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Inuyashiki Episode 1 Reaction

If there was one show that I was giddily excited to learn was airing this season, it was this one. Well, aside from the second season of March Comes in like a Lion season two. I had heard about it after watching Gigguk’s video about underappreciated  manga, and then I saw that Studio Mappa was handling the production and there was much to be excited for.

I went into this one also mostly blind, aside from the explanation of the manga, and I feel a lot better that I did. 

As far as episode one goes, there wasn’t to much going on. We are introduced to the main character Ichirou, a 58-year-old man with a family that seems to walk all over him. His wife yells at him, and his kids don’t seem to care at all. He finds out from a terrifying doctor visit that he has developed cancer and has just three months to live.

With this news, Ichirou is all but ready to give up on life, when out of no where he is crushed by alien spaceship, and he wakes up to find his body is now made of a machine.

This episode mainly focuses on Ichirou and his immediate reaction to his newfound powers which, as you might suspect, isn’t exactly a calm one. Ichirou also remembers seeing a young man in the crash, and decides that it would be worth it to find him.

It’s important to note that this is just a setup episode, and the real action will come afterwards, but I am already excited. There was a lot of potential in this show, especially with the studio behind it. The animation is a good mix of 2D and 3D that works extremely well, with Ichirou’s robot body being a clear highlight.

The Music was also a treat. The opening song “My Hero” is really good for getting hyped, but that’s not surprising given that the band behind the song, Man on a Mission, also did the opening for Log Horizon.

With an opening episode like this, there looks to be a lot worth looking forward to. Hopefully the show doesn’t waste its potential, but for now it is worth being hopefully. Check it out if you haven’t.


Kino’s Journey Episode 1 Reaction

Riding, across many lands, with no end in sight. Always looking to explore new lands and talk to new people. Not to mention, a talking motorcycle?

Kino’s Journey definitely has one of the strongest first episodes of this season, with Kino exploring a country in which murder isn’t prohibited. It displayed all of what Kino’s is going to be about.

Having not scene the original series, I was going in mostly blind, but even not knowing about it’s previous iteration I was wholly impressed. What Kino’s Journey is offering is something that’s definetly worth taking.

It’s story is interesting, to say the least. Kino and Hermes’ Journey into places yet discovered, and each of the places that they visit have something unique about them. Kino and Hermes are also pretty amusing together, as they compliment each other in a comedic way.

The animation gives the look of the original a much needed update. Kino’s character design looks great, with his mainly green outfit poping out in an eye-pleasing way. The 3D animation is also well implemented, with the motorcycle scenes being integrated with a lot of care. There isn’t much to say when it comes to the music, but it was complimentary in the right way.

A strong first episode overall, and definitely now something I will be keeping up with. If your not watching this yet, you should be.

Just Because Episode 1 Reaction

I’ll be honest, when I saw this was an original series I got really excited. Some original series, like Phi-Brain, have turned out to be my favorite. The plot description was just vague enough to pull me in:

Near the end of second semester at third year, when students have very little time in high school left, and are just waiting for graduation, the appearance of a new transfer student begins to change what remains of their high school lives just as they were about to graduate.

So far, though, it seems like I’ve just been tricked into watching something less than stellar. The focus of the show so far is on Eita, the afformentioned Transfer student, and how his sudden appearance seems to be triggering a long chain of events, mostly involving people he new from middle school. The first episode has mainly focused on his reuniting with Haruto, who appears to have been his best friend in middle school. However, based on the first episode, It doesn’t feel like this show is going to live up to much. Based on what’s been shown so far, it feels like the story is going to very loosely justify how they all know each other and how their stories are going to intertwine.

Haruto Souma. Source: ANN

I am somewhat intrigued by the possible themes that the show is going to explore. Just Because! is set right near the end of their high school year, where students are expected to be thinking of the future, but a lot of them aren’t, especially with the arrival of Eita. It seems like he is going to represent the past that everyone wants to leave behind.

Eita also seems like he would rather leave what has happened to him in the past alone, as when his father asks him if he’s going to reconnect with any middle school friends, he reluctantly says sure.

I do want this show to be good, but I’m also a bit wary of what it will be come. Admittedly, my suspicion of this show is not as substantiated as many of you might prefer, but it’s a feeling I just can’t shake. Hopefully, this will end up being something worth continuing.