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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 2: Favorite Anime I’ve Watched So Far

Hello,¬†Anifriends Welcome back to the second day of the thirty-day anime challenge on The Aniwriter. For the second day, I’ll be focusing on my favorite so far. Before I tell you that, though, I should first explain my philosophy¬†behind calling something my favorite and calling it the best, because, generally speaking, I think they’re two completely different things. Calling something

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Opening of the Week: Now or Never by nano.(Phi Brain: Puzzle of God OP 2)

While I probably wouldn’t be able to defend Phi Brain as a masterpiece, One thing about it I can defend is its music. A mix of hard rock, Latin and electronica, the musical experience from Phi Brain is one you likely won’t get anywhere else. The same can definitely be said for Phi Brain’s three openings, the second of which

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