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30 Day Anime Challenge Two: Day 28

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It is day 28 of the second 30 Day Anime Challenge

#28: Anime You Wouldn’t Mind Having Remade

“Future Diary” is a pretty universally known anime in the same way as “Fullmetal Alchemist” was before “Brotherhood.” While its true that “FMA” was re-adapted for different reasons, it would be interesting to see nonetheless. Specifically, I would be interested to see how they modernize the show, in relation to its characters and story line.

What anime would you like to be remade? Let me know in the comments.

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Opening of the Week: Kusou Mesorogiri by Yousei Tekoku(Future Diary OP 1)

As I’ve talked about before, and as many others have pointed out, in order for an opening to really land it should, generally speaking, match tones with the show that comes after it. A comedy show with an opening made for a horror anime would not really work unless the horror was part of the joke. It is safe to say, though, that Mirai Nikki’s first opening is one that most certainly fits the show it is attached to. For this week’s opening of the week: Kusou Mesorogiri by Yousei Tekoku.

Much of the show, broadly speaking, could be described as dark, although that is not necessarily the best descriptor, nor the most useful. Future Diary is a show about a kid who finds himself caught in a game to become god. The rules are simple: be the last one standing. Each of the 12 players is given a “diary” that allows them to tell what events are going to happen three days in the future, and must use this diary to help them survive.

A plot description like that would certainly warrant something a bit more fast-paced and aggressive, and Kusou Mesorogiri delivers on that front. The music starts out slow, almost as if to lawl viewers into a false sense of security, only to then transform into a high-tempo rock song with classical backing. The band responsible for the music, Yousei Tekoku, is well known for their mixing of electronic, rock, and classical music, and it really helps to highlight the themes of the show.

The visualsĀ also instill a sense of dread. One of the show’s leads, Yuno Gasai, is featured prominently throughout the opening, symbolizing her ever-looming presence in most of the main character’s life. On the last part of the opening, Yuno is seen killing what looks to be herself, possibly symbolizing her need to kill her on sanity in order to survive.

The opening is actually one of my personal favorites, and for good reason. It blends a lot of the elements that make the show good together and incorporatesĀ those elements in the music and the visuals. While I might not be able to fully endorse the show to everyone, I can most certainly do so for the opening.

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