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Top 5 Games I Want to Try Now That I have a Gaming PC

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…uuuuuuuuuuuuggggghhh. Sorry, its been hard to muster up any kind of energy given the last week. Whether it be current events and the country slowly falling into fascism or always having 20 assignments due, lets just say its not been particularly motivating. However, one bright spot did occur over the weekend: I was able to get my first ever PC. Despite not actually building it myself (shout out to my friend Jeremy who is also a Team Fight Tactics and variety twitch streamer), aside from plugging in wires and downloading software, I’m still incredibly happy about finally having one. Now that I do have a PC, I have begun to think about all of the games I want to play. So here is a quick list of my most anticipated games now that I have one.


Its hard to say that I haven’t felt at least a little behind or even left out because I have been playing on console for so long. Granted, many PC gamers have made others feel bad about their preferred gaming setup, but it still felt bad knowing their were certain games I just did not have access to, and games like “Valorant” are why I felt that way. Not only does it have a sleek and interesting design, its game play, aside from just being similar to “CS:GO,” looks incredibly fun and rewarding, and definitely something I want to get my hands on.

League of Legends

Alright, listen, I can explain. Remember how I just said that I felt bad about missing out on trends? Well, “League” is kind of like the trend that never dies, at least not yet anyway. Despite the fact that I have been playing Smite for well over 4 years now, I still have wanted to the game for the sole fact that it seems to draw a lot of attention and, at least when played with similarly skilled people, appears to be a lot of fun.


Persona 4 Golden

It is almost crazy to think about just how much fun I have already had with the “Persona” series solely through its most recent entry. “Persona 5” has already cemented itself as one of my favorite games of all time, and I think it would be a miss to not check at the series older entries. From my experience playing “Smash Ultimate,” the game has a wonderfully vibrant soundtrack, and even though I do find myself being a bit biased because of what games look like now, it still has a fairly impressive set of graphics.

Rivals of Aether

The next two games on this list are games that I actually have already played, but would like to experience on a better graphics card than what my laptop can provide. As for “Rivals of Aether,” I have always enjoyed its faster, more adaptive game-play, relative to other platform fighters. However, the game never looked quite right playing on a laptop, and it was always hard to play with multiple people because of having a smaller screen. Now, thought, it should be a much more comfortable experience.


Like I mentioned before, I have had a long and storied history with “Smite,” a lot of it bad, but most of it good. As with “Rivals of Aether,” the game just never felt quite right on a non-gaming focused laptop, with the hundreds of stutters and disconnects, so I never really bothered trying accept on PS4. I definitely prefer “Smite” conceptually to a lot of other MOBAs because of the third party view, and now I hope I can experience a slightly more competitive version of it.

What games have you all been playing, and what should I add to this list in the future? Let me know in the comments below.

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