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Aniwriter Update #14: Becoming a *Serious* Author and Trying to Stay Focused

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

Well, I did say I was going to be busy, lol. Anyway, I already said it on Twitter, but I wanted to apologize again for the lack of content. Being unorganized and unfocused has been hitting me pretty hard lately, and I am finally at that point in the semester where I have actual work to do, like writing a research paper about tax policy in Intro to Poli Sci. So, you know, the fun stuff.


Anyway, here is the update:

Writing a Book

So, yeah, part of the reason I’ve not been posting is because I have tried to dedicate a bit of time to working on a book idea I had about a week ago. As of right now, I am still in the beginning/planning stages and have yet to actually start any writing. This is because I want to do a bit more research before I do so. The story is going to revolve around a young boy named Alexadrium whose home country’s government is overthrown in a coup attempt and must resettle in a new country, only to be treated like human garbage once arriving. I would talk about it more, but I don’t actually have many names for things written down, so once that is done I’ll get back to you.

Finishing Kingdom Hearts 3

Well, Kingdom Hearts 3 happened, and it was pretty good. I’ll admit, though, there were some things that I was disappointed with though. For a game that is supposed to be the finale of the original trilogy, it felt a little light on content overall, and even some of the content that we did get, like the Frozen world, just came across as boring. I also thought there were far too many mini-games and trials mixed in with the gameplay in place of actual fights, but that is just me. Even with those complaints though, it was fun. Of course, being the first main series game on PS4, it looked absolutely amazing. The soundtrack is an area that Kingdom Hearts games have always been good out, although aside from the opening and ending songs, “Face My Fears” and “Don’t Think Twice,” none of the tracks in the main game stood out to me in particular. Of course, the story is what had me the most excited, especially the ending. No spoilers, just for anyone who has yet to beat it, but man am I looking forward to what comes next for the series.

Sleeping Problems are Awful

I honestly still have no idea why, but it has been incredibly hard for me to go to sleep sometimes. Maybe its the food I eat right before bed, or the large amount of Caffeine, I don’t know. Even on the nights that I don’t do that stuff, I still ending up lying in my bed for hours trying to go to sleep. The worst part about it is that it affects my ability to do anything productive. Hopefully, I can get over it soon, or maybe never. Guess I’ll find out.

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