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Spy x Family’s First Half is Done, and I Have Some Thoughts

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The spring 2022 anime season is, by the time this gets released, likely finished with most of its major shows. However, Spy x Family, the break-out star of the season, is only done with its first half. Presumably, this is to give the staff a bit of a break before they continue this coming October. Still, since it is the end of the season, I figure now would be as good a time as ever to organize my thoughts as well as list my hopes for the second half.

For those who missed the spring season darling, Spy x Family is about Twilight, a spy for the Westalia government who has recently been given an important mission: to take down a prominent political figure of the neighboring Ostania. In order to do this, he must infiltrate one of the country’s most influential schools by disguising himself as normal family man Loid Forger, living together with his “wife” Yor Forger, and his adopted daughter Anya Forger, both of whom do not know about his Spy occupation.

I will start by saying that Mangaka Tatsuya Endou is a genius. While I am not familiar at all with their other works, the idea behind Spy x Family is honestly the perfect example of simple but effective storytelling. The series draws on some prominent historical parallels in the era of McCarthyism and the Cold War. However, alongside its narrative about taking down radical governments and what it means to be a family, the series manages to sprinkle in a lot of humor.

The focus of that humor, though, tends to be Anya, who has, more or less, become the show’s unofficial mascot. Anya is also hiding a secret of her own: she has the ability to read other people’s minds. This power gives her the dynamic of knowing both the secret of Loid and Yor while also having the two of them not know about her, which tends to be the focus of the more comedic moments.


Speaking of Yor, her secret is a little more…violent. When she is not taking care of Anya or at her day job, Yor works as an Assassin, killing basically whoever she is told to. Apart from having the aesthetic appeal, Yor’s character works because of her budding relationship with Anya, which often leaves her conflicted about her work as a killer.

The same can be said of Twilight, who admits near the beginning of the show that his adoption of Anya has made him less sharp than he would be normally. His occupation necessarily keeps him in and out of various identities, to the point that he has never had the ability to start a family of his own. This is a really compelling point, and it makes it to where there is a continual reason to keep watching even outside of the show’s episodic antics.

Outside of the show’s fantastic characters and narrative, it also just looks incredible. It is clear that there is a lot of attention to detail, from the bustling city backgrounds to the quick moments of action and combat which appear in most episodes. Spy x Family has more love and care put into its most stable moments than some series do at their most animated. *cough cough Seven Deadly Sins cough cough*

The soundtrack also manages to nail the fusion between classic sounds of the 50s and spy movie thrillers. While I would probably have a hard time picking out a favorite track, I can say at least that I do enjoy all of the music that has appeared in the series so far. The opening in particular does a great job at combining these sounds while also giving it a cute, poppier aesthetic that just kinda works.

The anime feels almost flawlessly executed at this point. Every plot point is falling in line and everyone has a role to play. My one wish going forward actually concerns Yor. For as often as she is on one screen, I do not know that the series has properly gotten at the heart of her character. What’s more, her relationship with her brother Yuri, who works for the Ostanian military doing torture, is one that could seriously threaten Loid’s work. Thus, my one hope is that this does not get hand brushed away as a minor inconvenience and that Yor’s character is more thoroughly explored by the end of the next half.

The same could honestly be said for Anya as well, but her appearances on screen do not feel as empty in that regard. Her interior life is much more present, in part because she is often the main focus of the later episodes, but also because her thought process is more laid out when she is reading someone’s mind.

Overall, though, there is fairly little to complain about. Spy x Family is a fun and enjoyable series that seems to be moving in a solid narrative direction. Once the series finishes its second half, I will do a full review, but for now, these are my thoughts.

Have you been watching Spy x Family? How do you feel about the series? Let me know down in the comments.

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Top 5 Least Favorite Anime (As of September 2021)

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yeah, yeah, I get it, I’m lazy

*insert joke about not being able to stick to a schedule here*

Listen, school is hard, okay? 😦

In all seriousness though, it has been hard to keep the energy to both read hundreds of pages a week in class material while also keeping up with reading and writing in the blog sphere, it just is. But, hopefully I can get back into some routine, even if its just a couple posts a week as opposed to three or four. For today though, since I did my favorite anime of all time, I thought I would cover the flipside of things. The reason it is five and not also 10 like the other post is because, in all honest, I have not watched that many series which I would consider my least favorite. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, some of these might come as a surprise, and others not so much.

Just to reiterate, as well, these are my least favorite, and not the shows I think are the worst, although for some those do overlap. With that being said, lets get started.

5. My Mental Choices Are Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy

Its not so much that this show is bad as it is embarrassingly and uninteresting. The entire gimmick of being forced to make strange choices and then being forced to deal with their consequences is entertaining up to a point, but even though the series is only 10 episodes long, it gets old by about halfway through. Add on top of that the lack of anything notable as far as characters, animation, or music goes, and you’ve got a recipe for something pretty unlikable. I wouldn’t say its aggressively unlikeable, which is why its only at number five, but still pretty bad.

4. Rosaria + Vampire


I could honestly just copy and paste the last paragraph here and replace the decision making gimmick with the monster school and call it a day. Rosario + Vampire falls into that category things I watched as a teenager when I was slightly horny, and while it never god so bad as to be awful, it also never really achieved anything across two seasons. There was the occasionally funny gag, and Mizore was fairly entertaining every time she appeared on screen, but really I am reaching at this point. If I would not sit through 10 episodes again, I certainly would not sit through 24.

3. Seven Deadly Sins

If the first two shows on this list could be described as meh, then this is where I get to the point of actively disliking series. “Seven Deadly Sins” not only fails to stand out as a unique entry in the Shonen genre, but also fails in *checks notes* not having the main character grope an underage girl every episode…yeah. Meliodas as a main character is just all around obnoxious and not really interesting to have on screen. On top of that, the “cool” moments he has are few and far between. There is a reason that this show ended up as one of the worst on my Shonen tier list.

2. Beastars

Those who have been reading me at all recently have probably seen me complain about this series at least, probably more. What’s even crazier to me is how much praise is coming to “Beastars” even from casual fans. Like, the furry anime nerds I could understand getting a kick out of this, but the less context one has about anime as a whole the worse the series becomes. I will not go over too many of my complaints here again, but those who are reading this and have been on the fence about whether to watch it: take this as a warning.

1. Pupa

When I first started conceptualizing this list internally, I thought “surely there cannot be anything I like less than ‘Beastars,’ right?” Then, I remembered that “Pupa” exists. This 2014 horror anime, along with being my least favorite series, also has the distinction of having one of the lowest scores on MyAnimeList at a whapping 3.35 as of the writing of this post. it is not normally the case that I defer to MyAnimeList when it comes to anime opinions, but in this case the nail has been hit right on the head. I feel like I might use the phrase “aggressively awful” a bit to much, but it is most certainly warranted here. Also probably the worst thing Studio Deen has ever produced, and that is saying a lot.

What are some of your least favorite anime? Let me know in the comments.

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Feeding the Flames: A Series of Hot Takes

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So, yeah, this week has been pretty crazy, to say the least. Online school is already making me rethink even being enrolled in college right now, and on top of that my classes are not holding anything back, even for the first week. Nothing I haven’t dealt with before, but it definitely does not help that I cannot really physically interact with any of my professors and that I do not have access to any of the normal on campus resources.

Long story short, I have not had much time for blog writing this week, and since I never really took the time to write back-up posts, (which I definitely should have) today I’ll be borrowing an idea from K at the Movies (who you all should go follow) and list a few of my hot takes. With that being said, lets get started.

March Comes in Like a Lion is an Easy Top 10 of All Time Contender

If you’ve spent any amount of time on this blog you know that my love for “March Comes in Like a Lion” is huge. I even have a series dedicated to analyzing it in detail. However, I don’t like the series in spite of it being bad, quite the opposite. March is arguably the best thing to come out shaft, period. The way it combines Studio Shaft’s animation style of with incredible character drama and important messages about mental health, bullying, and a load of other subjects is truly an incredible feat.


Seven Deadly Sins is Lowkey Trash

I remember a bit earlier this year when the Meliodas vs Escanor fight came out and people were blowing up over the quality of the animation. Immediately after seeing a few of those posts I thought “you all are just realizing now that the show is garbage?” Seven Deadly Sins is what I would consider an entry level anime, but its not a particularly good one. The story is fairly basic until much later on in the show, with Meliodas on a journey to gather the sins. On top of that, none of the characters outside of a few of the side characters are particularly interesting, and then on top of THAT the show has the audacity to reuse the same, unfunny sexual harassment joke nearly every episode. If you are desperate for something to watch because you have exhausted all your other options when it comes to Shounen series, honestly just re-watch something cause this is not it, chief.

The Fan-base in the Only Bad Thing about Persona 5

People love to complain about toxic fan-bases when it comes to different media properties, and I agree. It sucks when all you want to do is talk about or interact in other ways with something you love, only to have a large percentage of the people who also love that thing be absolutely trash human beings. However, it still does not make sense to use the toxic nature of a property’s fan-base as a way to judge the quality of said thing. Persona 5 does attract a lot of cringe individuals, especially given the games popularity. Despite this, the game is nearly flawless in every way, especially the updated version “Royal,” and certainly more people should get to experience it without having to deal with its fans.

Thank you all for reading this week. I know this is more of just a filler post, but if nothing else goes horribly wrong than Wednesday and next Sunday will be back to back “Aku no Hana” action! However, if you do enjoy stuff like this than please leave a comment and let me know if you would like to see more.

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Final Thoughts: The Seven Deadly Sins

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Well, Here’s another show that I finally got around to finishing that I have been putting off for a while. So without further ado, here are my final thoughts on The Seven Deadly Sins

Diminishing Enthusiasm

Part of what makes a shonen entertaining, at least to me, is to keep the show exciting even in some of the slower parts where there is more world-building and less action. I’ll admit that during the first season when all of the characters were being introduced and each of the sins essentially got their own introduction arc, I was pretty entertained. However, a lot of what has come after has left me feeling more and more like I was watching it because I had to. It became more and more like a chore, especially during the second half of the second season. Not that there were not entertaining parts.

The introduction of Escanor was pretty exciting, especially when we got to see what his power was. I also definitely enjoyed some of the parts that talked about, or at least alluded to, Meliodas’ connection to the demon race. But, aside from the occasional interesting tid bit or cool fight scene, it did get rather boring.

The Seven Deadly Sins as a Concept

A lot of what The Seven Deadly Sins does in execution is something I can only really some up with the word “meh.” However, I do like it a lot as a concept.

For example, I love the idea of a war between all the different races that inhabit the world leading to a complete power shift and having the demons try and seek their revenge as a result. I also did not mind the use of power levels in the show’s second season because the power levels themselves made sense it context. Again, though, the problem I had was with the execution.

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Anime and the Concept of Power Levels

Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to The Aniwriter

Recently, I was watching the second season of Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix with my best friend. Its a show we both enjoy a lot so I decided to make him wait and watch it with me because he always complains when I don’t watch shows with him and then it becomes an argument and… well, you get the point. Not even one episode goes by when something that rarely shows up in shonen anime anymore became a major focal point of the show: Power Levels.

As I’m sure many of you reading this know, power levels originated in Dragon Ball Z. When Radditz first came to earth, he brought a tool with him known as a scouter, a wearable eyeglass that allowed him to sense the physical strength of other living creatures. Vegeta and Nappa also brought scouter with them to earth, leading to the now infamous scene where Vegeta screams about Goku’s power level being over 9000.


Something similar actually happens in the first episode of Seven Deadly Sins. Merlin gives Hawk a special earing that allows him to see people’s power levels. Additionally, the ring can also break down a person’s power level into three distinct categories: Physical strength, magic, and spirit. It is currently unclear what exactly makes up someone’s spirit, at least as far as I’ve gotten.

Some might say power levels in anime are perfectly reasonable, while others might say they are dumb and make no sense. Personally, I tend to fall in the middle. On one hand, power levels can be used to keep track of a character’s strength relative to others. This would also be good to narratively justify why one might make a rash decision, or go through a training arc because their power levels might be far too weak.

Freiza One Million.png

However, I also think that, historically, power levels have just made anime worse. In later episodes of Dragon Ball Z, the numerical values associated with power levels become utterly meaningless. Even when faced with Frieza’s power level of over a million, Goku still manages to take him down despite being at a huge deficit. It often times feels like you could take power levels out of a story entirely and have a similar, if not better in quality show then you did with them.

Despite what I’ve written so far, I do not actually hate the concept of power levels. I think if implemented in a story the right way, they can be more narratively impactful. However, it is also important to recognize that a lot of stories, including the most popular ones, do not seem to do it well.

What do you guys think about power levels in anime, or in any other medium? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support the Aniwriter through donations or are just feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!

This Week in Anime: 1-4-18

Woohoo! 2018 is finally here, but the news never stops coming. Welcome to the first official episode of This Week in Anime of 2018. Let’s get started.

The Start of the Winter 2018 Season

A Place Further Than the Universe

Ito Junji

Many of the season’s shows are starting this week, with some having already started, including Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho, a show about a group of girls who want to explore the South Pole. Other widely anticipated shows include Violet Evergarden, The second season of both Overlord and The Seven Deadly Sins and The Ito Junji Collection, a collection of horror stories.

Sword Art Online Spinoff to Air in April

It was previously announced that Sword Art Online would be getting both a season three and a spinoff series. On Wednesday it was confirmed that the Sword Art Online spinoff titled “Sword Art Online Alternative” will be airing in the spring season of 2018. The show was written by Keiichi Sigsawa, the writer behind Kino’s Journey. The story focuses on an introverted girl named Karen Kohiruimkai, who plays Gun Gale Online as a way to escape her everyday worries and struggles. She tries to avoid interacting with other players but is eventually convinced by Pitohui to join the Battle Royale Tournament known as Squad Jam.

Logan Paul Films Dead Body in Japan’s Famous Suicide Forest


Not Anime related but a story still worth talking about, former Vine star and massive YouTube personality Logan Paul uploaded a video earlier this week showing the dead body of a man having committed Suicide in Aokigahara forest, known by many as “the suicide forest.” The video was part of a series of Vlogs in which Paul and friends of his explored Japan. The video features the Paul and two others preparing for a campout in Aokigahara. It then shows them walking into the forest, and having walked a short distance, seeing something in the distance. The three then approach what they believe to be a dead body, only to find their suspicions confirmed. The video shows close-ups of the body, with only the victims faced blurred as he hangs from a tree. In the video, he expresses his concern for those faced with depression and suicidal thoughts and says that suicide is not the answer.

The video prompted outrage from many, including many creators on YouTube such as Phillip Defranco and Boogie2988. Those who did not speak out in the form of Video Addressed the issue on Twitter, many saying that the video was disgraceful and that Logan Paul should be ashamed.

Logan Paul issued an apology on Tuesday saying “To the fans defending my actions: Don’t because they are not worth defending.

I think much of what has needed to be said on this issue has been said. It was stupid, insensitive and only serves to bolster Xenophobic feelings that permeate modern Japan. If Logan Paul really wants to atone for his sins, he needs to start by donating to the National Suicide Prevention Line that he claimed to care about in the video. Hopefully, although I’m not holding my breath, this becomes a sobering experience for Logan Paul and he learns that actions have consequences.

A Year-in-Review for the Anime Industry

In a great article from Teffen on Goboiano, They discuss the Anime Industries evergrowing problem with underpaid and overworked staff, and that often times the production committees run out the back door with most of the money. The article mentions that often times animators are paid to be at or below the poverty line and that many require financial assistance from families just to stay alive.


What Else Should You Watch?: Black Clover

Despite Crunchyroll’s push to make it the new Naruto, Black Clover turned out to be mostly a flop. From the very beginning, the show took no time in reveling in all of the least interesting shonen troupes and came out a much worse show because of it. However, whether you like it or not, there are plenty of other shows that also deserve your attention after watching Black Clover. Welcome, everyone, to another iteration of What Else Should You Watch. Here are some other recommendations for your viewing pleasure.

Seven Deadly Sins

Source: Inquisitr.com

Asta himself is seen by many being quite generic and uninteresting, like the rest of the show. Seven Deadly Sins, while admittedly not being much better, still manages to bring together a unique cast of characters and makes their relationships much more interesting.

The show centers around a group of former knights known as the seven deadly sins. The seven of them have been sentenced to death for betraying the kingdom, to which they all ran away. Meliodus, their former leader, has gone on a mission to gather the other six now dispersed knights.

In terms of unique shonen ideas, It really doesn’t come up with anything new. There is a lot of fanservice and generic shonen concepts like demons and immortality, but it delivers those ideas in ways that make it fun and enjoyable without being repetitive.

Busou Renkin

Source: Mystikktales.com

Renkin is a 2006 studio xebec production that in many ways has a lot of the same problems that Black Clober does, but Busou Renkin still comes out a lot more likable. The show’s main character Kazuki is brought into a much more bloodthirsty world of battling homunculus with his newly discovered alchemic powers. Tokiko Tsumura, a girl who saves him after he is first attacked by a homunculus, guides him through the world of fighting horrendous monsters.

Similar to Seven Deadly Sins, what the show lacks in new ideas it makes up for in a unique presentation. Tokiko, the shows main female lead, has a distinct level of awesome surrounding her, Training Kazuki to use his powers and not taking crap from anyone. Fights are an important part of any shonen, and the fights in this show are top of the line.

Sword Art Online

Despite its many problems as well, Sword Art Online is nothing if not a good Action romp. The show’s setting in a virtual reality MMO makes it to where a lot of crazy stuff can happen, without having to take it to seriously. Translation: it’s a lot of fun.

The music also adds a lot to the fight scenes. Much of the soundtrack is comprised of epic choruses backed by eloquent orchestral pieces. The show is guaranteed to hype you up, if nothing else.

How do you guys feel about Black Clover? What would you recommend instead? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading. Bye for now, friendos!

My Thoughts on Netflix and the Anime Industry

It seems like just yesterday that anime was this niche thing that the nerds would gather around and discuss everyday, but more so everyday anime is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon, to the point that multiple live-action adaptations have come out just this year, with more coming in the future.

This effect is being felt greatest by online streaming companies like Netflix and Crunchyroll, where their model has been more than lucrative. Netflix especially has become the poster child of investment in anime, as they announced 12 new series a few months ago, and it was released that much of their 8 billion dollar budget for next year would be going to anime project. Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos even admitted that “We’ve more than 30 original anime projects in various states of production.”‘

Certainly, as an anime fan, I’m happy. More original content, in general, is going to make a Netflix subscription even more worth having than it already is, but the fact that Netflix is making a serious investment in anime specifically, as opposed to live-action, is a sign that anime is becoming a popular and influential medium.

Many of the shows that they are getting I’m excited about. Whether it be last season’s Kakegurui, this season’s Children of the Whales or the next season of Seven Deadly Sins, the content that Netflix is bringing to their library is good.


Of course, none of this really gets at what a lot of people find objectionable about the anime industry, to begin with: how cheap it is. It has been a widely reported that many anime studios, including ones that have worked with Netflix in the past, have severely underpaid animators. Most starting animators in Japan now only make about 10,000 USD a year, with many having to live in big cities close to the studio where costs of living are much higher.

This lifestyle is largely unsustainable, with low pay and high workload, many can’t do it. According to a report that came out this year, 80 percent of animators leave the industry within just 3 years. What’s worse, the wages that animators get paid is below Japan’s minimum wage in most places, and even though the practices of animation studios is well-known, little has been down by the Japanese government to help the situation.

Netflix has been seen by many in the industry as a solution to the razor-thin profit margins that exist at many studios, with it being widely reported that the budgets for Netflix shows are significantly higher than a typical TV series.

This, however, that the industry’s long-standing problem of underpaying animators is solved. There is currently nothing that says that animators are getting paid more from these projects, and working conditions and workload have remained serious burdens on animators. If there is one thing that Netflix could do for the Anime Industry, it would be to foster an environment in which studios care about compensating their workers fairly, and that animators do not have to get paid slave wages just to do what they love.

How do you guys feel? What concerns do you have about the industry? Leave a comment and let me know.