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30 Day Anime Challenge Two: Day 21

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It is day 21 of the second 30 Day Anime Challenge.

#21: Anime Everyone’s Seen, But You Haven’t

The most recent fan favorite I have yet to watch is Vinland Saga, which, even from just its promotional art and pv’s has looked incredible. The only reason I have yet to watch is a combination of laziness, busyness and general lack of interest. I will definitely check it out at some point, but as of right now I have a lot of other stuff is I want to watch.

What anime have you all not seen but everyone else has? Let me know in the comments.

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Top Three Most Anticipated Anime of Summer 2019

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The summer anime season is already shaping up, and boy does it look promising. As of late, I have been less inclined to watch a bunch of different shows all at once and then drop them, so for this season I will be looking at my top three that I am looking forward to and will likely be watching. I don’t think any of these will be that surprising, but nonetheless, lets get started.

3. Dr. Stone

I had heard about the Dr. Stone manga from a couple of different Anitubers over the last couple of years, but since generally do not read all that much manga, I never paid it much mind. Fast forward to a couple of days ago when I started looking up stuff about it out of curiosity, and I can now say I am officially on board the hype train.

The story is set in a post-apocalypse, where Everyone has been turned to stone after a strange glowing light appeared in the sky. One day, Taiju. a Japanese high school student, awakens after thousands of years only to find everyone as statues. However, he soon discovers that his friend, Senku, has already been awake for a few months, and has vowed to reinvigorate the world using science.

One thing I am excited about right off the bat is the show’s aesthetic. The show’s setting in a Japan that has been taken over by nature looks incredible, and it reminds me a lot of videos where people go into the area surrounding the Chernobyl accident.

The other thing that has me really interested is the main character. Senku. I am interested to see how he uses science to not only survive, but to “reinvigorate” the world as it is. In doing this, I hope the show also gets into the lure of the world and how everyone became a statue, even if it take a couple of seasons to get there.

2. Vinland Saga

Never thought I would say, “Man, I am really excited to watch that new Viking anime,” and yet here I am. Similar to Dr. Stone, Vinland Saga is another manga that I heard a lot about but never bothered to look into much. However, somewhat differently from Dr. Stone, I am a bit more interested in Vinland Saga.

The show follows the Viking clan as they go through there daily lives. However, Thorfinn, one of the clans most powerful warriors and the son of the clans former leader, is ready to enact revenge on one of the clans other most powerful warriors for killing his father.


One thing that stands out immediately to me based on what I have seen so far is the music. Now, I am not entirely sure if the music from the trailer is going to be in the anime, but if it is then I am definitely excited. It definitely gives off a Skyrim vibe, and that make me even more excited.

However, the story of Vinland Saga is what has me most involved in the series, even before it comes out. Again, just based on what I have seen from a few trailers, it looks like Thorfinn will have a really interesting development arc. Wanting to get revenge on the man who killed his father comes with a lot of interesting questions, like is a prepared to take responsibility for that man’s death, and what will he do after he gets his revenge? Definitely has me invested already.

1. Fire Force

Fire force is indeed my most anticipated anime, but for a much different reason than the other two on this list. While it is probably true that Dr. Stone and Vinland Saga overall have a bit more hype, Fire Force has something, at least for me, they do not: expectation.

Created by the author of Soul Eater, Atsushi Ookubo, the show follows a Japan in which people have begun to spontaneously combust into creatures known as Infernals. In order to stop said creatures, special squadrons known as “Fire Force” were created. The Fire Force Company 8 is a specific division made up of those who have developed the ability to manipulate fire to do this spontaneous combustion.

Soul Eater has a lot of fun and creative elements to it, so much show that I have watched the show a few times in full. As much as I generally try not to put to much stock into one show, I am hoping that Fire Force will be able to provide that same enjoyable story-line that is present in Soul Eater, which it seem like it definitely can.

I have always been a fan of Ookubo’s art style, so it being here in Fire Force is definitely a plus. However, I think the main thing giving me hope is actually how similar the show’s story-line is to Soul Eater. The show’s main character, Shinra, seems a lot like a mixture of Soul and Deku from My Hero Academia, not to mention that Company 8 looks somewhat comparable to Death Weapon Meister Academy. But, even aside from its similarities to Soul Eater, the show still looks like a fantastic series and that’s why I am excited about it.

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This Week in Anime: Death Note, Vinland Saga, and More…

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This week has a pretty diverse but short amount of news. Some of it you may or may not have been expecting, and some you might have already known about. Either way, let’s get into it.

“Death Note” Film Made by Netflix to Receive Sequel


It was announced recently by Netflix that a sequel film to Adam Wingard’s 2017 Death Note adaptation is in the works. Currently, not much is known about the film, including whether or not Wingard will return to direct it. However, Greg Russo, a writer for “Mortal Combat” and the upcoming “Resident Evil” movie, is currently working on the script.

Many were unsure of the potential of a sequel to Netflix’s live-action rendition of Death Note because of the film being met with middling reviews. However, Wingard had previously pitched the live action version as a trilogy but was given a single movie instead.

Kakegurui Second Season to Air in January 2019

Kakegurui 2.png

It has been confirmed this week that Kakegurui’s second season, which was confirmed for production earlier this year, is scheduled to be released in January of next year. The announcement was made in tandem with the announcement for a second season of the show’s live-action drama counterpart. It has also been confirmed that all of the previous staff will be returning for the season and studio MAPPA will again be handling the production.

The story of Kakegurui centers around a school where your ability to gamble determines your social status, and if your really bad, you might even become a slave. However, none of this scares the school’s newest transfer student, Yumiko Jabami, who sets out to have the ultimate gambling experience.

 Crunchyroll to Release Original Content Through Elation Studios


Elation, the parent company of Crunchyroll and VRV, announced yesterday that they would be opening a new division dedicated to creating original content. Named Elation Studios, one of the divisions first projects will be an original series on Crunchyroll named High Guardian Spice, a show about four girls going to school in order to be Guardians, protectors of the magical realm.

Elation Studios will be headed Magaret Dean, who formerly worked at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and is the current president of Women in Animation. The Studio’s first project High Guardian Spice is being created by Raye Rodriguez, who has said that he’s been a lifelong anime fan. Audu Poden, the director of Animaniacs, will be mentoring Rodriguez during the show’s production.

Vinland Saga Staff Revealed

vinland saga.jpg

The official website for the production of the highly popular manga Vinland Saga announced on Monday the show’s key staff and released a visual for the show. Shuhei Yabuta, who has previously directed Inuyashiki, will be directing the show, and Studio Wit, responsible for Attack on Titan and The Ancient Magus Bride, will be handling the production. Additionally, the animation director for Hunter X Hunter Takahiro Abiru will be handling the character designs.

The story of Vinland Saga centers around Thorfinn, the son of one of his clans greatest warriors. However, one day his dad is killed by a mercenary group, and in order to get his revenge, Thorfinn joins the group. This decision gets him involved in the possible overthrow of England.

Article Shoutouts

And now for this week’s awesome articles

Anime Clubs?

Chloe from The Spooky Red Head wrote about her recent experience in an anime club at her university. Not to give any spoilers, but her experience wasn’t exactly positive, to say the least. Still, a fun an interesting post, and one you should definitely give a read.

A City of Gold?

Mel from Mel in Anime Land released their OWLS post today and talked about an anime that I was not aware of called “The Mysterious City of Gold.” Also very much worth reading, so you should check it out.

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