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Five Anime I REally Want to Re-watch

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The fact that I have seen a least a few dozens memes related to this topic tells me that we are well into that phase of quarantine. Ya know, the one where everyone has tried all of the new stuff that people said they were going to do and has gone back to just re-watching their favorite shows. Yeah, well, I never really tried to much new stuff. In fact, this last season is probably the most amount of new anime I have consumed at one time. I know, I know, fake fan, I get.

But, hey, that’s kind of just who I am, I really like what I am already comfortable with, so for today, I thought I would go over some of the shows I am most excited to Re-watch in the near future. With that being said, lets get started.


“Toradora” is one that I have already started on again and, if I am being completely honest, I am not exactly sure why. At least so far, the show has the same decent qualities I vaguely remember. However, I can’t help but feel I was spurred on by a bit of leftover high school nostalgia and the legacy that the show has with long time anime fans. Like, do not get me wrong, there is plenty there worth watching again, but this is probably the series I want to re-watch the least at of these five if for no other reason than I am not sure how I will end up feeling about it on the other side.

Log Horizon

On the other hand, “Log Horizon” is a series that I have been meaning to re-visit for a long time now, as it is one of my favorite series of all time. The series was one of the first to come out of the early Isekai boom that followed the immense success of “Sword Art Online,” but had significantly more of a focus on worldbuilding and politics that I found to be much more interesting. It is a series that dares to questions fundamentally aspects of living and how those things work inside this video game world, something that a lot of modern Isekai do not even attempt, let alone succeed at. Plus, with the latest season just about to wrap up, and me having watched none of it, there will be a nice little surprise at the end.


The Toaru Series

A lot of this list could just be boiled down to “x series has new material, therefore I would like to re-watch said series for full context” and it would be entirely true. However, the “Toaru” series is also a franchise that is just a lot of fun. Its confusing system of “magic” vs “science” powers combined with the weird jumps from the main character to side stories about other areas of the city makes it so that there is so much going on all at once. Like, its not good, but it does have its moments. Also, hot take, “Railgun” is significantly better than “Index,” just sayin’.


If I were to do an anime studio tier list, which, in all likelihood, I probably will at some point, expect production I.G. to be fairly high up on that list. It will be for a number of reasons, obviously, but one of the big ones will be “Psycho-Pass,” a show that explores the ideas of criminal justice from the perspective of a futuristic society in which people are judged by a system that gives them a number from a gun based on how likely they are to commit crime. This show has a lot of re-watch value because of how intense some of its best moments are and also because with each passing day I am reminded of just how important this show’s message really is.

*stares in George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, and literally hundreds of other names have died at the hands of cops who only saw them as a crime*

America is kind of an awful country, huh…well that’s a separate post entirely.


While there is not as much a focus on world-building, much like “Log Horizon,” “Re:Creators” questions fundamental assumptions about how its own world even works. Rather than hold your hand through some boring plot, it presents the idea that creators, i.e., novelists, video game creators, mangaka and the like are gods, and that their creations have now come to this world for some undisclosed purpose. For some that might not sound like the most original idea, but the series presents it in a way that makes it a matter of literal life and death.

What series are you planning on/are re-watching at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.

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This Week in Anime: A Certain Magical Index, My Hero Academia, and More…

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There has been a lot of exciting news, from new trailers to movie updates, a lot of high profile people and IPs are making returns, and it is exciting, to say the least. With that being said, let’s get started.

New Anime

A list of some of the new series that have been announced recently

One Punch Man Season 2 Gets New Trailer, Reveals New Villain

On Sunday, Viz Media revealed that the next season of the fan favorite anime One-Punch Man will be airing in April of 2019. Along with that information, Viz also released a trailer that gave a few details about the upcoming season. One of those details was the name of the next season’s main villain, Garou.

Talk about the show’s next season had already been going even before this trailer due to the announcement that J.C. Staff would be replacing Madhouse as the studio producing the show. It is worth pointing out though that many of the staff that worked on the original series were freelance, and many of the staff are returning to work on the show’s second season.

One-Punch Man centers around Saitama, a man who trains so hard that he becomes stronger than everyone else, and uses his power to become a hero. However, because of this, he finds his work as a hero to be boring. No matter what he does, he can’t find someone who won’t lose with one punch.

“Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemy Knights” Trailer Revealed

A new trailer for the upcoming series “Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemy Knights” was released last week. The trailer depicts the shows two main leads, Jeanne and Montmorency, and their relationship. The trailer also shows some of the shows side characters, and what appears to be Jeanne going insane after the two kiss.

The series has been scheduled to be released on October 5th and will air as part of the Fall 2018 anime season. It is being adapted from the light novel work of author Mikage Kasuga and Illustrator Tomari Meron, the story of which revolves around Montmorency. He wants to be an Alchemy Knight, and being the son of a nobleman allows him to do just that. However, after the beginning of the Hundred Years War, the school shuts down and Montmorency is forced to leave. On his journey out of the country, he runs into a mysterious girl named Jeanne.

Funimation Releases Dubbed Trailer for “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes”

Yesterday, Funimation released an English trailer for the My Hero Academia movie entitled “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.” The trailer features the show’s main cast, including the students from 1-A, as well as the movie’s featured characters, those being Melissa Shield, David Shield, and Wolfram. The English voice actors for the main series will be reprising their roles, but joining the cast will be Erica Mendez as Mellisa, Ray Chase as David and Keith Silverstein as Wolfram.

The story of the movie takes place after the events of the second season before class 1-A is sent to the summer training camp. The group is invited to I-Island, a moving fortress that boasts the world leading researchers on Quirks and Hero Items. However, while the group is there, a group of villains breaches the Islands security system and traps everyone. It’s up to Deku and All-Might to save the day.

“MIRAI” Heads to U.S. Theatres on November 30th


It was announced this week by GKIDS that the latest film to be directed by fan-favorite Mamoru Hosoda titled “Mirai” will be coming to U.S. Theatres on November 30th. There are plans to show both dubbed and subtitled versions of the series in theatres where it is being played. GKIDs has recently been bringing many anime films to the west, including 2016’s break out hit “Your Name” and Studio Shaft’s “Fireworks” earlier this year.

The story of Mirai focuses on Kun, a four-year-old whose family has recently been blessed with their baby Mirai, whose name means future. One day, after running off into his family’s garden, Kun meets Mirai, but from the future, and a teenager. The two travel through time and discover their family’s rich history.

With Comiket 94 Comes a New Trailer for “A Certain Magical Index”

This week has had a lot of awesome trailers, and one, in particular, has fans extra excited: The one for “A Certain Magical Index.” At Comiket 94, a new trailer for the show’s third season showed both the returning cast, as well as some of the newer characters that will be appearing in season 3. The previous cast will be returning in the new series, which will be debuting on October 5th.

The show’s story centers around Toma, a student living in Academy City, where many espers come to learn how to use their powers. Toma believes he has no powers to speak of. One day, a nun finds him and claims to have photographic knowledge of important magical texts kept inside her brain. Toma then vows to protect her.

Article Shout-outs

Here are some awesome articles from other bloggers and around the web.

Ninja isn’t Streaming with Women?

Megan Farokhmanesh of The Verge wrote an opinion piece about the recent debacle with popular streamer Ninja and his decision to not stream with females in fear of online harassment. I know this isn’t anime related, but it is certainly an important story to talk about, and I think she has a great take on it. Definitely give it a read.

Watamote – Anime vs Manga

Cactus Matt of Anime Q and A did a fantastic comparison of the Watamote Manga and its Anime counterpart. I’m sure it will be contentious for some, but I think the reasoning behind his conclusion is solid. Check it out.

What is Quality Content

Chris from Peach’s Almanac wrote a more reflective piece on his ability to write as well as what even defines good content in the first place. Something I’ve spent a long time thinking about as well, and tbh, I don’t think I could have put it as well as him. Give it a read, for sure.

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This Week in Anime: Shout-Out Edition #2

Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to The Aniwriter.

Its been a pretty slow week in interesting anime related news, so I thought I would make this week another week of blogger shout-outs. I will mention it briefly because I know its a popular series: A Certain Magical Index Season 3’s release date has been confirmed, which you can read about here.

Aside from that, however, there is a ton of stuff I want to give some recognition, so let’s get started.

Create-a-Story Tag

Some of you might have seen the one tag in particular that has been making the rounds in the aniblogging community as of late, and that would be the create a story tag, which was created by Keiko.

There were a lot of bloggers, including myself, who took part in the tag over the last week, so here are the ones I thought were super cool.

100WordAnime – A fun little story about a couple falling down a cliff.

Mechanical Anime Reviews – A more slice of life centered story about a future couple in the making and their experience in the science building.

A Nerdy Perspective – A guy walks into another guy’s cabin, and the two have an honest conversation about their feelings for one another.

Maquia and Late Blooming

This is cheating a bit since this was from last week, but I never got the chance to give it a shout-out, so I’m doing it now. appropriant of Perpetual Morning did a wonderful essay talking about both themselves and Maquia. It was an extremely relatable piece for me. I highly suggest you give it a read.

Names are Important

Irina of I drink and watch anime wrote an awesome and somewhat more personal post about the importance of names in anime and how that is brought about by Japanese culture. Super interesting read, definitely check it out.

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This Week in Anime: Clannad to PS4, A Certain Magical Index Season 3, and More…

Hello, friends

Today on this week in anime, we have a lot of new stories to cover this week. Clannad is coming to PS4, A Certain Magical Index is getting its third season in the fall, and a lot more to come. Lets get started.

New Anime

The new anime announcements in the past week:

New “Sound! Euphonium” Film Coming in 2019

Oath of the Finale

Many are aware of the hit series Sound! Euphonium, and in spring of 2019 the series will be receiving an all new film. Not much is currently known about the film, but the show’s TV director Tatsuya Isihara and Tomoya Kurusawa will both be returning to the film. Kurusawa will be reprising her role as Kumiko.

The film’s story will revolve around Kumiko in her second year of high school. New first years have arrived to join the club, and its up to Kumiko to show them the ropes, and help turn them into great members. Other details surrounding the story and production have not been confirmed as of the writing of this article.

“Kaguya-sama wa Kokurosetai” Manga gets TV Anime

The extremely popular romantic-comedy manga “Kaguya-sama wa Kokurosetai” is now receiving a TV anime. Last Friday, Aniplex announced the anime’s premeire alongside the show’s social media debut. The show’s Twitter feed also gave a small preview for character designs of the main character Kaguya.

The show will center around Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane, vice president and president of their school’s student council. The two secretly fall in love with eachother, but neither wants to confess. From there, both will try to get the other to confess first.

“A Certain Magical Index” Season 3 Will Air This Fall


During last year, there was much talk about the possibility of a third season for “A Certain Magical Index,” and now its finally happening. According to one of the latest issues of Dengeki Bunko Magazine, the show’s third season will be airing this fall. J.C. Staff, who produced the first two seasons of the show, will be returning to work on third season, along with other members of the production of the original show, including Hiroshi Nishikori as the director. Not many story details have been released as of late, but it will presumably take place from where the second season left off.

“Clannad” Visual Novel Comes to North America

Prototype, the company behind the original Clannad visual novel, has announced that the new PS4 release will also be coming to Europe and North America. The release will be digital only, and as of right now it will be out sometime in late June. It also appears to be the case that the European release will be slightly delayed.

Article Shoutouts

Here are this week’s article shout-outs

20 Anime Everyone Should See

Crunchyroll writer Danni Wilmoth wrote a peice about the 20 anime everyone should watch. I found the list to be mostly agreeable, with a few of her recommendations including “Fullmetal Alchemist,” “Gurren Lagann” and “Wandering Son.” She also talks about a few series that I have yet to see, like “Rakugo” and “Flying Witch,” two shows I’ve had a lot of interest in since I hear about them.

Spotlighting Aggretsuko

Lesley from Lesley’s Anime and Manga Corner did a write-up of Aggretsuko. In this post, Lesley writes about the main character Retsuko and how a lot of her situation is relatable, even to people outside of Japan. I found this to be fairly accurate when it comes to the show as a whole, and I would suggest reading her thoughts in full.

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