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Btooom!: The Anime That Desperately Needs a Remake

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The great thing about scrolling through my WordPress feed is that, not only do I get to interact with my blog friends, but I also get to scout ideas for potential posts. Credit for the idea of this post goes to The Spooky Red Head, who asked a question that, though I definitely have heard discussed before, I have never really had a great answer to, at least until now.

When Btooom! came out back in the fall of 2012, it felt…unique. I mean, a battle royale on a deserted island…but with grenades? On top of a killer color palette and insanely kickass opening, this show had the recipe for success. At least, that is what I thought. While the show is still decently popular in places like MAL and Ani-list, it is not exactly anything to write home about. On top of that, the show never actually got a second season, which means after that season was over, there was little reason to keep talking about it.

First, I feel like I should clarify. When I say the show felt unique, I do not mean that the battle royale format is unique to it. If anything can be credited for the creation of the sub-genre, it would have to be the Japanese film Battle Royale which was released back in 2000, and even then, there are probably a number of other series/films which took a crack at it before then. Rather, I think it is fair to say that Btooom took the format and intensified it in a way that shapes its own identity, i.e. the brighter colors mixed with the grittier backgrounds and character designs.

“Ok, but the show was still solid. Why does it need a remake?”

A reasonable question someone might reasonably reason reasonably, and yes, I agree. Btooom is an above-average show, and yet the lack of discussion it gets in modern circles would seem to suggest otherwise. The motivation behind this theoretical remake is not quality. After all, plenty of franchises have been remade only to come out worse.

The motivation is instead, for a greater level of success. After all, the environment that Btooom! aired almost 10 years ago was significantly different. The idea of a battle royale was a significantly less popular format in media. Worldwide hits like Squid Game were nowhere to be seen, and the battle royale format in video games was much more niche, since titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PubG were yet to be released.

Fast forward to today, and the battle royale is arguably as popular as it has ever been. A show like Btooom! in today’s anime environment would arguably do much better, and could be a significant moneymaker for any studio that is willing to put the time into marketing it correctly. Of course, there is always a chance the studio fumbles the bag regardless.

Still, I am not here to argue how likely it is the series gets a remake, let alone a good one. What I will say is that, for whatever reason, Btooom was just a little too ahead of its time, especially since it came out during an era where getting any kind of continuation was not particularly common. On the list of media that deserves a heavy spotlight, it is not exactly super high up. On a personal level, though, it is a series I would love to see again.

What series would you like to see get remade? Let me know in the comments.

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Opening of the Week: No Pain, No Gain by Nano (Btooom! OP)

There are very few openings which I have repeatedly listened to hype myself up. Not that all OPs are meant to do this, of course, but of the more upbeat songs I’ve heard, most I just listen to once and for the rest of the show. No Pain, No Gain, however, is not one of those openings. It is an opening that not only has a great instrumental but an extremely powerful female vocalist.

Btooom!, like many of its battle royale contemporaries, has a sense of urgency and desperation in its action. Each of the characters is trying there hardest to survive, and all have a different motivation for what drives them to stay alive, be it selfish or otherwise. In Btooom’s case, that urgency and desperation are further emphasized by the weapons that players use to fight: bombs. Knowing that they could be used at any place and at any time means that the show’s characters are constantly on their toes. Naturally, then, it would make sense for the show’s opening to accurately depict that range of emotions.

And, in fact, Btooom’s opening does this quite well. The extremely rock heavy instrumental makes you feel the pressure of trying to survive while others are out to get you. One of the best parts of the song is during the opening seconds, where the guitar takes up the entirety of the instrumental, and the lead vocalist, Nano, who lends her vocal talents to add to the strained and extremely intense atmosphere.

Nano is definitely a lot of the reason this song works. Her deeper voice adds a level of seriousness that would not necessarily be present had it been performed by another artist. Her lyrics in the song also very much mirror the story of the show’s two main characters, Ryota and Himiko, who was very much thrown into a world they knew nothing about and were forced to fight there way out.

Probably the least impressive part of the opening overall were the lyrics, which definitely rang as a little bland sometimes, but still managed to get the message across well. Overall, definitely worth a watch/listen.

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This Week in Anime: 2-15-18

Oh, boy! Hello again, friends, and welcome back to This Week in Anime. There are definitely some stories worth talking about this week, some that are just overall interesting. With that being said, let’s get into it.

Mangaka Takashi Yoshida Criticizes Publishing Industries Response To Piracy

Scanlation sites that post manga chapters online have become a huge issue for traditional Japanese Publishing companies that generally make their money through the sale of volumes. A declining sales rate of physical manga over the past few years has lead many to believe that these scanlation sites are to blame. Independent Mangaka Takashi Yoshida, however, has a problem with the way that many established publishers are blaming these sites for their declining sales. “I think they shouldn’t crush pirated versions, but as businesses, they should compete to win. Taking legal measures and shutting them down is completely meaningless and counterproductive,” said Yoshida, in an interview with Huffington Post Japan.

Yoshida argues, like others before him, that the way to increase sales is to embrace the modern market. He suggested publishers create more of an online presence and that physical volumes should not be sealed inside plastic wrap, so shoppers can see what they like, and then potentially buy it.

By in large, Yoshida is in the right place, and his criticisms speak to a problem with many Japanese companies: lack of innovation. Japanese businesses have, for the most part, stagnated, and are no longer the economic world players that they once were. Business in the 21st century is going to require 21st-century strategies, including having more of a presence online, where most people already are, as well as a more flexible business model.

Btooom Manga Set to have Two Different Endings


It was reported earlier this week that the popular manga “Btooom” centered around a group captured and forced to fight using grenades on an otherwise deserted island will actually have to different canon endings. Two versions of the latest volume of the manga will ship out soon, one with the “light ending” which will take the story down the friendship arc, and one with the “dark ending” which will culminate into the truth arc. The idea likely came from mangaka Junya Inoue’s background in video game direction.

Having a story outside of video games with multiple endings is actually a really cool idea. It gives the reader the ability to explore more of the potential canon of a story and allows them to basically choose what part of the story they like more. And it is an interesting enough gimmick that it will probably make Inoue some more money.

Square Enix Releases Updates On Kingdom Hearts 3 Progress

Many have been waiting for a proper update on the status of Kingdom Hearts 3 since the release of the trailers detailing the Toy Story world back in July of 2017, and now Square Enix has finally released a few more updates. There are quite a few so you can read them all here for yourself.

I know this isn’t particularly anime related, but I’ve had a bad week and Kingdom Hearts is kind of pissing me off. The thing is, I’m going to play Kingdom Hearts three, no matter what. I know many are tired of the franchises continually stalling and making the canon of the universe much more complicated, and I certainly don’t blame you for giving up on the series if you have, but, for me, I just enjoy them way too much, and It would be really nice if I could just have a definite release date. Until that happens, it is a lot easier to just keep it out of my mind.

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What Else Should You Watch?: Attack on Titan

Despite its major setbacks, Attack on Titan has a lot to like about it. From the epic music to the incredible slugfests between humanity’s last hope, the 3D maneuver gear and the Titans, There is something for everyone. But while we’re waiting on season 3 to start in 2018, you might be craving something similar. Hello everyone, and welcome to What Else Should You Watch, the Post series where I️ take a series and give you recommendations based on that show. Without further ado, here are some things to watch after Attack on Titan.

Tokyo Ghoul

If you’ve been paying even a little attention to popular anime in the last couple years, you’ll have at least heard of this show. Since it’s first episode back in 2014, Tokyo Ghoul became a smash hit among fans, but just in case you haven’t seen it, go watch it.

It stars Kaneki Ken, a university student who finds a cute girl at his local coffee shop and decides to take her on a date. Little does he know, she’s actually a Ghoul, a creature that looks like a human but needs to eat human flesh to survive. Unfortunately, he realizes a little too late and gets attacked by his date. He manages to survive the ordeal, but in the process, he becomes a Ghoul himself.

Like Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul is a seinen action series, and also like Attack on Titan, one with a lot of blood. Between fighting other ghouls and fighting an organization that hunts ghouls, Kaneki and his newfound group of Ghoul allies have to spill a log of blood, and it gets pretty graphic.

This isn’t to say, though, that everything else about the show is bad. On the contrary, it’s quite good, but the gore is certainly one of its main appeals.

Black Bullet

If an ever looming threat of giant creatures coming to murder you and your family is more your speed, then you might want to check out Black Bullet.

Set in the near future, Black Bullet details the lives of private agents who are tasked with eliminating humans who have turned into monsters because of a disease known as “Gastrea.” The last remaining human city in Japan is surrounded by Varanium, the only metal that can repel these monsters. There is also a certain segment of the population known as cursed children. They are called as such because they were born from mothers who were infected while they were in the womb, and because of that have superhuman abilities.

The show, for whatever reason, has flown a bit under the radar, remaining in relative obscurity and not being discussed as much as it probably should. It’s filled to the brim with awesome gunfights and badass little girls. I️ mean, what more could you want?

In all seriousness, though, Black Bullet is worth your time. Its story is an emotional rollercoaster that will have you very confused by its admittedly less than stellar ending. But watch it anyway. Just trust me on this one.


Did you ever play Call of Duty and wonder “How cool would this game be if it were only grenades?” Well, even if you haven’t been in that scenario, you’ll want to check out Btooom!.

Taking the battle royale format to a whole new level, Btooom follows the story of a Pro-Gamer, who is number one at Btooom!, a game where you must kill the opposing team using different types of grenades. One day, this gamer gets dropped off on an island, where he finds out he must play a real-life game of Btooom!

A lot of the entertainment value of this show actually comes in seeing the different types of grenades the characters use, and how each one helps them in a given situation because most of the time they will need to use them. In order to leave this real world Btooom! they must gather seven of the chips that have been implanted in them in order to track their movements. It’s a fustercluck of explosions, murder, and crazy psychotic 12-year-olds.

What do you think of these recommendations? Which of these have you seen, and which ones do you like? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!