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Opening of the Week: Chain by BACK-ON (Air Gear OP)

The other week, I talked about another opening from a band called Back-On. It was the 16th opening known as Strike Back, and it made me remember just how much I love opening songs by this band. As ridiculous as it sounds, they actually have an enjoyable Linkin Park-esc sound. So this week, I’ll be looking at their opening song for the anime Air Gear: Strike Back

If the immediate Linkin Park comparison above didn’t convince you, then let me tell you a little bit about Air Gear. The show centers around Ikki, a teen who wants to ride using Air trecks. One day, while looking through his room, he finds a pair, and begins his riding career. What are Air trecks? Motor powered roller blades.

The street gang, fighting aspect of the show lends itself to a lot of edge, which is very much reflected in the opening music. Kenji03’s vocals on the prechorus are very reminiscent of Linkin Park’s lead vocalist, and Back-On’s MC Teeda also feels a lot like Mike Shinoda.

Overall, the song is extremely catchy and fun. The Japanese lyrics don’t really inhibit the fun to be had with the song, especially with it’s slower, more powerful build-up.

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