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Opening of the Week: Strike Back by BACK-ON (Fairytail OP 16)

Fairytail is a show that people have criticized for many different reasons. Whether it be its lackluster story or its cast of one-note characters, virtually everything about Fairytail people have described as mediocre. One thing the show has going for it though is its wonderful collection of intro songs, and today I’ll be looking at another one: Strike Back by Back-On. The

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Opening of the Week: Shout by Hiroyuki Sawano(Re:Creators Opening 2)

I’ve already covered Re:Creators first opening, so if you want to see that you can check it out here. For its second opening, though, I wanted to cover it because it has a lot of similarities to the first, as well as some differences. For this week’s Opening of the Week: Shout Note: this is not the actual version, but this

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Opening of the Week: Odd Future by Uverworld(My Hero Academia OP 4)

For as much as My Hero Academia’s first episode was disappointing, its fourth, and presumably, first, of the third season, opening was absolutely worth the wait. I think many like myself were wondering just how good the third opening was going to be. Trying to follow up on the show’s first three OPs would an undertaking for anyone, but luckily

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Opening of the Week: The Girls Are Alright by Saya(A Place Further Than The Universe OP)

A Place Further Than The Universe has been slowly becoming one of my favorite shows of the Year, even though its only been one season. It has a lot of charm, the characters are all likable, and the message it sends about following your own path in life is something that really resonates with me. Its opening has a similar

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Opening of the Week: The Day by PornoGraffitti(My Hero Academia OP 1)

Other than it’s impressive action scenes and title as one of Shonen’s rising stars, My Hero Academia has become fairly notable through its OPs, albeit mostly through memes. Many of these memes have featured fights between the second opening “Peace Sign,” which I have covered in this series, and “Sora no Utaeba,” the shows third opening. However, the one were

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