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What Else Should You Watch?: Cells at Work!

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When it comes to slice of life comedy series, this season’s “Cells at Work!” has proven itself to be one of the most entertaining and interesting concepts out there. With the main characters being a red and white blood cell who are fighting infections and protecting their body, the show goes in some pretty hilarious directions, at least so far. If like me you have been enjoying the show, then here is a small list of other shows that might Suit your fancy.

The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Devil is a Part-Timer

I’ve mentioned “The Devil is a Part-Timer” on this segment a number of times before, but only because it’s worth mentioning. The show centers around Maou, otherwise known as Satan, who must leave to another dimension after he is taken down by the chosen hero. He quickly finds himself on planet earth, where he and his general Ashiya must live among the humans until they find a way to get back home.

I guess in some ways you could say that “The Devil is a Part-Timer” is a bit darker than “Cells at Work,” but not really by much. Both shows still maintain a light-hearted tone, and Part-Timer has a lot of great fast food humor. Definitely give it a watch.



This one is admittedly a blind recommendation, but with all the praise this show is getting, it seems worth recommending. Hinamatsuri is a show that aired last season and focuses on Nitta, a member of the Yakuza, who gets hit on the head with a box. That box happens to contain Hina, a girl with incredible powers who will go insane if she doesn’ use them.

Ok, so this isn’t a totally blind recommendation, as I have seen many a facebook videos with scenes from the show. Even out of context the show’s humor makes it incredibly addictive and I will likely end up watching myself soon. Also, the show’s character designs look really cool.

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