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Things are Getting Weirder: Blood on the Tracks Volume Two

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If the premise of a mom killing one attempting murder on one of her nephews while simultaneously traumatizing her only son wasn’t enough, oh golly gee does this next part have a nice little surprise.

Volume 2 largely focuses on the aftermath of the first’s climax, resolving the dramatic moment only to then simultaneously build on another dramatic moment. This collection of chapters also delves somewhat into the developing, or rather complications with, Seiichi’s relationship with his crush. Despite seeing her true colors, our main character is still inclined to trust his mom, with all the problems that may bring.

Ok, But Why Though?

Definitely a question better suited for someone with a degree in childcare or developmental psychology. However, in the context of the story at hand, there does seem to be a more obvious answer.

In seeing the heinous act committed by his mom, he has now developed two distinct images of his mom. These two images, one a loving mother and the other a horrible murderer, are strictly at odds with each other. In other words, Seiichi simply cannot process what has happened despite witnessing it with his own eyes, in no uncertain terms.

Oshimi utilizes this clash of ideas in our protagonist’s mind to its utmost power, often showing him paralyzed in fear under the watchful eye of this new motherly persona.

Great Facial Expressions

The author also continues to employ a frankly scary range of facial expressions in his characters. In fact, this volume arguably does more to display this insane talent than the first.

This makes sense however, since the aforementioned first volume climax left Seiichi with a lot of emotions to express. Confusion, anger, regret, doubt: all of it is there in full force. All of it, however, with a sense of things being still worse yet to come.

Of course, Seiko contributes to this as well, though it often is not the expressions themselves that hint at her inner workings. Rather, her lack of a clear facial expression, hidden through clever paneling cutoffs and shadowing in the dark halls of the hospital, makes her all the more terrifying.

Love is in the Air?

In more ways than one, it would seem.

Normally, getting a love letter from your crush should be a dream come true. However, while Seiichi is still processing the emotions from the previous days, he is not really in a state too accept or deny Fukiishi’s feelings.

After refusing to visit Shigeru in the hospital again, Fukiishi visits Seiichi while his parents are out. Clearly this is not the right time. However, after forgetting something at the house, Seiko walks in her giving a note to her crush. Fukiishi then leaves hurriedly, leaving mom and son alone.

What comes next is maybe the strangest scene in the series thus far, where Seiko takes the letter and forces the two to not only read it together, but then tells Seiichi he is not allowed to love her, and tears it up with him while the two lay down on the bed. The preceding images of his face torn up into pieces of paper symbolizes his investment in the note and his continued confusion surrounding his feelings towards Seiko.


There is a lot I could unpack when it comes to that ending, but I think I will save that for a bigger post at the eventual conclusion of the series. For now, it will be interesting to see where the story goes. Personally, it seems as though much of focus will be on this continuing clash of his mom’s personalities in Seiichi’s mind.

How do you feel about Blood on the Tracks? Let me know in the comments. Also, for those who missed the introductory post for this series do check that out.

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