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The Onion (Anime Edition): My Hero Academia Mangaka Worries That People Don’t Like His Series

My Hero Academia Mangaka Kouhei Horikoshi said in an interview last week that despite how much money his franchise has made him, he can’t shake the feeling that people do not like his show. “I think about it every night,” he said, “that people just hate my series.”

The worry reportedly came after fans were interviewed on Japanese TV about the My Hero Academia anime and one fan said: “I thought the animation was a little lacking in parts, and the music could have been better, but other than that it’s pretty good.” Another fan said “I would really like to see more of Uraraka. She is one of my favorite characters in the whole show.”

After seeing the comments on TV, Horikoshi admittedly started crying. “I thought I was doing so well, but I guess I’m just a failure.” Many others have given their scathing reviews as well, such as Bleach Mangaka Tite Kubo, who, when asked about the series, said, “I really enjoy it. It’s bringing a fun new feel to manga, and Horikoshi is doing a great job.” Masashi Kishimoto, the author of the world famous Naruto, said “I really like how the story is centered around Ninjas with superpowers. Great concept, and great work from Horikoshi.”

In recent weeks, Horikoshi has even been feeling pressure from fans directly, with fans outside his house and signs that say “we love your work!” Despite his ongoing fight to impress his fans, it seems as though there are some that he will never get through to.

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The Onion (Anime Edition): Hiro Mashima Describes His Worst Nightmare: Natsu

The ending of Hiro Mashima’s famous manga Fairytail is not lost on him. In a recent interview with some random panelist at a Convention, the mangaka described one of his walking nightmares, and how it affects him every day.

” Every night since the manga has ended, I’ve dreamt of Natsu fighting outside my house, and then suddenly breaking through the walls,” he explained, “and that I would have to keep paying for my house to be repaired.” ” It’s rare nowadays that I ever get a good night of sleep,” he further explained.

Mashima was also asked whether or not any of his other characters appeared in his dreams. “oh, yes. Many.” he said. “Most of the time Natsu is fighting Erza, and then gray will come in without a shirt, and then sometimes without pants. No matter what I do and take, I can’t seem to get the dream to go away. I just want to be done with it.”

Shortly after the interview, Mashima sent out a press release saying “I would like to let everyone know that at the moment, I am doing ok. Even though my characters are haunting me in my dreams, my overall mental health has remained well, and I will be fully committed to working on my next project.” Many, though, are still worried about whether or not Gray will continue to be shirtless in Mashima’s dream, and the scarring damage that Natsu will continue to do to Mashima’s house.

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