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Riveting Writing Prompts #6: A Time Traveling Savior

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So, most of the time when I go through different sources looking for writing prompts, I spend a decent amount of time looking. But this time I picked the first one I came across. Not because I am doing a challenge, but because I really like this prompt from u/papahardt.

You and friend agree that if one of you invents time travel, they will come back to this very moment. As you shake on it, an older and injured you shows up and shoots your friend in the head.

It is not super complicated, but it leaves a lot of room for detail. So, with that being said, here is another short story.

As sun’s slow departure from the sky signaled the day’s end, I turned to my partner in crime Eric and asked, somewhat randomly, “Could you imagine if we had time travel?” In his usual, much more relaxed manner he replied: “that would be pretty cool.” “Hey, if one us invents time travel, we should come back to this very moment reminisce.” Eric got somewhat uncomfortable. “I don’t know, don’t they always warn about messing with timelines in Sci-Fi movies?”

His question was quickly interrupted by a loud noise coming from behind us. As we both turned our heads to identify the source of the noise, what looked to be a large portal appeared out of nowhere. It had a glowing, purple outside ring with a clear, almost reflective middle. Eric then got up and began to walk toward the portal. “Hey, be careful, okay.” As I finished my sentence, a hand holding a small pistol emerged from the portal’s center, and fired at Eric. Immediately, he fell dead on the ground. Without thinking about my surroundings, I rushed over to pick up his body. He soon became covered in his own blood.

While sitting on the ground reflecting on what just happened, I felt a hand appear on my shoulder. I immediately turned to see who it was only to find a man much older than myself crying, seeming barely able to hold back his own whaling. “Who… are you?” Confusion quickly turned to anger as I noticed him holding the same gun that moments ago had taken down Eric. “I… am… you” he managed to get out while still choking on his own sadness. “I’ve come here in order to save the future. Eric may have been your best friend, but I found out very quickly just how evil he can become.” My anger only continued to grow as he spewed utter nonsense. Without thinking, I took a swing at his face. The man did not react and simply excepted the punch without hitting back. At that moment, part of me understood that he knew what my reaction would be.

After leaving something of a mark on the man’s face, I lay Eric’s body on the ground, sat back and asked: “Why? What did Eric do?” “Eric became stuck in his ways, and his insanity drove him to wipe out most of the human race.”


“I will explain. Spoiler Alert: you and Eric both get your dream jobs. Eric finds a job working with a private company studying epidemics, and you pursue your dream job of studying the possibility of time travel. However, Eric began obsessing over the idea of natural selection. Eventually, he decided to manufacture a disease so powerful it could wipe out the planet. Around the time he told me about his plan, I had recent build a stable time machine and decided to do what needed to be done. Believe me when I say that none of it was within your control.”

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