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This Week in Anime: Studio Ghibli, Anime Films Head to U.S. Theaters and More…

Well, after being on another week-long Hiatus, sorry about that by the way, I am back and ready to talk about the news for this week, and addressing some of the stories I missed from last week. Believe me, there are some things that need addressing. With that being said, let’s get started.

Studio Ghibli Theme Park will Fully Open in 2022

Originally announced back in June of 2017, a Studio Ghibli theme park is now set to open in 2022. The park was supposed to be open by 2020, but it now is slated for a later date to setbacks in construction.

The park, when opened, will consist of 5 different main areas. The first, called Youth Hill, will feature scenery from Howl’s Moving Castle and Whisper of the Heart. The second part of the park will be an indoor area open year round, complete with a swimming pool and screening area. The third area will be inspired by Princess Mononoke and will include statues of the films most famous characters, such as the Tatari-gami. The last two areas include one with scenery from Howl’s Moving Castle and Kiki’s Delivery Service and the other will be exclusively inspired by My Neighbor Totoro.

There really is not a lot to say about this other than that if I go to Japan after its done, I will certainly be planning a day or two around coming here. It looks like it could be a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see pictures of it.

“Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel” and “Fireworks” Films Receive U.S. Release Date

Heaven's Feel
Source: Japantimes.com
Source: Fireworksmovieusa.com

As of this week, the latest creation from J.C. Staff “Fireworks,” as well as the first of the newest trilogy of Fate movies Heaven’s Feel, have been confirmed for a theatrical release in the United States. The company GKIDS announced that they will be collaborating with Fathom Events in order to bring the film to theatres in July on the third, fifth, and seventh of the month. As well, Fathom Events and Aniplex of America are looking to bring the newest addition to the Fate franchise to the big screen on June fifth and seventh.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I am really excited for one of these films, and only slightly interested in the other. I’ve been a fan of the Fate/ franchise for quite some time and considering how well the full-length TV anime adaption of Unlimited Blade Works was, I have every reason to believe the last of the visual novel’s storylines, Heaven’s Feel, is going to be just as good.

Fireworks, on the other hand, seems to be riding on the popularity of Your Name at this point, and, based on the setup and the fact that the guy producing it was also the head producer for Your Name, seems to be a bit of a copycat. Either way, I’ll probably end up seeing both of them because I like seeing anime in theatres whenever I can, so hopefully, Fireworks is not as bad as many have been saying it is.

Producer of “Darling in the Franxx” Receives Death Threats After the Release of Episode 14

Darling in the Franxx
Source: Funimation.com

As many of you may know already, because of the contents of episode fourteen of Darling in the Franxx, specifically events surrounding one of the more pivotal characters Ichigo, many of the members of the cast received hateful messages and even death threats. The largest target of the show’s staff is its producer, Yuichi Fukushima.

Fukushima and others received the threats after the episode aired, with some messages they received suggesting that it would be better if they killed themselves.

Honestly, I do not think I am really going to be saying anything original, but this story was so Heinous that I needed to talk about it.

Let’s just start off with a few things 1) anime is not real, 2) the person receiving the most threats for what happened in the story is not even the person they should be mad at. Fukushima is the animation producer. 3) Most importantly, a character in a show not doing what you want them to is not a reason to threaten someone’s life or suggest that they kill themselves.

Not a single bit of what happened last week was even remotely ok, and anyone who sent messages in that vain to any of the staff should be ashamed of themselves.

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This Week in Anime: Isao Takahata Passes, New Fairytail Manga, and More

With the Flying Colors Foundation drama officially over, after they announced last week that they would be closing operations, it is finally time to get back to covering more of the important stories of the week concerning anime. With that being said, let’s get started.

Studio Ghibli Co-Founder Takahata Dies at 82

It was reported on April 5th that Studio Ghibli Director and Co-Founder Isao Takahata died shortly after having been admitted to a Japanese hospital. The news was initially reported by multiple Japanese stations. It is unclear as to what the cause of death is, as at this time it has not been revealed to the public. It has been reported by an anonymous source that Takahata has had declining health for the past few years due to heart conditions.

Takahata’s career was a fruitful one. He worked at multiple animation studios throughout the course of his life, including the now Toei Animation. After agreeing to join with Hayao Miyazaki in 1981, the two produced one of Ghibli’s most acclaimed films “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” in 1984. Takahata himself has also directed films such as “Grave of the Fireflies,” and 2013’s “Princess Kaguya.”

It is a really sad occurrence when such an important figure in Anime culture passes away. I can personally attest to the lasting impact he will have on anime fans because when I first watched Grave of the Fireflies, I knew it was one of those films that would stick in my mind forever. I haven’t gotten around to watching Kaguya yet, but with all of the good things people have said about it, it looks like now it might have to be higher on my priorities. RIP.

Fairytail Author Hiro Mashima Announces Fairytail Anime Release Date and Manga Spinoffs

“Fairytail” and “Rave Master” author Hiro Mashima took to Twitter on April 5th to make a few announcements regarding his most recent hit series. The first of his teases was that the last season of the “Fairytail” anime will air during the fall 2018 season. The anime’s actual release date has yet to be announced, however.

The second of his announcements was the release of two new spinoff manga for the “Fairytail” series. Mashima also indicated that one of the two series will be a sequel. In addition to the news about Fairytail, Mashima has also been greenlit for a new series entirely that will begin serialization on June 27th.

As a long time fan of Fairytail, I can’t help but be excited. I haven’t actually read the manga, so I’m not sure what the sequel will be like, but the based on what I’ve heard about the story, I’m sure it will be at the very least entertaining.

Netflix Releases Violet Evergarden, and Anime is Announced to Have New Project

Many Otakus were disappointed that Netflix chose not to simulcast the show in Japan after other countries such as Canada were able to watch the show at the same time as Japan. Now, those U.S. viewers are now able to see one of the most popular shows of the winter season, as it has been released in its entirety as of April 5th.

It was also teased by the show’s creators that another Violet Evergarden project had been greenlit Kyoto Animation and that the new project might have something to do with the Violet Evergarden Gaiden novel, which is a collection of short stories from the Violet Evergarden series.

Having not seen the show yet myself, I’m not personally that excited, but I can understand why others would be. Even though the show was met with mixed reviews, there are many fans who still love it, and this must seem like a nice treat from Kyoto Animation. Hopefully, for those fans, this ends up being good.

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This Week in Anime: The Flying Colors Foundation, a Follow-Up

Since this story still seems to be the biggest, I will mainly be focusing on the Flying Colors Foundation(FCF) for this week.

First of all, I would like to apologize for promoting the organization last week without having done proper research, as questions about the FCF’s operations had already been raised the day I released the story last week. I would also like to give a shoutout to socialanigirl. She has been investigating this issue and has done great work. I will link to all of her writing related to this issue so that you can get caught on the story.

Is the Flying Colors Foundation a scam? — An Investigation

The Concealment and Lies Behind the Flying Colors Foundation: Further Revelations

In light of Flying Color Foundation’s closure, Gigguk and The Anime Man’s ‘core team’ involvement with FCF

I will try to accurately summarize all of what has happened so far, but to get an accurate picture of the situation I suggest reading all of her articles, as they will go much more in-depth. With that being said, the summary:

Back in July of 2017, The Flying Colors Foundation formally came together as a group, and in January of 2018, the group received public charity status from the IRS, supplanting their status as a non-profit organization. In the months leading up to their designation as a public charity, the group had been made up of a number of members, including Gigguk from The Anime Zone. The group had been courting other prominent members of the Anitube Community, including Joey the Anime Man, who had previously worked with the organization to make his top 100 anime of all time poll, as well as others who have admitted they were approached such as Geoff from Mother’s Basement, The Canipa Effect, and Digibro, who admitted that he had gotten paid for the initial consultation.

Now, why does any of this matter?

The initial criticism came after the first report was released on Medium.com, written by the socialanigirl, addressing the organizations problems. In the initial report, she mentioned things such as a lack of transparency, as the group had not initially released every member who had involvement with the group. FCF had initially said they had only 6 employees, but it was also revealed that Ian Condry worked as a seventh employee, mainly an adviser. Another problem was that group was also liable to a conflict of interest, as two of the group’s employees also still had connections to the group Otaku Pin Club, a for-profit company. The main criticism leveled against the group was the invasion of privacy, as on their 2018 Anime Census was a question about mental health, which had nothing to do with the groups stated goal of supporting the growth of anime. This was seen by many as an extreme invasion of privacy because of the fact that FCF had initially suggested it would be giving information to private companies.

Representatives of FCF spoke with Socialanigirl after the initial report and afterward lead to the second report.

FCF responded to the questions Socialanigirl posed in the second report, but their responses still left many questions. The second report revealed that, despite claiming the that the group only had a total of 7 employees at that point in time. the group did not include in their response 1) Any of the members of its Board of Directors, and 2) An intern who was discovered after finding her LinkedIn profile claiming to be a researcher for the group. Socialanigirl also reported that members of the organization like Gigguk had lied about not being significantly involved in the organization. The report revealed that Gigguk and Joey were both way more involved than they admitted to their YouTube audiences. Questions were also raised about the groups status as a non-profit, as their pitch to Japanese companies sold themselves as more of a business. These reports reveal that FCF has been at the very least with extreme negligence, and evidence suggests that members such as Gigguk and Joey knew a lot more about the day to day operations of the company then they were letting on.

Since these reports, the company has since announced that it will be stopping all operations on March 31st, and the organization’s website is no longer available.

I’ll be completely honest, I feel like my trust has been betrayed. When I initially heard about the top 100 anime poll that Joey was initially doing, I was excited, and since it was asking for just my top five favorite anime, it didn’t seem fishy at all. But now, knowing what we know, I am not going to be able to trust a lot of the people involved, especially Gigguk and Joey.

Granted, some of this falls on me. I willingly took the Anime Census without looking into the organization, but the fact that many of their members were acting dishonestly and lying to those who trusted them, many their fans, is deplorable.

Personally, I am glad that they have ceased operation, as I think their continued work would only lead to more bad decisions and gross negligence.

What do you guys think of this story? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support the Aniwriter through donations or are just feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!


This Week in Anime 3-22-18: The 2018 Anime Census

Welcome, everyone, to another edition of This Week in Anime, where I talk about the most important stories from the week. This week, however, will be a little bit different. Because of time constraints and because of the importance of one story, in particular, I have decided to cover this particular story a bit more in depth.

YouTuber The Anime Man and The Flying Colors Foundations Team Up to Promote Anime Census

Anime Census

In a video released on Wednesday, Joey Byzinger, also known on YouTube as The Anime Man, talked about a new project being released through the non-profit organization called The Flying Colors Foundation. The project is called The 2018 Anime Census and is designed to gather information from the international anime community about their involvement in the community.

The Census features a detailed list of questions, starting with how fans first experienced anime to fans favorite shows and which platform they prefer to view anime on. The Census also asks fans about how much money they spend on anime as well as how likely they are to visit Japan.

The purpose of the survey, as described by The Flying Colors Foundation website, is also to “…send genuine feedback to the people who produce and create our favorite anime.” The stated purpose of The Flying Colors Foundation overall is to “inspire change through dialogue” in the anime community.

The Foundation also faced backlash on Thursday after confusion about their status as a non-profit spread misinformation social media sites like Twitter, leading to the organization clarifying through a series of tweets:





And Now, discussion:

So, I think there are a couple of things to talk about in relation to this story.

One, which I think has been a common theme on This Week in Anime, has been that there is always room for improvement in the industry. Whether it be paying animators a fair wage, or the overall quality of certain anime, things can and should be improved. Essentially what this census will do is give anime studios, and the anime industry in general, a better grasp on what it is consumers want and how best to get what they want to them. Overall, it’s a win-win.

Two, just in general, I think its a lot better to have information like this available to companies and people who want to make a living with a job involved in anime. If an independent artist wants to find out whats trending currently, then they can look at a survey like this and get a good idea.

Really, as long as those in power actually pay attention to things like this instead of just doing the same old same old, I think we can slowly change the anime industry for the better, without having to wait around and hope things will improve.

What do you guys think about this story? Do you think the survey is a good idea? Do you think it will actually help? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support me, or you just want to show some appreciation for a specific post, then you can buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!

This Week in Anime: 3-15-18

Hey Anifriends!

I want to first apologize for not having a post up last week. Real life has been a real pain as of late, but I didn’t want to skip giving the news twice in a row because I want to make sure you’re caught up on the most important news. With that being said, let’s jump into it, shall we?

Comedy Version of Romeo and Juliet Gets Anime Adaptation

The story of Romeo and Juliet has been a part of Anime culture ever since Gonzo released a TV anime based on the classic Shakespeare play in 2007. The show, titled Romeo X Juliet, focused more on the Drama aspect of the original story, and also featured mechs. Now, 11 years later, a new twist is being added to the original story: A comedy version titled Boarding School Juliet where the show’s main couple are rival heads of different school dormitories. The show currently has no release date, and none of the production staff has been announced.

As someone who enjoys anime Rom-Coms a lot, this seems like the exact type of show that I could sit down and relax watching, and maybe even get a little teary-eyed at. This definitely looks like something that could be really good, especially with the comedy twist around the two main characters.

First Hand-Drawn Animation Studio in Pakistan Working on Full-Length Feature Film

An article on Goboiano from this week highlighted the work of Mona Animation Studio, Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animation studio. The studio is working on their first project, titled The Glassworker, which Director and head of Mona Animation Usman Riaz said will likely be ready by 2020.

Riaz said in a promotional video released as part of their kickstarter campaign that the studio was once a pipe dream, but that all of the people working under were inspired by watching Ghibli films in their childhood.

Many who were featured in the video said that they had previously never worked in animation, but that Mona had given them the ability to make their dreams a reality.

Overall, this looks like something really cool. It’s exciting when fans can come together and pay tribute not just as fans, but as artists themselves. Not to mention that the actually movie itself also worth watching. Personally, I wish them the best of luck in getting this done.

Shinichiro Watanabe’s “Carol and Tuesday” Will Air in 2019

Shinichiro Watanabe has behind some of anime’s most loved series. From Cowboy Bebop to the more recent hit Psycho-pass, the man truly knows how to please his fans. For his next project, though, it looks as though he might be going in a slightly different direction.

Set to air in 2019, his latest project, Carol and Tuesday, will be a music focused series. Not much else has been released information wise, but the show will be produced by Studio Bones, who has worked with Watanabe on many of his previous projects.

Considering the lack of information, I am a little more hesitant to endorse this, but I can definitely see potential based on the trailer that’s already been released. And considering it’s Watanabe, I have no doubt that their will at least be passion put into it.

What do you guys think though? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!

This Week in Anime: 3-1-18

Welcome back, one and all, to another edition of This Week in Anime. Unfortunately, there is not much worth talking about this week, but that does not mean there is nothing to talk about. With that being said, let’s get into the stories.

Air Gear Mangaka to Adapt Bakemonogatari into a Manga

Ito Ogure, who is best known for his hit series Air Gear, was recently announced by Kodansha comics to be working on adapting the Bakemonogatari series into manga form. Kodansha had been teasing fans of the series for over two weeks about who exactly was going to be heading the project and today made their decision public. Ogure has been criticized in the past for his lack of narrative flair, but was chosen by Kodansha for his impressive artwork.

I can’t say that I’m particularly attached to the Monogatari series, seeing as I’ve never seen it, but as someone who has read some of the Air Gear manga that it will look good. Ogure as a mangaka is basically the exact opposite of Hijame Isayama(Attack on Titan), in that his art is really good, but his stories are somewhat lackluster.

New/Upcoming Releases

Since there is not a lot of other specific anime related news, here are some upcoming series/movies you might have missed.


Maquia centers around a group of people known as the lolf, who happen to have access to eternal youth. Jealously of this small people rises, and eventually, the village gets attacked. Left stranded after her home is destroyed, Maquia finds herself all alone, until one day she decides to adopt an orphan boy, and her life with him becomes ever more complicated.

I’ll be honest: I don’t expect much from the film. That doesn’t mean I think it will be bad, however, I do need to see a bit more before I’m fully convinced this will be something special. The writing credit of Mari Okada is something to look at, but overall, at least for now, I’ll pass.

Grand Blue

College is a time in life that largely gets ignored in anime, but the announcement of a new summer anime is looking to change that.

Grand Blue follows Iori Kitahara, a new college student in Izu City. Iori decides that he really wants to join his colleges diving club, only to find out that the others are pretty crazy. Even though Iori really wants to dive, his crazy new friends and a lot of alcohol always seem to be getting in the way.

This could be fun…is really all I can say. The trailer shown above is not much to go, and the director is Shinji Takamatsu, who has most prominently worked on Gintama before this series. I guess I’ll say I’m optimistic, at least for now.

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This Week in Anime: 2-15-18

Oh, boy! Hello again, friends, and welcome back to This Week in Anime. There are definitely some stories worth talking about this week, some that are just overall interesting. With that being said, let’s get into it.

Mangaka Takashi Yoshida Criticizes Publishing Industries Response To Piracy

Scanlation sites that post manga chapters online have become a huge issue for traditional Japanese Publishing companies that generally make their money through the sale of volumes. A declining sales rate of physical manga over the past few years has lead many to believe that these scanlation sites are to blame. Independent Mangaka Takashi Yoshida, however, has a problem with the way that many established publishers are blaming these sites for their declining sales. “I think they shouldn’t crush pirated versions, but as businesses, they should compete to win. Taking legal measures and shutting them down is completely meaningless and counterproductive,” said Yoshida, in an interview with Huffington Post Japan.

Yoshida argues, like others before him, that the way to increase sales is to embrace the modern market. He suggested publishers create more of an online presence and that physical volumes should not be sealed inside plastic wrap, so shoppers can see what they like, and then potentially buy it.

By in large, Yoshida is in the right place, and his criticisms speak to a problem with many Japanese companies: lack of innovation. Japanese businesses have, for the most part, stagnated, and are no longer the economic world players that they once were. Business in the 21st century is going to require 21st-century strategies, including having more of a presence online, where most people already are, as well as a more flexible business model.

Btooom Manga Set to have Two Different Endings


It was reported earlier this week that the popular manga “Btooom” centered around a group captured and forced to fight using grenades on an otherwise deserted island will actually have to different canon endings. Two versions of the latest volume of the manga will ship out soon, one with the “light ending” which will take the story down the friendship arc, and one with the “dark ending” which will culminate into the truth arc. The idea likely came from mangaka Junya Inoue’s background in video game direction.

Having a story outside of video games with multiple endings is actually a really cool idea. It gives the reader the ability to explore more of the potential canon of a story and allows them to basically choose what part of the story they like more. And it is an interesting enough gimmick that it will probably make Inoue some more money.

Square Enix Releases Updates On Kingdom Hearts 3 Progress

Many have been waiting for a proper update on the status of Kingdom Hearts 3 since the release of the trailers detailing the Toy Story world back in July of 2017, and now Square Enix has finally released a few more updates. There are quite a few so you can read them all here for yourself.

I know this isn’t particularly anime related, but I’ve had a bad week and Kingdom Hearts is kind of pissing me off. The thing is, I’m going to play Kingdom Hearts three, no matter what. I know many are tired of the franchises continually stalling and making the canon of the universe much more complicated, and I certainly don’t blame you for giving up on the series if you have, but, for me, I just enjoy them way too much, and It would be really nice if I could just have a definite release date. Until that happens, it is a lot easier to just keep it out of my mind.

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This Week in Anime: 2-8-18

Henlo, Anifriends! Another week, another group of stories that are probably worth talking about. The news always comes and goes, so let’s get to the stories.

Peter Fobian Starts “Anime vs Manga” Series on Crunchyroll News

The first of a new series called “Anime vs Manga” appeared on Crunchyroll news on Monday. The series aims at comparing the Manga and the anime of any given series and showing the strengths and weaknesses of each. The series was started and written by Features Editor Peter Fobian, who also is a contributor to Anime Feminist. The first article focused on Sweetness and Lightning, a series about a dad and her daughter who decide to start cooking as a way to spend time together.

I thought I would shout out the series here because the first article was really well written. Fobian comes to the conclusion that while the anime is good, the Manga overall is a bit better because it has the length to reach into some darker territory. You can read the article here.

Netflix Original Anime “B: The Beginning” Gets New Trailer

The next Netflix original anime B: The Beginning got a new trailer last Friday. The series, which will be released on March 2nd, focuses on a Futuristic nation known as Cremona. In this nation, a group of scientists hope to save the world, but an evil organization has different plans.

Based on the description of the series and the trailer, I am definitely interested. Although, I do predict that if the show ends up being a lot worse than most people think, it will be because there is a lot going on in the show and it never garners a main focus. With production I.G. at the helm, though, I am not too terribly worried.

Crowdfunding Campaign Seeks to Help Young Animators

It is widely known by many in the industry as well as many anime fans that new animators are often underpaid and live in very poor conditions because of it. In fact, 80% of animators now quit within their first three years of working. However, a new crowdfunding campaign seeks to help these young animators with their struggles.

The Animator Service Organization seeks to help animators who otherwise can’t afford to live with paying for things like living expenses. The group has already helped 25 animators by helping them acquire affordable living spaces near their work, and are looking to help another 11 move into similar housing this march. The group would like to raise around 18,000 dollars US through their recent campaign.

I do hope the group reaches their goal because the situation these animators face is infuriating. A developed country should not have people earning a living that they literally cannot live on.

What did you guys think of these stories? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos! Also, if you like what your reading and want to help out, consider supporting my Patreon. Even a dollar a month would be helpful.

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This Week in Anime: 2-1-18

Welcome, once again Friendos! Time to talk about some anime news. There are a lot of interesting stories this week, some of which I’m really happy about. With that said, let’s get started.

Log Horizon Volume 11 to be Released in March

After a long period of uncertainty for English speaking fans after the author Mamare Touno was charged with tax evasion, the 11th volume of Log Horizon has been slated for a released date. The announcement came from Kadokawa’s official website, which has the official release date set on March 20th. Touno has also released volumes 12 and 13 online without illustrations from Kazuhiro Hara.

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ve probably heard me talk about Log Horizon before, because I love it. I still haven’t read most of the light novels, but hearing that the volumes are back on a regular release schedule makes me feel a lot better about starting reading it again.

Piano Forest TV Anime Reveals Production Details

Originally a manga in 1998 and a film by Studio Madhouse in 2007, The Piano Forest is receiving a full TV anime, and the details of the production were released on Wednesday. The staff includes Director Gaku Nakatani who previously has mainly worked in visual effects for 3D animated films, including Monsters vs. Aliens. Sumie Kinoshita, who had previously worked on Girlish Numbers and A Sister’s All You Need, is credited as both character designer and lead animation director. Other information can be found here.

While I did enjoy the 2007 Madhouse adaptation, I’m not entirely convinced based on the info here that this is going to be a quality production. Nakatani’s lack of credentials in the directorial seat does not necessarily mean he cannot make a good show, but I do question his knowledge in areas that would make this a more tightly focused series overall.

One Punch Man Mangaka to Make “Back to the Future” Manga

At an event celebrating the premiere of the movie Ready Player One, Mangaka Yuusuke Murata, responsible for the hit series One Punch Man, announced he would be working on a manga adaptation of the hit movie series Back to the Future. The Manga will officially be called BTTF and will be supervised by the movie’s original screenwriter Bob Gale. Details about the manga, other than it being a direct adaptation of the films, are scarce, but Murata does hope to have the first volume out by April 20th, 2018.


Honestly, I cannot wait to see how this turns out. I am a big fan of Murata’s art style and based on the promotional art released already, this could end up being something great, especially when considering how big a fan Murata is.

What do you guys think about the stories this week? Excited about something I did not mention? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos! Also, if you like the content your reading, consider supporting The Aniwriter on Patreon. It would help pay for supporting the site and being able to make better content.

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This Week in Anime: 1-25-18

Welcome, all, to this week’s edition of your need to know anime news. A lot of good announcements for Netflix viewers, as well as some interesting industry insight. I did not mean to alliterate there, but it happened. Anyway, another installment of This Week in Anime. Here ya go:

Naotoshi Shida Comments On the Relationship Between Budget and Quality in Anime Productions

Naotoshi Shida, a well-respected animator whose past work includes things like Dragon Ball Z, Death Note and Toriko, recently discussed the idea of the link between a show’s budget and its overall quality. Many would reasonably assume that the more money a show has, the more talent they can afford and thus a better show, but Shida disputed this, saying on Twitter “Budget and quality are not related, but if the budget is too low, staff will not gather.”

Even with a lot of the cost-cutting measures studios take to make production more cost-efficient, It often costs anywhere from two to four million USD on the low end, and that is for shows that are expected to do poorly because of the time they air on TV, generally between 11 PM to 4 AM. To me, this serves as yet another example of why the industry needs serious reform. Paying young animators well and fostering a talented environment will mean that studios in the future can do more with less.

Kakegurui, Children of the Whales Coming to Netflix Soon

With Netflix being more involved in the Anime Industry as a whole, many of the recent shows that are getting hyped up as best of the season are being made Netflix Exclusives. Two of those shows, Kakegurui and Children of the Whales are being released to the platform in a matter of weeks. Children of the Whales, a show that aired in the Fall of 2017, is scheduled to be released on March 13th, and Kakegurui, which aired in Summer of 2017, is scheduled to be released on February 1st.


Children of the Whales

Personally, I’m excited. Both of these shows looked extremely entertaining when they were first previewed, and based on what other fans have said, they are definitely worth watching. So, I’m all in.

Castlevania to Return in the Summer, Says Writer

Many were surprised and intrigued by Netflix’s Castlevania anime, and has since gained the approval of those who have watched it. Fans fell in love with its high production value and callback to a beloved video game franchise. Warren Ellis, a writer for the show, tweeted on January 19th that “We’re coming back this summer, for eight episodes…”


As someone who has only seen one episode of the show’s four episode first season, I am still excited about this. The show’s first episode was more than enough to give it my seal of approval, and this announcement is exciting.

No Anime Film Was Selected For The Oscars

Anime films often get snubbed in the west by critics and different award shows because of their just being different, and this year was no different. Out of the five Anime films that were up for a nomination, including In This Corner of the World, A Silent Voice, Mary and the Witch’s Flower, Napping Princess, and Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. Here are the films that were nominated:

I’ll be honest, I do not think all of the anime films that were under consideration this year deserved to be nominated. However, when The Boss Baby makes it into the nominations over A Silent Voice, we have a serious problem. In no way was a mediocre Dreamworks movie more deserving of an Oscar than one of the best things KyoAni has ever produced. The Academy really got things wrong here.

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