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Carole and Tuesday Episode One Reaction

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Alright, so mini-rant before I talk about the show. I’ve avoided talking about some of the seasonal shows because they have been picked up by Netflix, and have not had an opportunity to watch them. This is because, as an American, I don’t have access to any of their anime simulcasts, which, tbh, is really annoying, and I still have not a modicum of an idea as to why they don’t do this. Point being, I didn’t want to have to pirate anything so I just didn’t watch them. But, at this point, since Netflix has just decided to not to give me or anyone else in America, I just found another way. I still will not promote pirating myself and don’t agree with it, but in this case I don’t blame anyone who does. Anyway, onto the show.

Music in anime is often something that gets explored solely through idol shows like Love Live or Uta no Prince Sama, or otherwise serves as a more cohesive aesthetic like in Samurai Champloo. However, Carole and Tuesday seems to be taking a much different approach to its musical based story.

Set in the future on Mars, where most music is produced by big companies and AI, the show follows two main girls. Tuesday is an upper class girl who’s parents forbid her from playing music, and who, because of this, decides to run away. Meanwhile, in the city of Alba, Carole spends her days trying to find steady work in order to eek out a living in the big city. The two cross paths when Tuesday hears Carole humming and playing her piano on a bridge. The two run away from a cop and meet back at Carole’s place, vowing to take on the world and make music together.

If there is one thing I have learned about the anime industry over the course of my talking about it, it is to trust in the quality of a Watanabe, and Carole and Tuesday certainly does not disappoint. The show’s opening episode brought a lot of things to the table.

The first thing it brings is its excellent animation and color pallet. The city of Alba specifically is colored in a way that makes it exactly as Carole describes it, “a city where nobodies come to be somebodies.” In that way it is very much like the New York City of Mars, serving as a beacon of hope for the tired and distraught. The character designs for both of the main characters are also incredibly cool, especially in the way that they both reflect the characters backgrounds. Tuesday, coming from a more privileged background, wears a fancier dress, while Carole, having nothing to her name other than her keyboard and her pet, wears a simple pear of overalls.

There is also the character of Angela, who seems to serve a contrast, and who seems to be a potential rival to the girls in the future. Angela is a model who is looking to break into the music business, and who does so with the help of Mr. T, a heavy-hitter in the mars music business, who tells Angela that most of the successful musicians in recent history have been AI.

Definitely the most notable scene in the first episode was when Carole and Tuesday started playing music together, at first messily, but then slowly coming together and making a beautiful song.

Overall, it was a great first episode and I definitely excited to see what the rest of the series brings.

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Re:Creators Episode 1 Reaction

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After talking about shows that I was really anticipating watching, I decided to finally get around to watching said shows. I’ve already finished The Great Passage, so the next show on my list is Re:Creators, and after watching the first episode, I have to say I am very intrigued.

Screenshot 2018-09-11 15.04.37.png

For those who don’t know, the show’s premise revolves around a modern-day Japan in which one day, characters from different works of fiction including manga and anime start to come to life. At the center of this ordeal is Sota, a young boy who wishes to become an artist himself. But one day, after trying to watch an episode of “Elemental Symphony of VogelChavalier,” he finds that the show’s main character has been transported to his world.

The show’s premise is already super interesting, but so far its execution has been even more stellar. The show’s main villain, who so far has yet to be introduced, is probably the most interesting out of everything. It is established that while Selesia, the main character of Elemental Symphony, has no idea why she is in another world, to begin with, the main villain seems to have all the answers.

Screenshot 2018-09-11 15.03.41.png

Also thought her referring to the real world as “the land of the gods” was interesting as well, because, for Selesia and the other characters, it is true. Because they are fictionally being with stories being told purely for human entertainment, they are just people’s creations, and so in a fairly literal sense, the people who create the stories they appear in are gods.

The show’s music is also a selling point that I have previously mentioned a lot, and it did not disappoint. Not only was the music itself phenomenal, but its timing in relation to the story was impeccable, and created an atmosphere that fit the narrative theme of the show fairly well.

Overall, I am extremely excited to continue watching the series, which I will still probably be doing by the time you read this post.

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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 6: The Anime I Am Waiting To See

Hello, Anifriends

For today’s 30 Day Anime Challenge, I’ll be talking about an anime I have not seen but I really want to.


There are a lot of contenders for this category, especially since there is so much from past seasons that I just have not had the time to watch. One contender ultimately stood out though, among the massive ocean of things that I have been anticipating.

That show would be: Re:Creators


Most of what I know about this show has come from people who have heaped almost exclusively praise on top of it. While I am sure there are flaws with it, as has been pointed out by many, I just cannot help but be fascinated with the idea of anime and video game characters coming to life for a battle royale. Sure, battle royale anime are a bit overdone at this point, but the themes that seem to be present in the story make it a very compelling show.

Another reason I want to watch it though is because of the soundtrack. Like, my god is Hiroyuki Sawano good at making music. I remember a solid week of listening to the soundtrack of this show non-stop after I first hird it, without having seen the show. I still actively listen to the both the OPs and Jam out whenever them come on a playlist. Now that I think about it, I might end up doing an Opening of the Week post about them before I even see the show. Guess I should hurry up on that.

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Inuyashiki Manga Ch. 1 Reaction: So Far, So Good

After having seen the first episode of this season’s adaptation of Inuyashiki and thinking to myself “hey, that’s pretty good,” and also having seen Gigguk’s Video I decided to check out. I wasn’t really sure what to expect in terms of how different it would be to the anime, but it was not disappointing at all.

The first chapter covers about the first half, give or take, of the first episode of the anime, and for those who don’t know the story, here ya go:

Ichiro Inuyashiki is a fifty-eight-year-old salary man who is moving into a new home with his family. However, it would be false to say that his is good. His family, including his neice, nephew, and wife all pay little attention to him and often take him for granted. He discovers after a doctor’s visit that he has an incurable cancer, and gives up on life. One day, while in the park with his dog, he gets killed by an alien ship. He awakes the next day to find that he has become a machine.

And this is all just in the first chapter.

It is fascinating though to see the difference between the Manga and the anime. The anime alludes to the fact that his family doesn’t care about Ichiro on multiple occasions throughout the first episode, but the manga gives it that extra bit of kick that gets the point across that much more.

One example of this is in the pages below:

Screenshot 2017-11-13

This panel comes immediately after Ichiro and his son walk past a man getting robbed in the street. Ichiro tries to muster up the courage to call up the police, but his son tells him that he doesn’t expect Ichiro to be a hero and that they are a “family of hobits,” implying that they are always fearful of the world around him.

All in all, a good intro to what is likely going to be a good manga. The art in the manga, while not as detailed drawing wise as I have seen in others, still offers a sense of realism that ironically gets me more involved in the story, one about a man looking for a new lease on life and getting in a way he never thought possible. Check it out for yourself if you haven’t.

What do you guys think about Inuyashiki? Have you read the manga? Seen any of the anime? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for Reading, Friendos!



Opening of the Week: My Hero by Man with a Mission (Inuyashiki)

For the second installment of this series, I thought It would be good to continue shouting out awesome openings from this season’s givings. This week, we’ll be looking at a band who has been one of my favorites after discovering them: Man with a Mission, and their song Hero, from the show Inuyashiki.

If you recognize this band from somewhere else, then your not just seeing things. They have had music in other anime openings like Log Horizon and The Seven Deadly Sins, as well as in a number of live-action movies, including the recent Mad Max.

My Hero isn’t exactly distinct from the band’s usual style, but their mix of Hard Rock and Rap done mostly in English is still infectious and gets me headbanging every time. The song with opens with an awesome drum solo and then slowly builds to an guitar drop as the rest of the band joins in.

Jean-ken Johnny has some good bars, and the lead vocalist Tokyo Tanaka has a voice that I can only describe as pleasing to the ear. The band as a whole is good, and they definitely bring their A game for this opening.

What do you guys think of this opening? let me know in the comments.




First Impressions: Sound! Euphonium: My Favorite Character is Tuba-Kun

If nothing else, a show like sound euphonium is good for the inclusion of classical music in the soundtrack. Of course, that’s not the only good thing about the first three episodes, but its musical basis is certainly the most prominent feature of the show.

Sound! Euphonium focuses on a first year in high school named Kumiko. Kumiko chooses to go to her new high school to start fresh and to escape her old life, including her having played in concert band. She quickly changes her mind; however, when her newfound friends Hazuki and Kawashima decide that they are going to play in Kitauji High’s Concert Band, and she goes along with them. Kumiko is also reminded of her past when Kousaka, a girl that went to her middle school and played with her in band, also join the high school band.

After finishing a couple episodes of this show, I immediately drew comparisons with Your Lie in April, which aired a few seasons before this show. Certainly, Your Lie in April overshadowed this show a lot, as there really wasn’t a whole lot of discussion around Sound! Euphonium after it finished airing, but that isn’t because this is a bad show. Far from it.

Whereas Your Lie in April focused much more heavily on romance, so far, aside from the hinting at a possible relationship between Kumiko and Kousaka, the show mostly seems to be focusing on the band and its newfound drive to win the national competition, something that the two were never able to achieve in middle school.

And it seems like the show definitely wants to keep the focus on music. Much of what we know about the main and supporting characters so far is directly tied to their affiliation with band. Hazuki said that she was doing tennis before and that she wanted to try something different, and Kawashima was playing the contrabass at an all-girls academy. Kumiko has been playing the Euphonium ever since the 4th grade because of her sister, who seems somewhat distant towards Kumiko based on the first few episodes. I suspect something will happen with that later on.

It is, of course, important for a show focusing on music to have a good soundtrack, and in that regard the show does ok. The opening and ending are both j-pop infused with brass instruments and are pretty catchy, and the soundtrack so far has a calm, but determined atmosphere, much like the show.

I don’t have to say much about the animation and art style because this Kyoto animation and anything they touch looks like it was blessed by the gods and given to mortal men as a reward for their admiration.

I am very excited to watch this show because there are already a lot of good places it could go. I honestly wouldn’t mind if Kumiko x Kousaka became a thing, and it would be very interesting to explore the relationship Kumiko has with her sister. I’m already excited that it got a season two.