which is actually surprisingly good considering the audience the show is supposed to be aimed at.

Future Card Buddyfight

Future Card Buddyfight

Buddyfight, while being somewhat similar to Cardfight in terms of how its game is played, has a much different atmosphere. Whereas Cardfight leans into relatively darker territory, Buddyfight largely remains kid-friendly, but even that can be fun.

Centered around Gao Mikado, Buddyfight centers around a world where players of the card game Buddyfight often find themselves choosing a buddy, or a companion from another world to serve as their most powerful monster. Gao meets Drum, a dragon who eventually becomes his buddy, and although the two get off to a rocky start, they eventually start working together to rise to the top.

The show does something similar to Cardfight in that it introduces the game in its opening episodes, although not as quickly. The game of Buddyfight, as it is used in the show, is actually a lot more interesting. The idea that monsters come from other worlds and form bonds with humans creates an interesting setup and leads to a lot of fascinating side plots, as well as fairly decent antagonists.

What other anime remind you of Yugioh? Are they better? Worse? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!


What Else Should You Watch?: Shin Sekai Yori

If you’ve read my review on Shin Sekai Yori, you’d know that I consider it one of the best shows ever made, and for good reason. The shows complex dystopian future with a rivalry between psychic-powered humans and intelligent rats that humans use as servants. The focus on Saki and her coming of age story is one of the best-written shows to come out in recent memory. Being as that is the case, I’ll try to recommend shows that I think can at least get close to being as good.


Psycho-pass 2

Even though I recommended it last week, it is certainly worth a second recommendation, for a couple of reasons. The first is an equally as interesting dystopian future about a world where crime is judged by a living computer, and everyone is assigned a number that determines their level of threat to society.

The second is the cast of interesting characters, especially in the main character Kogami and the villain. Their view of the changing nature of justice under the Sibyl System creates an interesting conversation between Kogami, Makshima, the show’s main villain, and Akane, who acts as our window into the world.

Samurai Flamenco

Samurai Flamenco

Weird is a word that I find can be a bit generic when trying to describe a show to somebody, but I honestly think it applies here. Samurai Flamenco, the story about a man turned superhero, is a show that on the surface appears normal, but by the time you get to the end, you’re confused.

Shin Sekai Yori has a lot of that same weirdness, except it makes sense within the context and scope of the story. Flamenco, meanwhile, makes unprompted cuts into different arcs with very little explanation to back it up. And yet, it works. Samurai Flamenco takes a “down the rabbit hole” approach with its writing, and seems to have paid off, as it remains entertaining the whole way through.



If there was ever a show that needed more attention, other than Shin Sekai Yori, it would be Steins;Gate. It really does surprise just how many people have not seen this show, and most of the time without a good excuse as to why not.

If you haven’t seen anime’s best Time Travel, then you really should. With solid animation, great music, and one of the best-adapted stories, It’s not something you should be missing, especially now that you’ve read about it.

What would you recommend after seeing Shin Sekai Yori? What do you think of the shows on this list? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!

What Else Should You Watch?: Durarara!!

I wanted to challenge myself this week, so I decided to pick a show that’s much harder to recommend other shows for, and Durara is certainly one of those shows. It’s a lot of genre’s all at once, and that’s why people like it: because it’s noticeably unique. Sure, you have to have a huge level of suspension of disbelief, but after you’ve jumped that hurdle there’s so much uniqueness to appreciate, which is why this week’s post is hard. But regardless, here’s my best attempt to recommend shows based on Durarara.

Fooly Cooly

Fooly Cooly
Craziness = Fooly Cooly

If you loved the always busy, always wild feel of Durarara than this is certainly the show for you. Already being infamous throughout the community, FLCL is a show known for not making any sense whatsoever.

The story centers around Naoto, a boy who’s been left behind by his brother in their small town where nothing ever happens. Then, one day, Haruko, a bass-playing, Vespa-riding, pink-haired girl comes and changes his life forever. The two now have to fight to protect the earth. Also, Naoto now has a horn on his head.

In fact, crazy might not even be a strong word for this show. I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen this show in a long time, but the only thing that seems to appear in my mind when I think about it is the scene from the first episode where Naoto’s horn turns into a mech. Truly, I don’t think you could pack more random into six episodes.

Also, season two and three are coming soon, so there’s that.



This might be a stretch, but also think the urban setting in both plays a huge role in their stories.

Psycho-pass is a sci-fi cop show where traditional means of evaluating a criminal have been thrown out in favor of the Sibyl system, where each person get’s a number that changes in real time based on the system’s evaluation of their threat to society. Officers can read these number by pointing their weapons at them.

Both Psycho-pass and Durara take advantage of different aspects of their Urban setting. Whereas Durarara focuses heavily on the large amount of diversity that is present in sprawling Urban centers, Psycho-pass focuses more on the large pockets of crime that exist in cities, largely due to the overwhelming amount of poverty that is generally present.

The question of whether or not someone is truly guilty when judged by a questionable system is at the heart of Psycho-pass, and the show works much better in the heart of the city than it would in the rural outskirts.

Sakurako-san’s Bones

Yes, a human Skull

Based on what I’ve seen on MAL, there are a lot of people who didn’t like this show or just found it generic. I, however, largely disagree. Sakurako-san brings an interesting, mystery detective story about a teenage boy and his favorite scientist

The story centers around Shoutarou and the title character Sakurako. Shoutarou is a high schooler who one day on his way home meets Sakurako while walking through the woods. Immediately, Shoutarou became interested in her and later learns that she is an Osteologist who helps police in solving crimes based on human remains.

There are a few things I’ll admit right off the bat. Shoutarou is not a ground-breaking, dynamic character, and nothing about the animation or music is especially high-quality. That being said, Sakurako-san’s Bones is still a wonderfully-interesting and worthwhile show. It uses the past as a way to tell the story of the present, and because of that, you get a lot of side characters who get considerably well developed for most of the time only being in one episode.

It is definitely reminiscent of the mystery elements of the first half of Durarara, so if that’s something you like, you’ll definitely enjoy this.

What did you guys think of these recommendations? What have you already seen? Is Sakurako-san’s Bones actually the worst anime ever, as I’ve heard some say? Let me know in the comments. I hope you all enjoyed. Thanks for Reading and bye for now, Friendos!





What Else Should You Watch?: Attack on Titan

Despite its major setbacks, Attack on Titan has a lot to like about it. From the epic music to the incredible slugfests between humanity’s last hope, the 3D maneuver gear and the Titans, There is something for everyone. But while we’re waiting on season 3 to start in 2018, you might be craving something similar. Hello everyone, and welcome to What Else Should You Watch, the Post series where I️ take a series and give you recommendations based on that show. Without further ado, here are some things to watch after Attack on Titan.

Tokyo Ghoul

If you’ve been paying even a little attention to popular anime in the last couple years, you’ll have at least heard of this show. Since it’s first episode back in 2014, Tokyo Ghoul became a smash hit among fans, but just in case you haven’t seen it, go watch it.

It stars Kaneki Ken, a university student who finds a cute girl at his local coffee shop and decides to take her on a date. Little does he know, she’s actually a Ghoul, a creature that looks like a human but needs to eat human flesh to survive. Unfortunately, he realizes a little too late and gets attacked by his date. He manages to survive the ordeal, but in the process, he becomes a Ghoul himself.

Like Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul is a seinen action series, and also like Attack on Titan, one with a lot of blood. Between fighting other ghouls and fighting an organization that hunts ghouls, Kaneki and his newfound group of Ghoul allies have to spill a log of blood, and it gets pretty graphic.

This isn’t to say, though, that everything else about the show is bad. On the contrary, it’s quite good, but the gore is certainly one of its main appeals.

Black Bullet

If an ever looming threat of giant creatures coming to murder you and your family is more your speed, then you might want to check out Black Bullet.

Set in the near future, Black Bullet details the lives of private agents who are tasked with eliminating humans who have turned into monsters because of a disease known as “Gastrea.” The last remaining human city in Japan is surrounded by Varanium, the only metal that can repel these monsters. There is also a certain segment of the population known as cursed children. They are called as such because they were born from mothers who were infected while they were in the womb, and because of that have superhuman abilities.

The show, for whatever reason, has flown a bit under the radar, remaining in relative obscurity and not being discussed as much as it probably should. It’s filled to the brim with awesome gunfights and badass little girls. I️ mean, what more could you want?

In all seriousness, though, Black Bullet is worth your time. Its story is an emotional rollercoaster that will have you very confused by its admittedly less than stellar ending. But watch it anyway. Just trust me on this one.


Did you ever play Call of Duty and wonder “How cool would this game be if it were only grenades?” Well, even if you haven’t been in that scenario, you’ll want to check out Btooom!.

Taking the battle royale format to a whole new level, Btooom follows the story of a Pro-Gamer, who is number one at Btooom!, a game where you must kill the opposing team using different types of grenades. One day, this gamer gets dropped off on an island, where he finds out he must play a real-life game of Btooom!

A lot of the entertainment value of this show actually comes in seeing the different types of grenades the characters use, and how each one helps them in a given situation because most of the time they will need to use them. In order to leave this real world Btooom! they must gather seven of the chips that have been implanted in them in order to track their movements. It’s a fustercluck of explosions, murder, and crazy psychotic 12-year-olds.

What do you think of these recommendations? Which of these have you seen, and which ones do you like? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!

What Else Should You Watch?: Black Clover

Despite Crunchyroll’s push to make it the new Naruto, Black Clover turned out to be mostly a flop. From the very beginning, the show took no time in reveling in all of the least interesting shonen troupes and came out a much worse show because of it. However, whether you like it or not, there are plenty of other shows that also deserve your attention after watching Black Clover. Welcome, everyone, to another iteration of What Else Should You Watch. Here are some other recommendations for your viewing pleasure.

Seven Deadly Sins


Asta himself is seen by many being quite generic and uninteresting, like the rest of the show. Seven Deadly Sins, while admittedly not being much better, still manages to bring together a unique cast of characters and makes their relationships much more interesting.

The show centers around a group of former knights known as the seven deadly sins. The seven of them have been sentenced to death for betraying the kingdom, to which they all ran away. Meliodus, their former leader, has gone on a mission to gather the other six now dispersed knights.

In terms of unique shonen ideas, It really doesn’t come up with anything new. There is a lot of fanservice and generic shonen concepts like demons and immortality, but it delivers those ideas in ways that make it fun and enjoyable without being repetitive.

Busou Renkin


Renkin is a 2006 studio xebec production that in many ways has a lot of the same problems that Black Clober does, but Busou Renkin still comes out a lot more likable. The show’s main character Kazuki is brought into a much more bloodthirsty world of battling homunculus with his newly discovered alchemic powers. Tokiko Tsumura, a girl who saves him after he is first attacked by a homunculus, guides him through the world of fighting horrendous monsters.

Similar to Seven Deadly Sins, what the show lacks in new ideas it makes up for in a unique presentation. Tokiko, the shows main female lead, has a distinct level of awesome surrounding her, Training Kazuki to use his powers and not taking crap from anyone. Fights are an important part of any shonen, and the fights in this show are top of the line.

Sword Art Online

Despite its many problems as well, Sword Art Online is nothing if not a good Action romp. The show’s setting in a virtual reality MMO makes it to where a lot of crazy stuff can happen, without having to take it to seriously. Translation: it’s a lot of fun.

The music also adds a lot to the fight scenes. Much of the soundtrack is comprised of epic choruses backed by eloquent orchestral pieces. The show is guaranteed to hype you up, if nothing else.

How do you guys feel about Black Clover? What would you recommend instead? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading. Bye for now, friendos!