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What I’m (Probably) Watching for Fall 2022

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I know, I know, it is a bit early to be talking about fall, but honestly, I had nothing planned for this week other than maybe talking about Revolutionary Girl Utena, but might as well save that until a bit more progress is made.

While I am still mostly excited for this season, part of me is also not. Most of this is to do with the fact that I am graduating this semester which has brought with it another set of problems, but also because I was hoping to find something a bit more under the radar this season, but that does not seem to be the case. With that being said, though, here is what I am probably watching for fall 2022.

Chainsaw Man

I think it would be a mistake for anyone, including myself to miss out on what could potentially be one of the better adaptations in recentl history. It is clear based on the names attached to the series and the absolutely gorgeous trailers that Chainsaw Man has the potential. The question now is whether those working on the series can follow through.

Mappa has often been a source of inconsistency when it comes to the quality of shows they put out, but their recent offerings, including Jujutsu Kaisen and the latest season of Attack on Titan have inspired a lot of confidence. If Chainsaw Man is even a fraction as good as those series, than their will definitely be something worth looking forward to.

Spy x Family Part 2

Me, watching the other most popular show of the season, whaaaaaat? Listen, can you really blame me for wanting to finish one of the most consistently entertaining series to come out in the last few years? Spy x Family not only has a killler premise and great characters, but consistently executed on them for all of its first part. There is not really much else to say other than that I look forward to another amazing bit of this show.


Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Bleach will always have a special place in my heart as one of the first anime I watched that I truly recognized as anime. It, and Fullmetal Alchemist, were also the first anime series recommended to me by a close friend. However, as the years have gone on my interest in seeing Bleach continued slowly decreased, not because my opinion of it changed significantly, but rather because some many other blips have popped up on my metaphorically radar that I could kind of live without it. Still, I am happy to see the series get the resolution it rightfully deserves. Also, I know this is a pretty big arc, so chances are if I do not watch it now it will be gone from my mind forever.

My Hero Academia Season 6

I know people like to project the incredibly strange fandom onto the actually quality of this show a lot, but it honestly remains a pretty enjoyable series. Certainly not the best thing since sliced bread, but good enough that I would be disappointed if it did not conclude, especially after season five. The stakes in My Hero have always been relatively high, but scale of the fights has larger and more interesting, and even the league of villains has turned out to be much more than stereotypically evil people doing evil things.

Now would be the part where I talk about Golden Kamuy season four and how most of what I am watching this season is just sequels, except that the chances of me actually finishing the series in time to watch season four are pretty low. It sucks, too, because Golden Kamuy is one of those shows that feels like it does not get enough attention for how good it is, but unfortunately I just do not have the time to do all of that while also covering the other stuff I want to.

So yeah, that is what I am (probably) watching for the upcoming season. There is always the chance I pick up one thing or drop something on this list, but we will just have to see.

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The Observation Deck: My Hero Academia Season Five

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You thought it was someone who posts consistently? It was actually me, DIO!

Anyway, outdated references aside, hope you all have been well while I’m away. At least, as well as anyone can be doing right now. Regardless, I finally got the chance to catch up on some anime over the weekend and it was, first and foremost, at very much needed relaxer for myself. College is hard, especially when the productivity sirens are constantly blaring in your head despite having zero energy to actually accomplish anything. What I have managed to accomplish is finishing season five of “My Hero Academia,” and I want to talk about it.

What is Peace?

One of my favorite video essays on YouTube is actually about “My Hero Academia,” and given how the last season has played out, with its refocus on the League of Villains and Meta Liberation Army, it feels worthwhile to talk about. Pause and Select’s “Boku no Hero Academia and Peace” discusses how All Might, serving as the symbol of peace, not only upholds society on a day to day level, but himself serves as a goal, or what he describes as a metanarrative, around which people build there worldviews. This metanarrative of peace, rather than any particular ideology, serves as the object of Shigaraki’s, as well as many other villain’s, hatred.

It becomes that much more obvious then, as he explains, that peace could be a stand in for a number of things: justice, preservation, etc. The important thing is that their is a metanarrative to stand for or against, rather than what that metanarrative is exactly. What struck me as most interesting while re-watching it is that contrast, that villains are defined not by an ideology per se, but by their opposition to peace. This has become even more true after the last arc, where Shigaraki has not only powered up his quirk, but has undergone a sort of transformation.

This transformation, which occurred during his fight with Re-Destro, had him realize that his vision for society was non-existent, and that he does not need a future because the present is all that matters. What really matters for Shigaraki, symbolized by his evolving quirk, is destruction. This arc not only had some deep ideological implications for the villains, but also characterized them in a way that was both incredibly dramatic and deeply humanizing. Twice’s backstory, in particular, was a testament to the idea that the villains in this series are often a product of environment rather than a representative of some inherent evil.

Meta Liberation

Speaking of not being inherently evil, the meta liberation army was another important part of the season’s narrative. A group that is initially presented as “just another villain group” turns out to be a rather unique allegory for the real world.

The series spends a fair amount of time discussing the era in which having a “quirk,” was not only not normal, but actively despised by the majority. This lead to many people with quirks being attacked by those without. A man named Destro eventually rose up to help those with quirks be allowed to freely use them. The movement ultimately became violent, and was squashed by the government at the time, but many still held onto their beliefs.

It is interesting how this group is cast in the villain role and, again, I think they are treated to some dynamic characterization. Still, despite being fairly sympathetic in their quest to give equality to those with quirks, they are still ultimately thwarted by the League of Villains, who forces them to come together under one umbrella. The final fight between Shigaraki and Re-Destro was somehow fairly slow paced but also incredibly exciting, as the devolution of Shigaraki’s character lent the fight to a build-up of anticipation and stakes.


Oh Wait, This is About High School Kids

It would not be “My Hero” without the band of dorks that 15-year-old cosplayers love to dress up as (no disrespect though, just really funny that there are so many).

Seeing as how most of the cast was not the major focus of the season, it makes sense they would not get as much screen time. Even so, the initial team matches are a great way to show off the character’s skill development between the previous season and now. Shinsou was a a great highlight in this regard, as his appearance in season two left a lot to be desired. But, his participation in the hero matches and evolution as a hero under Aizawa’s teaching was a great addition to the season.

There is also a lot to be said of Deku, Bakugou, and especially Shouto’s development during the season as well. Finding out that Deku had access to the quirks of all his successors, the first one being “Black Whip” was hype., to say the least. The explosion of that power during the initial team battles felt like a serious awakening in him, with Deku realizing that beating Shigaraki and One for All would mean unlocking all of these powers and controlling them successfully.

The story of Shouto’ s relationship with his father has always been a rather complex one. This has become even more evident over the last season, as Endeavor now feels regret for his actions, but is also unable to connect with Shouto, or the rest of his family, in a serious way. While Shouto seems to be approaching a place of forgiveness, Natsu is not. On top of that, it is hard to imagine that his wife will want anything to do with Endeavor given how he treated her in the past. The initial comparisons of Shouto’s character to Zuko of “Avatar,” while done jokingly, seem fairly apt given his development.

Solid Animation, as Usual

The problem with talking about the animation of “My Hero Academia” is that there is not that much I can say that has not already been said by me or others. While it is not bad, it is also not particularly exciting in any way. The main exception of this is, of course, the beautiful moments of Sakuga that the series is well known for. Though there were not as many in this season as in previous ones, some shout outs do have to have to go out to Iida and Shouto during their match, and to the already discussed Shigaraki and Re-Destro fight.


Though I do not know if it reaches the same heights that season two did for me, season five was certainly a welcome change of pace that introduced a number of new storylines while also developing some previously established ones in a big way. With “My Hero” being the big series that it is, it would be easy for a studio like Bones to cut corners, but luckily they have continued to put their effort into this series and it shows. Those who are at all a fan of the series should continue on to season five.

How do you all feel about “My Hero Academia?” Let me know in the comments below.

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What I’ll Be Watching – Summer 2021 Anime Season

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Managing productivity? What’s that? I only make videos at 9 in the morning after staying up the whole night.

The summer anime season is fast approaching us, and since I somehow managed to find the motivation to do the thing I have been saying I was going to do for a while, I decided to make a video as opposed to the normal post. Will this be a regular thing for the blog now? maybe. Do I have any control over my own creative processes and motivation levels? no.

What are you watching next season? Let me know in the comments below.

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This Week in Anime: A Certain Magical Index, My Hero Academia, and More…

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There has been a lot of exciting news, from new trailers to movie updates, a lot of high profile people and IPs are making returns, and it is exciting, to say the least. With that being said, let’s get started.

New Anime

A list of some of the new series that have been announced recently

One Punch Man Season 2 Gets New Trailer, Reveals New Villain

On Sunday, Viz Media revealed that the next season of the fan favorite anime One-Punch Man will be airing in April of 2019. Along with that information, Viz also released a trailer that gave a few details about the upcoming season. One of those details was the name of the next season’s main villain, Garou.

Talk about the show’s next season had already been going even before this trailer due to the announcement that J.C. Staff would be replacing Madhouse as the studio producing the show. It is worth pointing out though that many of the staff that worked on the original series were freelance, and many of the staff are returning to work on the show’s second season.

One-Punch Man centers around Saitama, a man who trains so hard that he becomes stronger than everyone else, and uses his power to become a hero. However, because of this, he finds his work as a hero to be boring. No matter what he does, he can’t find someone who won’t lose with one punch.

“Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemy Knights” Trailer Revealed

A new trailer for the upcoming series “Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemy Knights” was released last week. The trailer depicts the shows two main leads, Jeanne and Montmorency, and their relationship. The trailer also shows some of the shows side characters, and what appears to be Jeanne going insane after the two kiss.

The series has been scheduled to be released on October 5th and will air as part of the Fall 2018 anime season. It is being adapted from the light novel work of author Mikage Kasuga and Illustrator Tomari Meron, the story of which revolves around Montmorency. He wants to be an Alchemy Knight, and being the son of a nobleman allows him to do just that. However, after the beginning of the Hundred Years War, the school shuts down and Montmorency is forced to leave. On his journey out of the country, he runs into a mysterious girl named Jeanne.

Funimation Releases Dubbed Trailer for “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes”

Yesterday, Funimation released an English trailer for the My Hero Academia movie entitled “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.” The trailer features the show’s main cast, including the students from 1-A, as well as the movie’s featured characters, those being Melissa Shield, David Shield, and Wolfram. The English voice actors for the main series will be reprising their roles, but joining the cast will be Erica Mendez as Mellisa, Ray Chase as David and Keith Silverstein as Wolfram.

The story of the movie takes place after the events of the second season before class 1-A is sent to the summer training camp. The group is invited to I-Island, a moving fortress that boasts the world leading researchers on Quirks and Hero Items. However, while the group is there, a group of villains breaches the Islands security system and traps everyone. It’s up to Deku and All-Might to save the day.

“MIRAI” Heads to U.S. Theatres on November 30th


It was announced this week by GKIDS that the latest film to be directed by fan-favorite Mamoru Hosoda titled “Mirai” will be coming to U.S. Theatres on November 30th. There are plans to show both dubbed and subtitled versions of the series in theatres where it is being played. GKIDs has recently been bringing many anime films to the west, including 2016’s break out hit “Your Name” and Studio Shaft’s “Fireworks” earlier this year.

The story of Mirai focuses on Kun, a four-year-old whose family has recently been blessed with their baby Mirai, whose name means future. One day, after running off into his family’s garden, Kun meets Mirai, but from the future, and a teenager. The two travel through time and discover their family’s rich history.

With Comiket 94 Comes a New Trailer for “A Certain Magical Index”

This week has had a lot of awesome trailers, and one, in particular, has fans extra excited: The one for “A Certain Magical Index.” At Comiket 94, a new trailer for the show’s third season showed both the returning cast, as well as some of the newer characters that will be appearing in season 3. The previous cast will be returning in the new series, which will be debuting on October 5th.

The show’s story centers around Toma, a student living in Academy City, where many espers come to learn how to use their powers. Toma believes he has no powers to speak of. One day, a nun finds him and claims to have photographic knowledge of important magical texts kept inside her brain. Toma then vows to protect her.

Article Shout-outs

Here are some awesome articles from other bloggers and around the web.

Ninja isn’t Streaming with Women?

Megan Farokhmanesh of The Verge wrote an opinion piece about the recent debacle with popular streamer Ninja and his decision to not stream with females in fear of online harassment. I know this isn’t anime related, but it is certainly an important story to talk about, and I think she has a great take on it. Definitely give it a read.

Watamote – Anime vs Manga

Cactus Matt of Anime Q and A did a fantastic comparison of the Watamote Manga and its Anime counterpart. I’m sure it will be contentious for some, but I think the reasoning behind his conclusion is solid. Check it out.

What is Quality Content

Chris from Peach’s Almanac wrote a more reflective piece on his ability to write as well as what even defines good content in the first place. Something I’ve spent a long time thinking about as well, and tbh, I don’t think I could have put it as well as him. Give it a read, for sure.

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This Week in Anime: My Hero Academia, Overlord, and More…

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I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things and get back on a consistent schedule, but that has been a bit difficult, mostly due to my own laziness. However, even though this is coming out a little late again, I do plan on getting back to giving you your weekly dose of anime news on Thursday once again. Apologies again for the inconsistency, and I hope you all will continue reading. Now, without further ado, here we go.

New Releases

Here are some of the new anime that will be coming out in the future.

“Karakuri Circus” Gets Anime This Fall

From the mangaka of Ushio to Tora, Karakuri circus will be taking center stage this Fall season. It was announced this week that Kazuhiro Fujita’s second work after Ushio to Tora will be getting an anime adaptation. The show will reportedly have 36 episodes and will be animated by Studio VOLN, who also produced the anime version of Ushio to Tora.

The story follows a young boy who wants to be a puppeteer. However, is life gets crazy after strange people start targeting him. He eventually inherits 18 Billion Yen from his dad and then runs into some people who agree to protect him.

Kyoto Animation Announces “20th Century Electricity Catalog” Anime

In a tweet from their Esma Bunko Editorial Department, Kyo-Ani announced their newest anime project: “20th Century Electricity Catalog.” The show will be a bit of new territory for the studio, as it will be their first ever historical fiction series. The story will be based on the novel by Hiro Yuki, who won an honorable mention at the company’s Kyoto Animation Awards.

The story is set during 1907 in Fushima, where Inako and her father, a famous brewer, live a very traditional life. One day, while visiting a shine, Inako meets Kihachi, a boy who is the polar opposite of traditional. When it comes time for Inako to get married, all she can think about is Kihachi, and just before her arranged marriage, Kihachi comes to rescue Inako and take her away.

“Overlord” Gets New RPG Game

Overlord RPG

In a new release using the RPG Maker software, “Overlord” now has a new game out. The game focuses Ainz and Nabe and their quest to get to Adamantine class adventurers. The game is currently available on Windows, MAC, and online browsers, and, as of writing this article, has two playable parts with more available in the future. The RPG Maker software has also been used to make other games such as Angels of Death, which has anime adaptation that is currently airing in the Summer 2018 season.

Article Shoutouts

Some weekly shoutouts for cool articles and awesome blogger friends.

My Hero Academia and Western Comics

Jennifer Hackett, a staff writer for Crunchyroll, wrote about the difference between My Hero Academia and western superhero comics. In her piece, she explains how fundamentally different the view on identity is between the west and MHA, and how that affects the stories. A fascinating read, to be sure. Check it out.

Butterfly Soup?

I’ve always loved reading articles from The Afictionado, largely because, as someone who is not in anyway apart of the LGBTQ community, her articles focusing on pop culture and LGBTQ representation are always insightful. Her review of the visual novel Butterfly soup is no different. For only being four hours long, she manages to go very in-depth about the game without giving away much in plot. Even if you’re not interested in the game, I would highly recommend reading her thoughts.

March Comes in Like a Lion and Mentors

Lastly, I had to share an OWLS post from a fellow member and unofficial member of the March Comes in Like a Lion Fanclub, Karandi. Karandi’s piece on the various mentor-like figures in March Comes in Like a Lion is very insightful, and I would highly recommend checking it out.

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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 9: The Best Anime Villain

Hello, Anifriends

For day nine, I’ll be talking about who I think is the best anime Villain.


I really did not have to think about this long before I came to a decision. This character was easily one of my favorites of last year, and something tells me that his influence will have a large effect on the story of the show he comes from.

The best anime villain for me is Stain from My Hero Academia.


I know a lot of people are still mad that My Hero Academia won so many of last’s year’s categories for the Crunchyroll anime awards, but best villain is one that I actually think it deserved.

Stain is a character who has a specific ideology. He does not just kill for killing sake, like the rest of the league of villains, but believes that by killing heroes he can make the world a better place, because heroes only save people in order to make money and to gain popularity, and to some extent, he’s right.

We see in the world building of My Hero Academia that there are people who only become heroes for self-gain, and who use their powers for selfish goals. This is why stain idolizes All Might, and why he saves Deku right before he dies. Stain believes that the only people who are truly deserving of the title hero are those who sacrifice themselves without a profit motive.

Of course, agreeing with someone’s assessment of the world does not mean you necessarily agree with the methods with which they go about solving said problem, and that’s what makes Stain such a great villain. You understand what he believes even if you don’t agree with his actions.

Who is do you think is the best anime villain? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support the Aniwriter through donations or are just feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!

Opening of the Week: Odd Future by Uverworld(My Hero Academia OP 4)

For as much as My Hero Academia’s first episode was disappointing, its fourth, and presumably, first, of the third season, opening was absolutely worth the wait. I think many like myself were wondering just how good the third opening was going to be. Trying to follow up on the show’s first three OPs would an undertaking for anyone, but luckily frequent anime opening contributors Uverworld were able to deliver some great material.

I’ll admit, the first time I heard Odd Future I was somewhat underwhelmed. The music did not seem to meet the level of hype that you would expect to what is presumably going to an extremely important season for the series’ story. However, after every listen now I find more and more to like about the music.

I think my favorite part is the combination of acoustic guitar and electronic production behind the band. The acoustic guitar allows it to build, and then the drop of the electronic production allows for a satisfying conclusion to the music. Another great part of the music lies in the lead vocalist, Takuya. While generally speaking I would agree that autotune is annoying, I would actually say that the parts that do have it on his voice only add to the intensity of the song, fitting the mold of the electronic production.

Unfortunately, the visuals this time around this time around do not really add a lot to the opening. A lot them are there simply to fill space, and the ones that do have some significance are mainly just their as foreshadowing for later on.

Overall, the opening is much more worth listening to than watching. The music is just as hype as the others with its fast pace acoustic guitar and electronic production, but the visuals really are not up to par, as well animated as they may be. Definitely, check it out.

What do you guys think of My Hero Academia’s newest OP? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support the Aniwriter through donations or are just feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 1 Reaction

The long-awaited return of My Hero Academia has now been brought to fans, and with it, a metric ton of hype. So, how does the first episode shape up?

Well, I think I can understand what they were going for and why they did the first episode the way they did. First, general plot. All of the heroes of class 1-A meet at the pool at the suggestion of Mineta and Kaminari. While at the pool, the members train both individually and against each other.

Screenshot 2018-04-08 03.08.30.png

Overall, it seems more like an episode designed to get fans hyped up about the action to come, as it is likely the story of the episode won’t have any story relevance moving forward. A lot of the episode is also filled with flashbacks and scenes from the first and second season that took up a lot of time. This was probably so they could save on animation for the first week.

But as for the actual episode, It was ok. The real reason Kaminari and Mineta wanted to go to the pool in the first place was to check out their female classroom, a plan that failed basically as soon as they got there. A pretty generic anime reason for the basis of an episode.

As cheesy as the flashbacks were, they did at least get me a little hype. For as much as the story has progressed so far, it was cool to see Midoriya still watching the video of All-Might saving a bunch of people from episode one. Not to mention that the way he reacts to it really shows how much he has grown as a character, as the look on his face is no longer eager anticipation but rather calm preparedness.

Overall, definitely not the best episode, but certainly not the worst. If you really wanted to, you could probably skip it.

What do you guys think of the first episode of season three? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support the Aniwriter through donations or are just feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!

What I’m (Probably) Watching in Spring 2018 and Why

Having not actually talked about, or even kept up with much from Winter 2018, aside from A Place Further Than the Universe, which is wonderful, I decided that it was totally appropriate to talk about what’s airing next season. Spring 2018 is definitely one of the more packed seasons in a while. Not necessarily because of the number of shows, but because of the number of high profile shows that are airing. It’s a good thing too because there is a lot here that I am excited to see return.

Steins;Gate Zero

This show absolutely came out of left field, at least for me. The last thing that I had heard about Steins;Gate as a series was the sequel movie that apparently messed up the ending of the original series. So, when I heard about this, I was a bit skeptical, to say the least.

However, based on what I’ve read, and what looks to be the focus of the show, that being an alternate timeline where Okabe gives up on trying to save Kirisu, I am convinced that the show has potential. Hopefully, this goes well.

My Hero Academia Season 3

I am not sure I really have to justify this. The show’s second season brought My Hero Academia into its own, showing just how much potential the show has to tell a good superhero story. Also, I know that There were a lot of categories that My Hero Academia one that they did not deserve to win, but Stain absolutely was the best Villain. He brought with his character not just a question of who is evil, but what is evil, and questioned the status quo of Hero society.

Super excited to see how it plays out.

Tokyo Ghoul:re

Fun Fact: Tokyo Ghoul (The Original) is one of the only manga I’ve read, along with a few other obscure ones like MAR and a little bit of Air Gear, as well as my favorite Arakawa Under the Bridge. After watching and for the most part enjoying the ending of Tokyo Ghoul, I was fairly surprised to find out that there was going to be a sequel series to the original.

It looks like, based on the setup, that there is going to be a lot of room for awesome action scenes and for some interesting developments with Sasaki and his forgotten Identity.

Food Wars Season 4

To Be Honest, The last two seasons of Food Wars were not as good as the first. Nowhere near, in fact, but I still have a lot of fun with it. It makes good use of the premise it has set up, and even with the focus away from the actual food, and more on the battles for saving the school, there is certainly a lot of enjoyment to be had.

My only hope is that it does not go full shonen stupid and people do not just magically obtain ingredients they did not have at the beginning of the fight.

Golden Kamuy

The first original series on this list, Golden Kamuy really peaked my interest as I was researching for this post. It’s setting in Post World War 2 Japan already was pulling me in, but the premise of a rush for Gold while fighting others who have the same goal just convinced me, especially since the two main characters look like one of the most awesome teams I have ever seen. I think this is definitely something to get excited about.


I don’t know what to say about Hinamatsuri other than “I am intrigued.” It just looks like a boatload of fun.

It is possible that it becomes just a bunch of repeating jokes that are not funny and a couple of main characters who do not even work that well on their own, let alone together. However, I am willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt, at least for a few episodes.

If I find out something else this season is really good, I might pick it up, but I do not want to overload my schedule with more than I can handle.

How do you guys feel about the upcoming season? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!




Opening of the Week: The Day by PornoGraffitti(My Hero Academia OP 1)

Other than it’s impressive action scenes and title as one of Shonen’s rising stars, My Hero Academia has become fairly notable through its OPs, albeit mostly through memes. Many of these memes have featured fights between the second opening “Peace Sign,” which I have covered in this series, and “Sora no Utaeba,” the shows third opening. However, the one were covering today is the show’s first opening “The Day” by PornoGraffitti.

If you’ve read this series before, you know that I am a big fan of Rock in Openings. The fast pace and impactful sound of Rock makes a great backing to the usual action-packed visuals of Shonen openings. The Day is no exception, bringing an awesome rock ballad to sit behind a visually sufficient opening.

The great music can be attributed to PornoGraffitti, a band which has been active since 1994. They have contributed a fair amount of music to the anime world, including an opening for Bleach and one for Magi: Magic of the Labyrinth. While not necessarily unique in their J-Rock sound, Their lead singer Akihito Okano does have a kind of attention-grabbing presence behind the mike.

Overall, while not having the best visuals, the music more than makes up for it. This is definitely some of PornoGraffitti’s best work, and it feels like an opening that many will end up coming back to.

What do you guys think of The Day? Love it? Hate it? Let me know the comments below. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!