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Aniwriter Update #17: College Preparations

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Well, I forgot to post this when it was supposed to be posted, but to be fair, I haven’t had much going on, nor has there been a whole lot of interest on the The Aniwriter as of late. Still, I’ll go ahead and let you all know what has been going on.

Preparing for College

There has definitely been a not insignificant amount of work for getting into college, between filling out my FAFSA, setting up my account with the college, and registering for orientation so that I can even sign up for classes, but so far everything has been going relatively smoothly.

I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to talk about transferring colleges with a few co-workers who are also going to the same college. All of us are actually going to the same orientation together, so that should be pretty fun.

The Winter 2019 Anime Season

As with most seasons I tend not to bother with most of the shows and really try and focus on the shows that grab my attention. For Winter, there were three shows that have did just that: The Promised Neverland, Dororo, and Kaguya-Sama: Love is War. The Promised Neverland turned out to be as good as thought it was going to. Dororo, at least as much as I have seen of it, became a source of restored faith in studio MAPPA, proving they once again that they can make some great stuff. As for Kaguya-Sama, the show has been a pleasant surprise that I am excited to have started.

I plan on having some kind of post discussing each of these shows out hopefully fairly soon.

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Dororo Episode One Reaction

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

As I talked about in my most anticipated anime of winter 2019 list, as soon as I looked up the history of Dororo, I was immediately interested in it. The story of a kid who lost most of his body parts because his dad made a deal with Demons, and now he goes around slaying said demons in order to get those body parts back. So, how did Dororo turn out?

Well, for the most part pretty well. The story centers around Daigo, a prominent government official who makes a deal with Demons and tells them that they can have anything that they want in exchange for power. The Demons then decided to take the body parts of his newly born son, at which point Daigo decides to get rid of his son against the will of his mother, and so he is sent down the river by one of his aids. Sixteen years later and Dororo, a child thief meets up with Hyakkimaru, a mysterious man who looks barely human.

One thing that the show does really well right off the bat is its animation. Sure, its nothing incredible, but it definitely looks above average, especially the fight scene near the end. Most of this can be attributed to studio MAPPA, who regularly has fairly high production value.

Now, if that felt like a fairly generic compliment, its because it was. To tell you the truth, I don’t have any unique opinions on the show’s first episode because overall, while it was definitely good, there was nothing that stood out as unique one way or the other.

One minor complaint I have about the show personally is that it feels odd that it is titled Dororo when what seems like the obvious focus of the show is Hyakkimaru. This may just be ignorance because I don’t know a ton about where the story goes from here, but it still seems like an odd choice.

Again, I don’t have to much of a unique opinion on this show, so I’ll spare you a long-winded post, but I do think that it has an interesting premise and I will definitely be keeping up with it to see where it goes from here.

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Top Five Most Anticipated Anime of Winter 2019

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

With what was honestly one of the best anime seasons to happen in a while now behind, it is time once again to look forward to a new season. This is not to say that the upcoming season has nothing to offer. Far from it, in fact. With new seasons for older shows and some exciting new releases, here are my top five most anticipated shows of winter 2019

5. The Rising of the Shield Hero

It is not a new piece of anime criticism to say that the Isekai genre, for the many pieces of legitimately fantastic art it has spawned, has become incredibly stale. Still, though, I find myself drawn to, and even excited for, The Rising of the Shield Hero. Part of this is attributed to the absurd amount of praise that was given to the light novels, which I still have not read. However, another part of me just attributes my anticipation toward the staff working on it. The director, Takao Abo, has done episode direction for a number of other shows, including Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage, Eureka Seven, and Made in Abyss. So, hopefully, something great comes out of this.

4. Dororo

I would be lying if I said that there were not times when the main thing to draw me towards a new anime was the studio producing it, and this just so happens to be one of those times. Studio MAPPA has created a lot of great shows, including one of my favorites Terror in Resonance. The subject matter of Dororo does seem interesting, though. Hyakkimaru and Dororo must travel the countryside looking for the demons who hold his missing body parts after Hyakkimaru’s father sold them away for power. I definitely see a lot of potential in the show, so I hope it turns out well.

3. Revisions

Mecha anime are almost never my go to, and a lot of the time I usually just ignore them. However, Revisions seems like it could be a legitimately interesting anime. I like the premise of the entirety of Shibuya getting transported into the future, and having to work with the people who are living in the future in order to save the world. The one other thing that does bother me is that it looks like the animation will be largely CGI, but if the show’s quality is high then I do not think it will be that big of a deal.

2. The Promised Neverland

I’ve been curious about The Promised Neverland for a while now, especially since the summer when someone I met at Anime Midwest recommended the show a lot. In fact, she said it was one of her favorite manga series that she had read in a while. The premise of the story is incredibly interesting, focusing on a group of orphans who learn about the true nature of why it is they are there in the first place. My only concern is how well the said premise will be executed. However, considering that Studio Cloverworks, who are currently finishing up what is probably one of my favorite shows in a while, Bunny Girl Senpai, I am not too worried about it.

1. Kakegurui Season 2

It might seem a little unfair to put a second season at the top of my most anticipated list, but it is the truth. Kakegurui’s first season was a show that I went into, as I do most shows, with little in expectations. I mean, a show about gambling in which the loser receives a punishment? It sounded a lot like a much edgier Yu-Gi-Oh. It turned out, however, that the show was incredibly high in quality. It did become somewhat boring in that the stakes of the show’s bets ended up becoming absolutely meaningless, but what kept me interested was the reaction of the show’s main character Yumeko. I am excited to see just how the show will change it up and how the main conflict will resolve.

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