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Opening of the Week: Believe in my Existence by JAM Project(Cardfight Vanguard OP 2)

I was reminded recently by a video about Card Game anime that Cardfight Vanguard has one of the best openings by JAM Project ever. Not only is the music in the opening awesome, but the visuals, as with any good opening, are great at conveying what that arc of the show is about. JAM Project is definitely one of the better

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Opening of the Week: Haru ga Kite Bokura by Unison Square Garden(Sangatsu no Lion 2 Opening 2)

If March Comes in Like a Lion is known for anything else aside from its terrific writing, It would be its surprisingly impressive openings, and Sangatsu no Lion’s second season second opening fits this description perfectly. Maybe not as visually impressive as some of the show’s other OPs, but still visually stimulating in its own right. For this week’s Opening

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Opening of the Week: Golden Time Lover by Sukima Switch(Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 3)

After gushing about Fullmetal’s incredible first opening Again by Yui last week, I thought I would devote a little time to one of my favorite openings from the series: Golden Time Lover by Sukima Switch. It has arguably one of the most infectious beats and most groovy rap flows of all time. One thing that works against the opening, However,

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