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Final Thoughts: Don’t Mess With Me, Nagatoro!

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It feels weird to admit that I sat at my desk for almost an hour before actually starting to write this review, not because I was nervous about it, but rather because it felt like there was almost nothing to say about it. Normally, when I start writing about a series, I at least have an idea of what to say and just formulate the review around those ideas. However, this time around, it felt like there was almost nothing to talk about.

Like, really, what is there to say about “Don’t Mess With Me, Nagatoro,” a series so obviously created with little to interest in storytelling or good character development, and was almost certainly created as overpriced troll in an attempt to retain a certain audience of hysterical culture war defenders who are much more in line with the owning the libs types than anything else? Now, this is not to say everyone who watched and enjoyed the show did so for that reason, but it is to say that people of a certain variety are much more likely to have enjoyed it.


I realize that last paragraph may come off as unnecessarily inflammatory, and it probably is. So, is there anything worth saying about the series, positive or negative?

Well, if there is one thing worth praising about the series, it might actually be Nagatoro’s friends. For as one note and lackluster as the comedy is overall, dumb, dumber, and dumbest actually did have a fair number of good moments. Not only that, their comedic timing was just off-kilter enough to get a couple of legit laughs out of me.

As for negatives, well…it all just feels kind of lazy. From the reusing of animations from the series in the show’s opening to the constant overuse of jokes throughout the series. Again, I might have more good will towards the show if it did not feel like the most obvious bait in the world.

Overall, man I just do not care. There are so many other anime that could better occupy your time, do not spend it watching this nothing of a series.

How do you guys feel about “Nagatoro?” Let me know in the comments below.

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