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Tell Me What Death is Like

Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to The Aniwriter So, a lot of my poems are somewhat spontaneous. Usually, I’ll think of a central idea, and sort of just go from there. This one, however, was inspired by a song called “I’m Sorry” by Joyner Lucas. Its a great, […]


Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to The Aniwriter. For this post, I wrote a poem focusing on the similarities in tragedy and comedy. Enjoy! I think one thing can be considered at least partially true is the link between Tragedy and Comedy. Whether we like it or not, […]

The Comet

Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to The Aniwriter. Today, a poem titled “The Comet.” Enjoy! The night sky shines beautifully. The moon glimmers and brings light to the dark. But, while the stars clash, blasting their light at one another, somebody else arrives. Like a dance through cluttered […]

Across Universes

There is a prominent idea in science that states that universe is actually made up of multiple universes. Each new universe we create is filled with the decisions we did or did not, will and will not make. Every new universe means there is always a new what […]