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I Drink and Watch Anime’s Blogwarming party

Hello everyone,

So Irina from I drink and Watch Anime has decided to spread loveliness and to something awesome: helping out anime bloggers. 

Admittedly, I haven’t talked to as many people from the community as I should, so I guess this is also kind of a selfish post as well.

Anyway, Irina is going to spotlighting the posts she gets submitted and have them featured on her page, and all you have to is submit. Her current qualifications are that you be a newer blog, i.e. 2 months or less, and small, i.e 50 followers or less. 

The reason I mentioned this was a somewhat selfish post is because I would really like to meet new people and see great stuff. I know my writing isn’t exactly consistent or anywhere close to quality, and I’m curious about the talent that I have yet to see!

Here is the link to Irina’s post if you guys are interested, and be sure to spread the news.