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Opening of the Week: Winding Road by Man with a Mission (Golden Kamuy OP)

Ever since the first time hearing Log Horizon’s OP Database, I have absolutely been in love with Man with a Mission. Not only does the group have an awesome Rap/Rock combination, but they make use of their lead singers voices and puts them in the best possible place for the song their singing. At this point, every time I see them listed on an anime’s opening, I pretty much guaranteed to watch it. Not to mention that most of the show’s that their songs are attached to I really like, and Golden Kamuy is no different so far. Today we’ll be talking about their newest offering, Winding Road.

Most of the songs that Man with a Mission to are super fast-paced and often have some kind of an awesome drop when the chorus comes in. Winding Road, however, is a fair bit different than some of the stuff I’ve covered from them before. The music is much more reflective of the show its attached to than in other songs.

The song opens at a much slower pace than is typical for Man with a Mission, after which it keeps this slow pace for the song. The lyrics have a much more reflective look, mirroring the characters that are the focus of the show, as they talk about having “one last desire” and a dark past they need to deal with. This makes sense because, in Sugimoto’s case, the need to find money and help his late friend’s wife helps him cross paths with Asirpa, who looks to avenge her father’s death.

The music also lives up to its title, as the long drawn out build up of the music mirrors the feeling of a stretched out journey, be it literal or figurative. Normally the guitars are more intense, but the whole song feels much more stripped back and atmospheric.

The OP’s visuals also do a good job at giving us a sense of where the characters came from. In the beginning of the OP, Sugimoto is walking next to a river, telling us about how after he left the army he went to the river to pan for gold, and Asirpa is shown hunting in the woods, where we first meet her in the show.

If you are expecting the typical fair for Man with a mission, then you will probably be thoroughly surprised. Winding Road is a bit different, but it a good way. You should definitely check it out.

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Opening of the Week: My Hero by Man with a Mission (Inuyashiki)

For the second installment of this series, I thought It would be good to continue shouting out awesome openings from this season’s givings. This week, we’ll be looking at a band who has been one of my favorites after discovering them: Man with a Mission, and their song Hero, from the show Inuyashiki.

If you recognize this band from somewhere else, then your not just seeing things. They have had music in other anime openings like Log Horizon and The Seven Deadly Sins, as well as in a number of live-action movies, including the recent Mad Max.

My Hero isn’t exactly distinct from the band’s usual style, but their mix of Hard Rock and Rap done mostly in English is still infectious and gets me headbanging every time. The song with opens with an awesome drum solo and then slowly builds to an guitar drop as the rest of the band joins in.

Jean-ken Johnny has some good bars, and the lead vocalist Tokyo Tanaka has a voice that I can only describe as pleasing to the ear. The band as a whole is good, and they definitely bring their A game for this opening.

What do you guys think of this opening? let me know in the comments.