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Fairytail Final Season Episode One Reaction

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I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Fairytail will, forever and always, have a place in my heart. The show has been with me since I figured out what anime actually was. In fact, the first time I started watching the show, I went through 37 episodes in one sitting. Sure, I didn’t get any sleep that night, but I enjoyed myself, nonetheless. 

Erza staring into the sky

With that being said, as I have grown more and more over the years and my tastes have changed drastically, I have noticed quite a few of the flaws that are riddled throughout the show. Whether it is the repetitive character designs that Hiro Mashima uses for nearly all of his characters or the painfully generic villains that seem to come through in every arc, with the exception of a few, Fairytail often embodies the worst of generic shonen action traits. As such, my expectations for the show have gradually lowered over time in order to still get so enjoyment out of the show. 

Despite what I said in the last paragraph, the final season’s first episode did actually entertain me quite a bit. Maybe it is just the fact that the show has been off the air for a while, but it does make me happy seeing the characters that basically defined my childhood back on screen. Sure, Natsu and Lucy’s characters have never been much more complex than an idiot who blows things up and attractive female lead, but that does not mean they do not have their moments. 

I do also appreciate the story of the arc they are in right now, where the guild has disbanded after their insane battle with Tartaros, and now Natsu and Lucy are trying to get the guild back together. The concept behind it is not exactly the most original, but there are still enough interesting supporting characters in Fairytail that I am curious where they all ended up.  

The music, which has always been one of my favorite elements of the show, was also pretty good for the first episode, especially the opening and ending. Overall, it was a fun first episode, and I hope the show has some good storytelling for its last season.


30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 15: My Favorite Animal Sidekick

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For a lot of anime, the main characters usually have some kind of sidekick. Most of the time they show up in Shonen or Magical Girl anime, and are usually just there as a mascot. Today, I’ll be talking about my favorite animal sidekick.


This is another one that did not really take much thought at all. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely a lot of fun animal sidekicks out there, but the one I prefer the most is Happy from Fairytail.


There is a lot to like about happy. Sure, he can get annoying sometimes, but he is also really funny and a great addition to the main cast. He constantly keeps Natsu in check, makes fun of Grey and Lucy, and always knows just how to get on Erza’s nerves.

He also has a pretty good arc of the story focused on himself, specifically when it comes to his existence as an exceed. It wasn’t the best part of the show by far, but it was an interesting bit of world building that allowed Happy to grow as a character in a way he otherwise would not have.

He’s honestly not even one of the best characters in Fairytail, but still an enjoyable presence none the less.

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The Onion (Anime Edition): Hiro Mashima Describes His Worst Nightmare: Natsu

The ending of Hiro Mashima’s famous manga Fairytail is not lost on him. In a recent interview with some random panelist at a Convention, the mangaka described one of his walking nightmares, and how it affects him every day.

” Every night since the manga has ended, I’ve dreamt of Natsu fighting outside my house, and then suddenly breaking through the walls,” he explained, “and that I would have to keep paying for my house to be repaired.” ” It’s rare nowadays that I ever get a good night of sleep,” he further explained.

Mashima was also asked whether or not any of his other characters appeared in his dreams. “oh, yes. Many.” he said. “Most of the time Natsu is fighting Erza, and then gray will come in without a shirt, and then sometimes without pants. No matter what I do and take, I can’t seem to get the dream to go away. I just want to be done with it.”

Shortly after the interview, Mashima sent out a press release saying “I would like to let everyone know that at the moment, I am doing ok. Even though my characters are haunting me in my dreams, my overall mental health has remained well, and I will be fully committed to working on my next project.” Many, though, are still worried about whether or not Gray will continue to be shirtless in Mashima’s dream, and the scarring damage that Natsu will continue to do to Mashima’s house.

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