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Opening of the Week: Strike Back by BACK-ON (Fairytail OP 16)

Fairytail is a show that people have criticized for many different reasons. Whether it be its lackluster story or its cast of one-note characters, virtually everything about Fairytail people have described as mediocre. One thing the show has going for it though is its wonderful collection of intro songs, and today I’ll be looking at another one: Strike Back by Back-On. The

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This Week in Anime: Isao Takahata Passes, New Fairytail Manga, and More

With the Flying Colors Foundation drama officially over, after they announced last week that they would be closing operations, it is finally time to get back to covering more of the important stories of the week concerning anime. With that being said, let’s get started. Studio Ghibli Co-Founder Takahata Dies at 82 It was reported on April 5th that Studio

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The Onion (Anime Edition): Hiro Mashima Describes His Worst Nightmare: Natsu

The ending of Hiro Mashima’s famous manga Fairytail is not lost on him. In a recent interview with some random panelist at a Convention, the mangaka described one of his walking nightmares, and how it affects him every day. ” Every night since the manga has ended, I’ve dreamt of Natsu fighting outside my house, and then suddenly breaking through

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