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Aniwriter Update #14: Becoming a *Serious* Author and Trying to Stay Focused

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

Well, I did say I was going to be busy, lol. Anyway, I already said it on Twitter, but I wanted to apologize again for the lack of content. Being unorganized and unfocused has been hitting me pretty hard lately, and I am finally at that point in the semester where I have actual work to do, like writing a research paper about tax policy in Intro to Poli Sci. So, you know, the fun stuff.


Anyway, here is the update:

Writing a Book

So, yeah, part of the reason I’ve not been posting is because I have tried to dedicate a bit of time to working on a book idea I had about a week ago. As of right now, I am still in the beginning/planning stages and have yet to actually start any writing. This is because I want to do a bit more research before I do so. The story is going to revolve around a young boy named Alexadrium whose home country’s government is overthrown in a coup attempt and must resettle in a new country, only to be treated like human garbage once arriving. I would talk about it more, but I don’t actually have many names for things written down, so once that is done I’ll get back to you.

Finishing Kingdom Hearts 3

Well, Kingdom Hearts 3 happened, and it was pretty good. I’ll admit, though, there were some things that I was disappointed with though. For a game that is supposed to be the finale of the original trilogy, it felt a little light on content overall, and even some of the content that we did get, like the Frozen world, just came across as boring. I also thought there were far too many mini-games and trials mixed in with the gameplay in place of actual fights, but that is just me. Even with those complaints though, it was fun. Of course, being the first main series game on PS4, it looked absolutely amazing. The soundtrack is an area that Kingdom Hearts games have always been good out, although aside from the opening and ending songs, “Face My Fears” and “Don’t Think Twice,” none of the tracks in the main game stood out to me in particular. Of course, the story is what had me the most excited, especially the ending. No spoilers, just for anyone who has yet to beat it, but man am I looking forward to what comes next for the series.

Sleeping Problems are Awful

I honestly still have no idea why, but it has been incredibly hard for me to go to sleep sometimes. Maybe its the food I eat right before bed, or the large amount of Caffeine, I don’t know. Even on the nights that I don’t do that stuff, I still ending up lying in my bed for hours trying to go to sleep. The worst part about it is that it affects my ability to do anything productive. Hopefully, I can get over it soon, or maybe never. Guess I’ll find out.

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Aniwriter Update #13: Kingdom Hearts and School

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

Another two weeks have gone by and, well, even with school back in session and still being busy at work, not a lot has actually happened over the past two weeks, especially not for the blog. But, let us get into what has happened anyway.

Kingdom Hearts 3

If you have checked any social media platform recently, you will know that the Kingdom Hearts 3 craze is in full effect, so much so that I wrote a joke article about it earlier this week, and I have not been an exception to that rule. I got my copy at a prerelease the day before it came out, and Its been consuming most of my free time. Its been really enjoyable, and the writing, for as weird and complicated of a series as Kingdom Hearts is, has actually been pretty good, especially considering the number of loose ends the series has had to tie up. Definitely a satisfying game.

A Quick Note for the Coming Year

I don’t know if I have ever actually explicitly said this before, but as of right now I am taking classes at my local community college while also working part-time. Starting in the fall of this year I will be moving up to University so that I can finally start on getting my degree, which at this point is probably going to be English, although that could change. It’s hard to say how busy I am going to be when I finally get there, and I honestly don’t know how much that will affect my ability to post. This won’t be for a while now, but just something I thought was worth mentioning.

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Release of Kingdom Hearts 3 Causes Massive, World Wide Sigh of Relief

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Release of Kingdom Hearts 3 Causes Massive, World Wide Sigh of Relief

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

In an event that most people never thought possible, the popular game series Kingdom Hearts released its third main installment. Realizing that the game actually physically exists, many of its fans got together at multiple places around the world to sigh all at once.

Source: Nycgo.com

The events were not organized at all. In fact, most of them happened between groups of fans that just happened to be standing around in various places where they live. One such event happened in New York City, where thousands of Kingdom Hearts fans were seemingly drawn to Times Square in order to let a huge sigh of relief.

Elliot Smith was one such participant in the event in New York City, and when asked about the event, he said “It was weird. Everyone was just standing there, breathing in and out, but somehow it just felt right.” Jamie Stanford, who was at an event in Tampa, Florida, echoed a similar statement, saying “I really don’t know why any of us did it, but man did it feel good.”

Many of those same fans have happily abandoned all real-world responsibilities in order to play the game. One man, who wished not to be identified said. “I’ll play this game even if it kills me.”

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Top Five Things to Look Forward to in 2019

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

Alright, I am not going to beat around the bush: 2018 was slow and painful. Maybe its just because I am at the age where I have a consistent job and so everything feels a lot slower because of that, but honestly, that’s not all there is to it. Emotional, politically and cultural it was tough. I lost a lot of friends and family, either through them passing away or just not being able to talk to them as much. I try to keep politics off of this blog as much as possible but it was an absolute dumpster fire when it came to U.S. politics this year. We also had a lot of unfortunate deaths this year, from people like Stan Lee to geniuses like Stephen Hawking. Overall, the year sucked. But as time mandates, the year will soon pass us by and into 2019 we will head. However, there are a lot of things, both anime and non-anime related that I am looking forward to in 2019. So, here are my top five things to look forward to in 2019.

5. Haikyuu! Season 4

Coming in at number five is something that I did not even realize was happening until a few days ago when I happened to stumble across an article on twitter: Haikyuu Season four. The show’s third season left it on a huge cliffhanger that made many fans wondering if a fourth season was even planned, but luckily fans will not have to wait to long, as the fourth season is planned for Fall of 2019.

Haikyuu was one of the first sports anime that I genuinely enjoyed watching. Volleyball is a sport that just seems much more interesting to watch because of how dynamic it can be in a matter of seconds, and most of the time Haikyuu manages to portray that extremely well.

4. Smite

Yeah, sorry League fans, I just have not had the chance to get into it yet, but I will try it at some point. Smite has been one of my favorite past times for about two years now, and it always relaxes me when I can just Que up into a ranked game and have some fun.

The developers at Hi-Rez have already made a few announcements about what the next version of the game, called season six, will look like, including new gods and changes to the main map. All of it has me pretty excited, and I can’t wait to see what they decide to do with game going forward.

3. Hearthstone

Much like Smite, Hearthstone is a game that I have a lot of fun within the time that I have been playing it. Getting involved in the Meta and trying to perfect my decklists are what keep me coming back. The newest expansion, Rastakan’s Rumble, has also added a lot of interesting mechanics and to the format. If I had to complain about one thing, its that Hunter is dominating the format pretty hard, and it is not super fun to have to go up against the same class and the same three decks 50 percent of the time, but other than that I eagerly await to see what will come.

2. Kingdom Hearts 3

It is finally here, the game that a lot of people, including myself, have been waiting a long time for. There are plenty of people, both outside the Kingdom Hearts fan base and within it, that will tell you that the series has a lot of problems, and chances are that a lot of those criticisms are correct. The series’ plotline has way too many characters, the story has become an absolute absurdity, and the number side games that are necessary to make it somewhat coherent only bolster both of these problems.

However, despite all of these problems, the series has still provided as lot of fun. Even if the series final installment ends up being complete garbage, I still feel good knowing the series will finally come to an end.

and now, finally…

1. The Aniwriter

Logo for The Aniwriter

Honestly, it would be a total lie to put anything else in the number one spot. Blogging has been a lot of fun for me, but more than that it has become a home for me, a passion. Here, I can do and say what I want without censorship. I have the creative freedom to write what I feel about any topic I choose.

So yeah, the thing I look forward to in 2019 is doing more of what I love, which is writing on this blog.

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This Week in Anime: Kingdom Hearts 3, The Anime Dormitory, and More…

There is definitely a lot to cover this week. B: The Begining, one of Netflix’s flagship projects for its mission to bring more anime to its platform, has been confirmed for a second season, Kingdom Hearts 3 now has an official release date, and a new project is being launched by “The Animator Supporters.” Lets get started.

New Anime

Here this week’s announcements for new animated projects

“B: The Beginning” Receives Second Season

Source: Goboiano.com

At the Annecy International Festival of Animated film this year, Netflix excited many fans by announcing a follow-up to one of their most popular exclusive titles: “B: The Beginning. According to Netflix, the second season will supposedly be released “soon,” presumably in 2018.

The show’s first season was released in 2017 as part of Netflix’s attempt to have more exclusive anime titles on their platform. The story follows Keith Flick, a detective that has been recently assigned to investigate a double-murder, which is suspected to be part of the work of a dangerous serial killer. Joined by Koku, Keith works to bring the serial killer to justice.

“As Miss Beelzebub Likes” Gets TV Anime

As Miss Beelzebub Likes
Source: MyAnimeList.com

Have you ever wondered what meeting Beelzebub would be like? Well, you can find out in the new series animated by Liden Films. The latest issue of Square Enix’s Shonen Monthly GanGan announced that the series would be receiving a full TV anime in October of this year.

The Story centers around Murin, who finally gets his dream job of being able to serve the demon king Beelzebub. However, when he finally gets the chance to meet his new boss, Murin find himself a little disappointed.

Non-Profit Group “The Animator Supporters” Launches New Campaign to Give Animators the Profits

2018 Animator Dormitory Project.jpg
Source: GoGetFunding.com

In their newest effort to help struggling Animators living in Japan, a non-profit group known as “The Animator Supporters” has launched a new campaign that will help animators make an anime on their own. According to the group’s GoGetFunding page, the reason that they decided to launch the project is because of the current system of anime leaving many aspiring animators in poverty. “The next stage is, to create a new anime-making system in which profits made by the sales of anime actually return to animators. One of the biggest reasons why animators’ salaries are so low is the current anime-making system.”

“The Animator Supporters” are conducting the project with a group of animators that they had previously participated in a different project known as “The Animator Dormitory.” That project helped raise money for animators looking for housing in Tokyo, where housing costs are high, and where most of the major animation studios, including fan favorites like Production I.G., A-1 Pictures, and Madhouse, are located. According to the group, “The Animator Dormitory” is expected to house about 35 animators by the end of the year.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gets Official Release Date

During the slew of exciting announcments that came out of E3 this year, one stood out as being particularly long-anticipated. After years of waiting since its first announcement at E3 in 2015, Kingdom Hearts 3 has received an official release date. It is has been confirmed by the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account that the game will be released on January 29th, 2019.

Article Shout-Outs

Time to call some attention to things I enjoyed reading this week.

A Highly Anticipated Viewing of Hyouka

In an Article on Crunchyroll New, Joshua Stevens wrote about his first time watching Hyouka. It was a very well written piece, and Stevens made a lot of interesting comparisons, especially between Hyouka and another KyoAni show, Chunnibyo. You should definitely check it out.

Blogging Inspirations

LitaKino of LitaKinoAnimeCorner wrote about why Sailor Jupiter is her blog’s mascot. It is a fun read, even if you are not familiar with her content. Everyone loves a good origin story, right? Either way, it is enjoyable.

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This Week in Anime: 2-15-18

Oh, boy! Hello again, friends, and welcome back to This Week in Anime. There are definitely some stories worth talking about this week, some that are just overall interesting. With that being said, let’s get into it.

Mangaka Takashi Yoshida Criticizes Publishing Industries Response To Piracy

Scanlation sites that post manga chapters online have become a huge issue for traditional Japanese Publishing companies that generally make their money through the sale of volumes. A declining sales rate of physical manga over the past few years has lead many to believe that these scanlation sites are to blame. Independent Mangaka Takashi Yoshida, however, has a problem with the way that many established publishers are blaming these sites for their declining sales. “I think they shouldn’t crush pirated versions, but as businesses, they should compete to win. Taking legal measures and shutting them down is completely meaningless and counterproductive,” said Yoshida, in an interview with Huffington Post Japan.

Yoshida argues, like others before him, that the way to increase sales is to embrace the modern market. He suggested publishers create more of an online presence and that physical volumes should not be sealed inside plastic wrap, so shoppers can see what they like, and then potentially buy it.

By in large, Yoshida is in the right place, and his criticisms speak to a problem with many Japanese companies: lack of innovation. Japanese businesses have, for the most part, stagnated, and are no longer the economic world players that they once were. Business in the 21st century is going to require 21st-century strategies, including having more of a presence online, where most people already are, as well as a more flexible business model.

Btooom Manga Set to have Two Different Endings


It was reported earlier this week that the popular manga “Btooom” centered around a group captured and forced to fight using grenades on an otherwise deserted island will actually have to different canon endings. Two versions of the latest volume of the manga will ship out soon, one with the “light ending” which will take the story down the friendship arc, and one with the “dark ending” which will culminate into the truth arc. The idea likely came from mangaka Junya Inoue’s background in video game direction.

Having a story outside of video games with multiple endings is actually a really cool idea. It gives the reader the ability to explore more of the potential canon of a story and allows them to basically choose what part of the story they like more. And it is an interesting enough gimmick that it will probably make Inoue some more money.

Square Enix Releases Updates On Kingdom Hearts 3 Progress

Many have been waiting for a proper update on the status of Kingdom Hearts 3 since the release of the trailers detailing the Toy Story world back in July of 2017, and now Square Enix has finally released a few more updates. There are quite a few so you can read them all here for yourself.

I know this isn’t particularly anime related, but I’ve had a bad week and Kingdom Hearts is kind of pissing me off. The thing is, I’m going to play Kingdom Hearts three, no matter what. I know many are tired of the franchises continually stalling and making the canon of the universe much more complicated, and I certainly don’t blame you for giving up on the series if you have, but, for me, I just enjoy them way too much, and It would be really nice if I could just have a definite release date. Until that happens, it is a lot easier to just keep it out of my mind.

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