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This Week in Anime: Megalo Box Soundtrack, FLCL Behind the Scenes, and More…

A lot has happened over the last week, most of it pretty light-hearted. Welcome back, everyone. For today’s This Week in Anime, there is going to be a lot of cool stuff to cover, so let’s get started. Megalo Box Soundtrack to be Released in June It was recently announced that the soundtrack to the recent hit Megalo Box, a show

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This Week in Anime: New Sequel Films, Attack on Titan and More…

Another week has gone by, and another week of important anime news has been built up. Time to flush it out in another edition of This Week in Anime. Let’s get started. Shirobako/Princess Principal Get Sequel Films Fans were excited this week when to different series received announcements this week that they were going to receive animated sequels, both in

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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 11: My Favorite Mecha Anime

Hello, Anifriends Today I’ll be talking about my favorite Mecha Anime for the 11th day of the thirty-day anime challenge. If I had done this challenge at the beginning of my blog, I probably would have answered Eureka Seven, because of its compelling characters and uniquely appealing narrative that sends a message about loving one another despite differences. Now, however, the

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This Week in Anime: Studio Ghibli, Anime Films Head to U.S. Theaters and More…

Well, after being on another week-long Hiatus, sorry about that by the way, I am back and ready to talk about the news for this week, and addressing some of the stories I missed from last week. Believe me, there are some things that need addressing. With that being said, let’s get started. Studio Ghibli Theme Park will Fully Open

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This Week in Anime: Isao Takahata Passes, New Fairytail Manga, and More

With the Flying Colors Foundation drama officially over, after they announced last week that they would be closing operations, it is finally time to get back to covering more of the important stories of the week concerning anime. With that being said, let’s get started. Studio Ghibli Co-Founder Takahata Dies at 82 It was reported on April 5th that Studio

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